Magazine Help

Magazine Help

If you are in need of help with the magazines, please ask in the comments below 👍
AND …… there is a search bar on the pages if you are looking for a particular magazine issue that you can use 😉
Many thanks


  1. I am still trying to get into TAB website I have tryed all ways but no luck so far PLEASE HELP

  2. Hi I wonder if anyone knows whether Chat magazine has changed its email address? I have tried to contact them using but it keeps saying email not sent. Have never had issues before, but wonder if they have a new email address. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  3. Marie Eileen Mallon

    What is the answer for code break puzzle for May issue 19

    • Take a Break (TAB) Codebreakers is currently at Issue 10 TAB Codebreakers Collection is at Issue 12 TAB Mini Codebreakers Collection is at Issue 121 So none correspond with your question. If its one of The Puzzler Magazines I can’t check as there website is down at the moment. I take it that it is just out of interest as May presumably closed long ago ??

  4. Saturday Sun Puzzles – C/D Friday 23rd October
    Crossword: Shona McGarty
    Wordsearch: London
    Arroword: Dua Lipa

    Email answers to –, putting C/word, W/search & A/word in subject lines.

  5. Hi I have had the same problems with take a break competitions online. The only way I can now enter is by using my Amazon fire to enter competitions online instead of my old lap top. Hope this helps !!

  6. Why can I not entry issue

    Why can I not enter TakeaBreak competitions answers No 41 in the usual way

  7. Morning All, anyone having trouble with Take a Break Puzzles Magazine website or TV Choice. I’m using Chrome but haven’t been able to get into either since late Saturday? Driving me mad – can’t enter anything!

    • Yes! I am and it’s driving me mad too!! I’ve tried Crome, Firefox and Edge, no joys there also! I’ve posted about this elsewhere! Would be so grateful for any help/ideas.

      • Hi Debbie, thought it was just me for a bit. Phone’s due an upgrade and I thought it had, had it completely! There seems to be a bit of an issue with them but nobody seems to have a clear answer. Hopefully they will get it sorted promptly, although I have been having trouble for four days now. Aghhhh!

        • Hi Guys, quick update. I have just tried again! to get into TAB puzzle magazines website and TV Choice and it’s working!!!
          Hopefully it is fixed now and everyone else can get in too. Thank you Birdie xx

    • Sane here too

  8. Looking in shops for THATS LIFE CRIME SCENE ISSUE 4 OUT TODAY, not in Morrisons, anyone else managed to buy it. Thanks.

  9. Midnighter was also a regular contributor on MSE, but hasn’t been on since March.

  10. Has anyone read anything from Midnighter? Always a regular contributor. Not seen for a while.

    • Isn’t it strange how we miss people on this site, not seen anything from Midnighter for a while, now you mention it. Another one who used to contribute was Phyllis Middleton ( I think that was her surname), she did put something up a while ago that she hadn’t been well and her family had been doing all her shopping etc. If either of you are reading this, just drop Deany a line to let us know you are both well. To any other regulars who are not well, get well soon and keep in touch xx

      • Hi Margaret,
        I wasn’t sure if it was strange posting that. You stay safe. X

        • Alison, it is strange that we remember some of the regular names, and do worry, in these worrying times, if anything has happened to people who we know as “computer friends”. I hope they are both ok and that the rest of Deany’s regular’s keep well and safe. Don’t know about you but I find myself coming onto this site every day, just to hopefully catch up with people and look out for new comps, post new answers and generally feel amongst friendly like minded competition “nutters” ( in the nicest way possible!!).
          Sending good vibes for winners, good health to everyone and remember “you don’t have to wear masks to enter comps over the internet “……yet !! xx

  11. In Walk Magazine where was I?
    In Lakeland this small lake sounds like a sheep. In the distance, fells sound like weapons. But where is it?
    C/D 16/11/2020

  12. Could I request that people when putting up answers to competitions, also include the CLOSING DATE for entries?
    And if you are asking a question, and hoping to get an answer, put on the name and issue number of the magazine you are enquiring about plus any other details that help us to help you !!
    Good manners cost nothing and help will be gladly be given if the question is asked in the right way…..

    • Couldn’t agree more Margaret. Also it would be good if people actually looked in the Tabs at the side. I have pointed loads of people towards the tabs when they have asked where are the answers to … ?? Also If you are looking for the next issues answers say issue 27, and there is no tab try under 26 as Deany may have been to busy as she has pointed out, to have got to that. It must take hours keeping this site in good order and trying to do a day job. Thanks Deany

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