Magazine Help

Magazine Help

If you are in need of help with the magazines, please ask in the comments below 👍
AND …… there is a search bar on the pages if you are looking for a particular magazine issue that you can use 😉
Many thanks


  1. I have found Kenny the puppy, he is in 1A, very difficult, had to magnify the pic and it was still a problem to find him, hope others agree that it is 1A
    Thank you
    Margaret x

  2. Does anyone know where Kenny the puppy is in the snowy scene from Love It? I’m going cross eyed looking at the picture and still can’t see him. Any help would be greatly appreciated
    Margaret x

  3. Hi Deany
    Have you seen the new magazine Bella Train Your Brain? l think its a monthly magazine. Can you put it under monthly magazine heading please. Mind you not sure of the entry conditions post or online.
    Hope your keeping well

    • All good here thank you.
      I haven’t heard of that one, ooh sounds good I need to train my brain hahaha. I’ve put it up for you 😁
      Mr Grumpy has posted it on Miscellaneous

  4. Does anybody on here subscribe to the Candis Magazine I’m stuck on Januarys Cryptic Crossword, its doing my head in, Thanks in advance

    • Hi Rosemary,
      The answer is METHANE, you can get the Xword answers by asking on line, just type in the clue & it will come up with answers, & if you have any letters go to ‘ wordplay’ with the clue, & fill in any letters you already have.
      Good Luck & a Happy New Year. Jan

  5. Any idea who his this month fuzzy felt is please in LOVE IT MAG

    • Probably no help at all, but elsewhere I have seen numerous guesses. Choose from – MATT SMITH, KEIR STARMER, RONNIE O’SULLIVAN, PADDY CONSIDINE, MIGHT BE NONE OF THEM I DON’T HAVE A CLUE MYSELF.

  6. Was about to say – if you got to the Real People Tab at the left hand side. Select 50 & scroll down a couple of people have put answers on but not specified the page numbers. Looks like entries had to be in by yesterday though. Sorry. Maybe this answer will help others looking for things. Any answers that have been put on here, are always available by selecting the appropriate drop down on the left.

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