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The Free Postcode Lottery Is FREE to enter just click on This Link to go to the website, Enter your postcode and E-mail address, and that’s it, It isn’t a scam, it may take Days, or years for your postcode to come up as that is the Luck of the Draw. it just takes a little effort (Checking the Postcode page, after 9am, 12pm, 6pm and 9pm) that’s it, you do not PAY any money, and winnings are sent via paypal.  Simple as that.

How do I know this isn’t a scam?

There are hundreds of testimonials from winners in the Facebook comments sections and on our Facebook page. There are write-ups in many reputable websites and newspapers.

How can it be free to enter?

The prize money is generated by ad revenue on the site, which is itself generated by the traffic caused by users checking the draw to see if they’ve won. It works like a free newspaper, or free-to-air TV channel like ITV.

Is this available outside of the UK?

No, sorry this is only for UK residents at the moment.

The Main Draw and Survey Draw are at noon every day and must be claimed before the following noon.

The Stackpot draw times vary (please check “Next Refresh” time at the top of the Stackpot page).  Claims must be made before the next refresh.

The Mini Draw is at 6pm every day and must be claimed before midnight.

What is Free Postcode Lottery?

It’s a lottery but you don’t have to buy tickets. You just enter your postcode and if it is drawn you win money. You can only collect by visiting the site, but don’t worry, a daily email is sent to remind you..


  1. Hi Adele, you have to click the link that is in red that is called ‘this link’ just under the logo at the top of the page and register your postcode there. It’s not something I can do for you unfortunately xx

  2. It’s free money for nothing if your postcode comes up, good luck xx

  3. Hi pearl, you just click on the link and then enter your postcode and email and that’s it, you just have to check if your postcode is drawn every day. You can sign up for a reminder email which is what I have done. It is completely free. Good luck xx

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