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When listing your suggestions, please can you include the closing date too. Thank you


  1. YOURS 367 crossword closing date 29th January 2021.My suggested answers.
    16&17)david jason22)spare tyre24)usher26)snap27)neigh28)used 29)eerie30)hysteria
    Sammy is on page 31(enjoying his chocolate)

  2. Yours Issue 366 (Dec 29)
    Where is Sammy the Squirrel : page 114

  3. Answers for yours crossword 366 c/d 15th jan 2021
    1a bradman, 5a scrap, 9a diapers, 10 trainer, 11a alsatian, 12a sprite, 15a redbridge, 16a eagle, 17a again, 19a avalance, 21a totter,
    22a position, 25a educate, 27a elation, 28a fed up, 29a sincere
    1d braised, 2d agent orange 3d mustard gas, 4d note, 5d spa,
    6d running, 7d persevere, 8d idea, 13d prevaricate,
    14d get a move on, 15d roast beef, 18d astound, 20d cuisine,
    23d nine, 24d eels, 26d asp

    hope no one minds me posting the answers

    • I got everything the same as you but didn’t know the agent orange one -though I had seen the orange part so thanks for that one.

    • Of course no-one minds you posting the answers.Just glad to see them there.I post sometimes but was afew days late doing the crossword this time .You should post them whenever you like.

    • Hi Serena, can you enter this online or is it postal only , also what is the prize.
      Many Thanks


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