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Take a Break Monthly 


  1. Take a break issue 1 closing date 17 January
    Page 3 fret page 5 54 page 14 track page20 Janar page 22 baked cheese cake page 22 tent page24 guardian page28 ? Page 54 muddle page 59 ramble page 60 dapper page 62 Annie Lennox page63 pimento page 66 switch

  2. Thanks you .net Grumpy.

  3. Thank you very much Susan
    Much luck for 2022.

    Issue #January 22 C/D: Thursday 10th February
    1. Page 21 ~ Eco Friendly Care Bundle: C (99%)
    2. Page 34 ~ Subscribtion Free TV: C (Ossi & Pod)
    3. Page 61 ~ Dr PAWPAW Bundle: B (Papaya)
    🤞🍀GOOD LUCK🍀🤞

  5. Nothing is with issue no1 even the date of entry who is 17 January 2022

  6. Hi issue 1 page 22 now for something different
    Haven’t got a clue 🤪🤪🤪 any ideas thanks

  7. Looking for answers to issue 1 closing date January 17th 2022

  8. Anyone have answers to the weekly tab issue 1. Thank-you

  9. TaB January I also get thoroughbreds for p44

  10. January monthly take a break, page 44, I get thoroughbreds not thoroughbred Susan but agree with everything else

  11. I agree completely with Susan’s answers on 18/11/21 for Take A Break December 2021, Issue 12, closing date 30/12/21.

  12. Happy Healthy and Safe New Year To One And All . Thank you for your help.

  13. Merry Christmas to you all
    Is there chance someone can write down the 17Answers to Entry 51 coupon so I can check my Answers
    Many Thanks and A New Year to you ALL


    Page 3. BLOT
    Page 9. PILLOW
    Page 15. LINDA ROBSON
    Page 16. TART
    Page 24. FASTENED
    Page 29. AMBLE
    Page 30. MITTENS
    Page 36. WRANGLE
    Page 52. FELINE
    Page 54. BRITTLE
    Page 59. PRINCE
    Page 61. TRACK
    Page 62. STUNNING
    Page 69. ECLAIRS

    Good Luck everyone, and a Happy New Year.

  15. Page 61 – could be a few answers!

  16. Page 59
    Missing Links
    16 down

  17. Can anyone help with take a break issue 50
    Page 24 Now 4 something different
    I am totally stuck on 7 ,22,24,30
    And across 15,31
    Thank you

  18. How can l enter this online lve wasted a lot of time trying to assess the online entry form and spent time doing the comps l have a postal one but l wanted to do online one as well many thanks

  19. How can l enter this online lve wasted a lot of time trying to assess the online entry form


    “Missing Links” – Page 59

    Help! Please could somebody put the answers because I am missing three of them. (I have the competition entry word though)

    5 Down
    9 Across
    12 Across

    Do we have an agreed competition answer for this one because I am stuck ok the right hand side, and have got both LOCUM and MAGIC on different attempts.

  21. Can anyone help with take a break monthly December
    Page 59
    I am totally stuck on 2 down and 11 down
    Would be grateful if someone can help.

  22. Hi Laura,look in the Take A Break section,Meg’s put the answer and how it,s made up in there o.k,Bobs.

  23. Me and my mum are stuck on issue 48 page 26. It’s a 4 letter word winning a trip to Kos. If anyone has the answer to this, we’d be so grateful. It’s probably really obvious aswell 😂

  24. Take a break monthly December issue
    Any help would be grateful accepted
    Page 59 2 down 6 down and 19 across
    Thank you

    • “Missing Links” –
      (December – Page 59)

      2 Down – Linger (but not totally sure)
      6 Down – Secondary
      11 Down – Fallen
      19 Across – Personal

  25. Take A Break December Issue,I’v got ABLAZE for page 54 and page 61 I have MAGIC,Bobs.

  26. Take a break monthly issue December
    Page 16 I am totally stuck on 9 down 11 down and 16 and 18 across
    I would be grateful of any help

  27. Take a break December I make page 61 Magic

  28. Take a break December
    I make page 61 Locum 🙈

  29. Thank you to everyone who posts their answers. Please could someone tell me on page 16 in November’s monthly mag, missing links, what the answer to 17a is? I have “back” but this can’t be correct.
    Thank you in advance

  30. Take A Break December 2021 Issue 12
    Closing Date For Entries Midnight 30th December 2021

    P. 3 £50 cash LOAD
    P 8. Smartphone GADGET
    P 15. £200 cash HUGH LAURIE
    P 16. £100 Halfords Vouchers GEARS
    P 18. £1,000 Cash PLAYED ELVES ON FILM
    P 24. Big Relax REINDEER
    P 29. UK CoachBreak STOP
    P 30. £100 M&S Vouchers MINCE PIE
    P 36. Big Bonanza QUIVER
    P 44. £100 Boots Vouchers ON CLOUD NINE
    P 52. £100 Restaurant Vouchers CREATIVE
    P 54. £200 Cash ABLAZE ?
    P 59. £1000 Cash MOON
    P 61. Stratford Break APPLE ?
    P 62. London Theatre Break TORNADO
    P 64. France Break MORBIER
    P 69. Supermarket Spree TRIFLE

    Please check Page 54 and Page 61
    Good Luck Everyone.

  31. 6a Solo
    1d Home
    5d Artist

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