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  1. Thanks Debbie, i had it in front of me and missed it,must go to spec’savers,thanks and best wishes. Bobs.

  2. Thank You Kath,it beat me this time,i always leave it till last but i tried three times and still couldn’t get it,thanks again,Bobs.

  3. Answer to page 16 is PORE March issue

  4. Hi Everyone,here are my answers for the March Monthly Issue Take A Break, answers by page number. page3 -LAVA. P9-LEARNS.P15-MICHELLE KEEGAN P16 Still working on this( don’t like this puzzle at all) P18-SHAVED HEAD FOR A ROLE P24-VIRTUAL P29-ASCEND P30-OASIS P36-MESH P44-16 P52-VEGAN P54-PARTY P59-SERENITY P61-DRIVE P62-VISTA P69-CHIPS.Hope this helps,if you have alternative answers please let us know,Bobs.

    • Michelle Keegan has an E on end of Michelle

    • Thanks to you for your answers (I check mine by yours before entering). I agree with you about the (page 16) puzzle – it is not a nice one at all. Why have they taken the (just for fun) puzzle where you have 2 grids and have to decide where to put your answers? I really enjoyed that one. Good luck in the future.

    • Hi Bob’s. Page 16 answer is a PORE.

  5. Big thank you to everyone

  6. I am stuck on and then sum on page 14 of issue 5

  7. Take a break monthly only cost about ยฃ27,00 per year from Great Magazine (on line)

  8. I get My Take a Break monthly by the Post (each Thursday )
    Save going to the shop each month

  9. Hi everyone, used your lovely page for a long time to check my answers but never commented- Just received my February 24 issue and there is no MISSING LINKS, my favourite there used to be 2 went down to 1, now 0. Do you think it will come back? Is it worth contacting them?
    Thanks and sorry if this is the wrong thread to post on

  10. Hiya Everyone,
    Did any one on here have trouble getting the Take A Break February monthly issue which came out on the 2th January 2024? I have tried every newsagent in my town (I live in Somerset) and no one has received these in yet. I have never had this problem before. TIA

  11. Thanks Steve,Thank you Jacquie,i have to admit i struggled with Clone puzzle,definitely one to do in pencil,hope it doesn’t become a regular,good luck with your entries,Bobs.

  12. Hi All,follow up answer for Feb’ issue Take a Break,page 16 Clone answer is MORE, Bobs.

  13. Hi Everyone,here are my answers for Take A Break February,c/d 29-2-24. Answers by page number. 3-PLAN. 9-BLADES 15-TOM CRUISE 16-STILL WORKING ON THIS ONE 18-HAVE USED GHOST WRITERS 24-DECLARE 29-RECALL 30-BEFORE 36-SPAM 44-15 52- PLATTER 54-AMBER 59-GLAMIS 61-FLING 62- MASSAGE 69-MINCE. I’ll have another go at p16,lets know if you have different and good luck,Bobs.

  14. 12 down is Pound, 16 down is Desk

  15. Take a break monthly – closing date 1st February 2024.

    Page 3: Star
    Page 9: Retail
    Page 15: Meghan Markle
    Page 16: Epic
    Page 19: Bought a ticket to space
    Page 24: Cordial
    Page 29: Coral
    Page 30: Ready
    Page 36: Preen
    Page 44: Redecorate
    Page 52: Steak
    Page 54: Racing
    Page 59: Judge Jules
    Page 61: Hedge
    Page 63: Arranged
    Page 69: Pavlova

    • Hello Stevie hope you can help with Missing Links
      I am stuck with 12,16 down

      • LS i know 12 down is pound . For 20 across i got class but unfortunately i can’t find the word for 16 down . But the answer to the puzzle is epic so that’s the main thing ๐Ÿ™‚

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