suggested competition answers for Yours

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When listing your suggestions, please can you include the closing date too. Thank you

Format for entering

Sammy Squirrel – Page ??

Crossword – ??


  1. Yours issue 448 Closing date March 11th 2024

    Sammy Squirrel page 95

    Crossword Garage

  2. Sammy on page 95 for those who find him elusive in issue 448

  3. Still doing crossword in 448

  4. Sammy squirrel page 95 in issue 448 if that helps some people struggling he can be very elusive sometimes

  5. Anyone found the squirrel in issue 447 please?

  6. Yours issue 447 Closing date February 26th 2024

    Sammy Squirrel page 46

    Crossword Salute

  7. Yours issue 446 Closing date February 12th 2024

    Sammy Squirrel page 46

    Crossword Editor

  8. ours issue 445 Closing date January 29th 2024

    Sammy Squirrel page 9

    Crossword Happy

  9. Yours issue 444 Closing date January 15th 2024

    Sammy Squirrel page 69

    Crossword Ballet

  10. Haven’t been able to purchase my usual yours magazine religiously buy it every second Tuesday anybody else having problems at all please keep me posted as a reply would be welcome kind regards 🤗

  11. Yours issue 443 Closing date January 8th 2024

    Sammy Squirrel page 43

    Crossword Reactor

  12. Issue 443
    Sammy is on page 43

  13. Yours issue 442 Closing date December 18th

    Sammy Squirrel page 55

    Crossword INSIDE

  14. Yours issue 442 Closing date December 18th

    Crossword …….. INSIDE

  15. Yours issue 441 Closing Date 4TH December

    Sammy Squirrel page 105

    Crossword LATENT

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