2024 Wall Of Winners  

If you are a winner add your name and prize in the comments below and you will be added to the Wall of Winners. No Requests for answers, or submission of answers please on this page.


4th July  Wendy Robinson won £50 from That’s Life magazine YAY!
29th June  Susan Jones won £300 from TV Choice magazine YAY!
27th June  CE won £100 from What’s on TV magazine YAY!
26th June  Maureen won £25 from Chat magazine YAY!
5th June  Richard Brown won several fab prizes (see below) YAY!
4th June  Wendy Robinson won over £170 worth of goods from an agricultural comp YAY!
31st May  Margaret Hardman & daughter both won cash from pick my postcode YAY!
29th May  Christine won £200 from Best magazine YAY!
21st May  Ann Robertson won £50 from Best magazine YAY!
16th May  Lynne won £7,750 from Take a Break magazine YAY!
16th May  Lorraine Baker won £100 from Best magazine YAY!
2nd May  Chris W won £500 from Chat magazine YAY!
25th April   Pam won £500 from The Sun YAY!
23rd April   Susan Jones won £100 gift card from TAB monthly & Zoflora bundle from Marie Claire YAY!
22nd April   AngelaT won £200 from Best magazine YAY!
17th April   Paul won A Kindle from That’s Life Crime Scene magazine YAY!
13th April   Gary won £50 from Take a Break magazine YAY!
6th April   Susan Tivey won £100 from Take a Break magazine YAY!
5th April   Margaret Hardman won £100 from The Sun YAY!
21st March  Susan Jones won a book YAY!
21st March  Barry Horne won £50 from That’s Life magazine YAY!
20th March  Lorraine Baker won £100 from Future magazine YAY!
16th March  Emma Riordan won A book from Fate & Fortune magazine YAY!
15th March  Julieanne won £250 from Take a puzzle magazine YAY!
14th March  Janet Empson won £100 from That’s Life magazine YAY!
15th February  Maureen Kelly won £200 from Best magazine YAY!
14th February  Wendy Robinson won £50 from Prima magazine YAY!
10th February  Audrey won £50 from Best magazine YAY!
6th February  Christine won £100 from Future PLC YAY!
28th January   Rosemary Danielle won £20 in Megasnap competition YAY!
28th January   Emma won £50 from Best magazine YAY!
10th January   Sandra Williams won £25 from Love it YAY!
5th January   Susan Jones won £150 goodies with Cosmopolitan YAY!




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  1. Just received a cheque for £50.00 from That’s Life for the Codeword Crossword.
    Third prize this year so keep at it everyone

  2. Won £300 from crossword comp in TVChoice issue 24. Lovely surprise.

    Good luck everyone, hope you get some wins .


  3. Got a cheque for £25 today from Chat Magazine


  5. Just won 3 x boxes Persil Professional 105 washes soap powder & 3 x large Comfort Professional fabric conditioners by entering on a local agricultural supplier leaflet that was dropped through letterbox with the mail. Worth £187 ish .

  6. Margaret Hardman

    Just to let you and the others know that I and my daughter both won money on the free Pick my Postcode site yesterday. We shared £5 (doesn’t sound like a lot) but it was added to our daily bonuses. Mine amounted to almost £70, and my daughter received over £90. The great thing about it is that the bonus just carries on even though its been claimed today.
    It’s paid through PayPal, so needed my daughters help with that but the money goes from PayPal straight into my account ( daughters into her own account obviously)
    A bit of good news on a day that was supposed to be sunny, but has gone very cloudy !!
    Margaret xx

    • That’s fantastic Margaret, I’m still waiting for mine to come up. My bonus is £192.23 now, it’s money for nothing isn’t it, its so worth doing it for free 😊

  7. Just won £200 from Best magazine 🙂

  8. Won £100.00 from That’s Life Prize pointers.
    Off to Cornwall on holiday tomorrow, so cream teas are in order 🙂

  9. Thank you to everyone for their take a break answers.

    Won Big Cash Stash £7750.00. Wow!!

  10. Today I received an e mail from BEST to say I have won £100 in their x word competition!! Just waiting for the details from HSBC so I can claim the prize. Whoopee. Good Luck All.

  11. I’m really pleased I’ve Won £100 love to shop gift card from Take a Break monthly March issue.on the go outdoors competition.
    Also had email from Marie Claire magazine won Zoflora cleaning bundle,

    Wonder if I’ll get 3 in a row 🤞
    Good luck everyone hope you all win something.🍀

  12. Just had e mail from Best Mag to say I have won £200, nice surprise for a Monday. Thanks to poster of Best Comps.

  13. My husband Paul received a letter from That’s life ! Crime Scene Issue 3 telling him he has won a Kindle Oasis , was looking online a couple of weeks ago for a kindle but couldn’t afford one so very happy, perfect to take on our cruise later in the year x

  14. Just had a letter from Take a Break and I have won £100 in the Code Breaker Competition that was in issue 10.
    Thank you to all who post the answers.

  15. Margaret Hardman

    Hi Deany
    Just to let you know I have won £100 from the Sun Crossword, Had an e-mail the other day, sent them my details as requested and had an e-mail back to sat the payment process had been started…..I am also waiting for a book bundle to come from a facebook competition ( can’t remember what book titles, but as I’m a reader they will be very welcome)
    I’m still battling through this horrendous cough I’ve had for almost a month, but hopefully the antibiotics I am now on will help get rid of it soon !!
    Margaret xx

    • Awww that’s fabulous news about your win, it’s well deserved after all the help you give on here, not such good news about your health. I’m glad to hear things are improving for you though, hopefully the antibiotics kick that cough out! Good news about your books too 👍😊 I also love reading but I have audibles that I download from the library so that I can do other things whilst listening. Anyway all the best Margaret I hope you feel better soon xx ❤️

  16. I won a book “The Rooted Woman Oracle” it arrived today, I didn’t know where it came from but just seen Emma won the same prize . I do lots of magazine comps thought it was either fate & fortune or Spirit of destiny.

  17. Received a cheque for £50.00 from Thats Life. Well done me.

  18. I got a cheque for £100.00 today in the post but no idea what competition.
    The cheque is headed FUTURE and the item description is 104 Mini Crossword winner. As I enter a lot of comps I have no idea who it is from. Anyone have any ideas?? Thanks.

    • Congratulations Lorraine 🥂🍾. Future Plc is a publishing company and has lots of magazines under it’s umbrella, one of them I think is TV Times not sure if you do that one?

      • Finally found out what competition that won me the £100 – Whats on TV. Send the coupon every week for years and nothing till now. Good Luck to everyone.

  19. Hi Deany, your good wishes led me to another win already this year from January’s edition Take a Break Fate and fortune – I won a book “The Rooted Woman Oracle” which will make a fantastic gift for one of my friend’s birthdays! Thank you so much for running this amazing site! 😊

  20. Got a letter today telling me that I have won £250 from Take a Puzzle/Crossword Marsh issue. Another win going towards our cruise in November! Very happy

  21. Had a letter today have won £100 with Thats Life issue 8 Su-Doku
    have had to post a picture (hope they don’t print it!) and 100 words saying how i feel about the win.
    Many thanks for confirming my answers on here Ed I think x

  22. I had an email saying I had won £50.00 from National Magazine so assume it is from PRIMA magazine as that’s the one of their mags I subscribe to.

  23. I had an email saying I had won £50 with Best issue 43 and someone would get in touch with me for bank details. I was wondering if it was a scam. Now I know that someone also got an email saying they have won I am not so concerned now.

  24. My daughter-in-law phoned yesterday to tell me she had won £100 from Best issue 44…..apparently they have had some issues with their tech and are only just getting around to letting people know they have won from the end of last year competitions………better late than never !!
    Margaret xx

  25. Just received a cheque from Future PLC for £100, first comp win of the year 🙂

  26. Got a letter yesterday from Take A Break to say I won £20 in the Mega Snap issue 48 competition.

  27. Hi Deany,
    I’ve won £50 in the crossword puzzle competition issue 38, 2023 of best magazine. They said there was a delay because they’ve had some problems putting in place a new system for issuing payments (the HSBC new beneficiary self management system that has been mentioned on this site previously). As always a huge thank you to you and everyone else that contributes to this wonderful site.
    Emma 🥳😍🤩🙏🏻

  28. Just got Email from Love It Picture of my OH to be printed on Jan 18th You’ve got male. He was mending the shower. £25 for that. Maybe more to come.

  29. Good start to 2024, just received email
    Hi Susan,
    Congratulations on being a winner!
    You recently entered one of our CosmopolitanCompetitions and have won: ITV Shop gifts Worth £150

    Good luck to everyone hope you start wining soon 🍀

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