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  1. Has the section where readers complete the answers to the Prize Crossword been cancelled now? It seems that it stopped being published at issue 401. I really miss it. I start the crossword and when I get stuck I put it in a folder to do when we are travelling in the car. It passes away the time especially if the roads are busy. I understand that there is now a chance to complete the missing word, but I liked the whole crossword answers as well.

  2. Yours Issue 402
    Prize Answer : carries

    I’m sad to see that you don’t have to complete and send in the crossword grid!

  3. Issue 402 June3 2022 Sammy squirrel is on page 67. The prize crossword answer is ? Carries not sure if that is correct .

    • Hi Sandra
      l also get carries for the answer. Thanks for posting its good to beable to check answers. What did you get for 33 across insufficient amount please? its the only clue l couldnt do.

  4. Issue 401
    Prize Crossword : Radish
    Where is Sammy the Squirrel : page 67

    1). astern
    5). design
    9). Trafalgar
    10). madam
    11). nook
    12). steel
    13). mean
    16). unskilled
    18). cadet
    19). tower
    21). Baltic Sea
    23). iris
    24). bough
    26). sari
    29). taper
    30). situation
    31). ratings
    32). dinghy

    2). Shadows
    3). exam
    4). nightclub
    5). dirge
    6). sumo
    7). redhead
    8). demonstration
    9). tongue twister
    14). diary
    15). acrid
    17). delighted
    20). whippet
    22). Spanish
    27). bran
    28). main

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