Magazine Help

Magazine Help

If you are in need of help with the magazines, please ask in the comments below 👍
AND …… there is a search bar on the pages if you are looking for a particular magazine issue that you can use 😉
Many thanks


  1. Can anyone please help with the codeword in Candis Magazine (October)? I have made a complete mess of the page and it has so much tipex on it I have lost a lot of the numbers – Many Thanks in advance.

  2. Been checking in every day to see Real People winners for issue 28 which apparently there was a problem with, but now it has just disappeared so we cannot see who winners actually were. Does anyone know who winners were or know how to get to find out? Very frustrating!
    Thanks in advance x

  3. Hi
    Has anyone won from Chat magazine? If so does it take long for them to contact you with the winnings?

  4. Does anyone know if there is a problem with Real People Magazine as they have not released any winners now for about 8 weeks? Competition closing dates all long past.


    Can anyone tell me what happened to Bella 34 answers. Thanks.

  6. I’m stuck on one answer in Chat Issue 33 in the Word Jumble puzzle. Can anyone tell me what you get for DINGO UNIT when you rearrange these letters into a word beginning with D? I think the 4th letter is possibly an I. It’s driving me mad!!!

  7. Hello – Can anyone help with the Candis September Issue spot the matching pair? I have eliminated D & E but am going crosseyed at looking at the rest!! Many Thanks

  8. Anybody have a clue as to where Kenny the Puppy is on the new Love It picture. It looks to be a festival scene, and I know I need my eyes testing, but I’m really stumped on this one…..any help would be greatly received.
    Margaret xx

    • Its A5 Margaret, it took me ages too.

      • Thanks Sandra, sometimes he is so easy to find and other times ( like this one) I really struggled to find him, of course when you get the grid, he’s there staring at you and has been all the time.

        Peter, I enter on a desk top computer, but I do resort sometimes to looking on my phone and using a magnifying glass, but even that didn’t help this time.

        Thank you both for your help, It’s good to help and share with others.
        Margaret xx

    • If you are able to enter it on a laptop you can increase the size by selecting the 3 dots in the top right hand corner, then selecting zoom to magnify it and really easy to see the puppy.

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