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  1. Take A Break July monthly issue the answer to page 54 Bits and Pieces Puzzle is RITUAL. I hope that helps you all.

  2. Hi Colin,I always leave this puzzle till last and I often have quite a few goes at it,I also fill it in by pencil as I’m always having to start again,good luck anyway,Bobs.

  3. Many thanks Peter,Bobs.

  4. Take A Break July issue,Page 61, I make the answer DRINK,which I’m tempted to turn to after a bit of a struggle ,just hope i’v got it right,good luck anyway,Bobs.

  5. Take A Break Bumper Issue for July,c/d 28-7-22. P3-Ewer, p8-Select, p15-Darcey Bussell, p16-Stage, p18-Former Baristas, p24-Resigned, p29-Cart, p30-Muscle, p36-Values, p44-Extra Time, p52-Station,p54-Ritual, p59-Concert, p61-? still working on this,p62-Airport, p69-Cost, if you have anything different let let us know so I can double check before I send my entry in,good luck every one,Bobs.

  6. Thanks BOBS, had a few troubles, but got there in the end, Good luck evrybody.

  7. Hi 👋 Bobs
    Thank you so much for your time and effort. Appreciated. Good luck to you and everyone. ☺️🍀

  8. Glad to be of help Irene,good luck,Bobs.

  9. Sorry Jane, I keep them for a few days then pass them on,perhaps Deany may have some ideas,thanks for asking anyway,take care,Bobs.

  10. Take A Break June,Issue 6,c/d 23-6-22.My answers for this month are-Page 3-EACH, P9-GUESTS, P15-GREGG WALLACE, P16-SCAN,P18-WORKED AT THE LONDON EYE,P24-MINIATURE,P29-PARENT,P30-SANDALS,P36-ARCADE,P44-ALL YOU CAN EAT,P52-BRITTLE,P54-HOTTEST,P59-GOBLIN,P61-MOUTH,P62-SUNSHINE,P69-ZEST. if you have anything different let me know so I can double check before I send my entry in,good luck with your entries,Bobs.

  11. Thank you Cleo,good luck with your entry,Bobs.

  12. Thanks so much Bobs
    Greatly appreciated. Good luck 😉

  13. Why cant i find the competition entry form for May bumper issue 5

  14. hi, anyone got the answers for the May issue. Closing date 26th May. Thank you 😁

  15. Take a break monthly May page 16

    Take a break monthly May
    Can anyone help with page 16 stuck on 2 down
    Would be grateful for answers.

  16. Thanks Sandra,no worries,i didn,t read it properly ,got the wrong missing link,my fault,you got there in the end that,s the main thing,take care,Bobs.

  17. Hi, has anyone got the answers for issue 16 closing date 2nd May? thanks in advance 😃

  18. Hi Sandra,i’v got 18 across-SATAN,and 11 down is RITE,they fit in my puzzle so hopefully are correct,take care,Bobs.

    • Thanks Bob but it was Take a Break May, page 16 Missing Links, but have got it now, 11 down person and 18 across spice. Sorry I did not make myself clear. Thanks for all your hard work, you are brill.

  19. Thanks Steve,i’ll have a slapped wrist for that one,i promise to do better next time,cheers,Bobs.

    • Elizabeth Robertson

      Hi guys please may I check the answer on page 61, of the may monthly issue of take a break, is the answer child or cheer, I get child, any help will be really appreciated, many thanks lizzi

  20. Take A Break MAY Issue 5,c/d 26-5-22.P3-Lace,P8-Smooth,P15-Matt Smith,P16-Table,P18-Crochet As A Hobby,P24-Creating,P29-Terrace,P30-Toner,P36-Friend,P44-Red Lentil Dhal, P52-Tremble,P54-Rotates,P59-Putting,P61-Cheer,P62Mansion,P69-Pastry.I’m sure these answers are correct but check with others to make sure before you send in your entry,good luck ,Bobs.

  21. Susan thanks so much.
    How is very appreciated 😉

    Issue #April C/D: Tuesday 31st May
    1. Page 11 ~ Sun Lounger: A (21st June)
    2. Page 23 ~ Lawn Mower: C (10,000)
    3. Page 36 ~ House Plants: C (300 Years)
    4. Page 49 ~ Wildlife Bundle: C (84 Million)
    🤞🍀GOOD LUCK🍀🤞

  23. Is there anyone who can help with take a break monthly April
    Page 16 stuck for answer on 12,14,17 across and 13 down

  24. Can anyone help with Take a Break Monthly April issue
    I am totally stuck on page 16
    12,14,17 across and 11,13 down
    Any help would be grateful

  25. Hi
    I can’t find any answers to March issue.
    Help please.

    Many thanks

  26. Tab April issue page 62,
    Low singing voice answer ALTO (DOWN)

    Printer ink Answer Toner (across) So the answer for page 62
    Must be PEDALO

  27. Take a Break April 2022 Issue 4
    Closing Date for Entries April 28th 2022

    Page 3. LASH
    Page 8. SOOTHE
    Page 15. GARY BARLOW
    Page 16. SALE
    Page 24. STRENGTH
    Page 29. PETS
    Page 30. BRAND
    Page 36. SCREEN
    Page 44. SUNGLASSES
    Page 52. REVEALED
    Page 54. ??????
    Page 59. PEBBLES
    Page 61. HEART
    Page 62. PEDALO
    Page 69. SAUSAGE

    Any help with page 54 would be helpful, will still keep working on it.
    and post the answer if I manage to work it out.

  28. Here are my suggested answers for Take a Break April.
    Competitions close at midnight on 28 April 2022.

    Page 3 : Lash
    Page 8 : Soothe
    Page 15 : Gary Barlow
    Page 16 : Sale
    Page 18 : Lived in the same house
    Page 24 : Strength
    Page 29 : Pets
    Page 30 : Brand
    Page 36 : Screen
    Page 44 : Sunglasses
    Page 52 : Revealed
    Page 54 : Bitten
    Page 59 : Pebbles
    Page 61 : Heart
    Page 62 : Pedals
    Page 69 : Sausage

  29. Take a break suggested answers for issue 11 pls

  30. Suggested answers for issue 11

  31. Julie Anne thanks so much 🍀good luck.

  32. Take a break crosswords issue 2, To put in answers only comes up with page 11 and no other pages no to put answers, just wondering if there was a problem?

  33. Has anyone willing to offer me help for answers issue 9. Many thx

  34. Where can I find the answers for the march issue? Struggling with the anagrams

    Thank you

  35. Take A Break March Issue 3
    Closing date 31 March 2022

    Page 3. Puzzle 1. ELSE
    Page 9. Puzzle 2. CREATE
    Page 15. Puzzle 3.. BEN MILLER
    Page 16. Puzzle 4. ARCH
    Page 18. Puzzle 5. RAISED BY THEIR GRANDMAS
    Page 24. Puzzle 6. RAMPANT
    Page 29. Puzzle 7. ROSES
    Page 30. Puzzle 8. SORBET
    Page 36. Puzzle 9. PIXELS
    Page 44. Puzzle 10. ROCKEFELLER PLAZA
    Page 52. Puzzle 11. MANGLED
    Page 54. Puzzle 12. FRANK
    Page 59. Puzzle 13. INVADER
    Page 61. Puzzle 14. SWISH
    Page 62. Puzzle 15. DINING
    Page 69. Puzzle 16. PIES

    These are the answers I got for the puzzles. Apologies if any are wrong.
    Good luck everyone x

  36. Hi, everyone. I am working with special needs adults and am using photocopies of the magazine I bought. It’s quite hard as I have a really mixed ability group but would love to send one group effort in just so they can cross their fingers for fun. Has anyone completed Issue 8 weekly yet? Would really appreciate your help Thanks xzxz

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