Magazine Help

Magazine Help

If you are in need of help with the magazines, please ask in the comments below 👍
AND …… there is a search bar on the pages if you are looking for a particular magazine issue that you can use 😉
Many thanks


  1. That’s Life Issue 13 2022 – Puzzle 35 there is a square without an instruction and the puzzle seems invalid.

  2. Hi Joanne,you won,t get an answer straight away,give it an hour or so then look again,hope this helps,Bobs.

  3. Hi was my question not acceptable? I cannot see it in Magazines Help?

    • No one has ever listed the Sainsburys Comp in all the time I have been using this site. Consequently unless someone enters it and feels inclined to put the answer up you may not get the answer you need.

    • It’s under the Miscellaneous heading

  4. Does anyone know if and where I can find answers for the Sainsburys Magazine Crossword Competitions please?

  5. Q Puzzler wordsearch 568:

    Any help with this please?

    Midnight (*****) Your eyes

    Any idea what the missing word in the middle can be?

  6. Does anyone know what is going on with non-delivery of That’s Life and Take A Break magazines again this week.

    • I have been getting mine regularly and on time (Thurs), but like yourself they have not arrived this week yet and it’s now Tuesday.

    • I too am not getting That’s Life and Take a Break weekly. What is the problem? when will it be resolved ?

      • I have tried the website but it states it cannot take enquiries at this time. I have had none for three weeks so as I cannot get the decency of a reply from them etc I have cancelled my Direct Debit- that should let them know I want to cancel.

  7. Why have the answers to the puzzles disappeared. I always checked mine with your especially those I was not quite sure about. Please
    Bring them back. Thank you

    • Not sure specifically what you are looking for, but if you work your way through the tabs on the left then hopefully you will find it, if not then no one has loaded the puzzles you are looking for. If you ask for something specific the someone may be kind enough to supply you the answer.

    • This is the second week that my entry to that’s life will not send. A little exclamation mark comes up with the comment Please match the format requested I tried changing to lower case but that still came up with same comment. Has anyone else had trouble? Had to post last week’s entry

  8. Hiya, new to this page and comping! How do I find the Love it Magazine picture quiz? I’m going around in circles!

  9. Hi Everyone!
    I have stumbled across this page and I would be very keen to know if any of you puzzle fans have tried Snakeword in “Take a Puzzle” magazine. The reason i am interested is that i write the puzzles and would love to hear some feedback. Also I am completely independent so if anyone knows of any other publication that could use a Snakeword puzzle then please drop me a line at By the way if you look at the website it is a bit out of date so apologies.

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