Magazine Help

Magazine Help

If you are in need of help with the magazines, please ask in the comments below 👍
AND …… there is a search bar on the pages if you are looking for a particular magazine issue that you can use 😉
Many thanks


  1. Dear Deany, Thank you for messaging Bobs I keep watching to see if there is an update on him. The site is very quiet without him so I hope we’ll hear something from him soon. Please let me know. Thank you for your amazing website you work so hard. Caz

  2. Is anyone having issues entering online for TV Choice & Bella?
    When I click on issue number E.g Bella 18 & TV Choice 19 I get the following message.
    Application error: a client-side exception has occurred (see the browser console for more information).

    I’ve done all the usual cleared cache and cookies , deleted old bookmarks/ favourites etc

    I’ve sent emails to both asking if there’s a fault but not yet received a reply, they probably won’t answer for a few days as it’s a bank holiday.


    Good luck hope you all get some wins 🍀🤞

    Sue x

  3. Hi all when answer is A) B) C) do you just put that or do you write whole answer aswell I never know what to do advise please x

    • I used to just put A B or C, but I do now tend to put the whole answer in, but suspect you would still win with just the letter A B or C. It would be a bit harsh to disqualify you if they haven’t stated full answer required.

  4. Margaret Hardman

    Has anyone said if they have heard from Bobs, he doesn’t seem to have been around all of March, hopefully he will be on holiday somewhere nice and hot, but just hoping he’s not ill.
    Margaret xx

    • Hi Margaret, I just checked it was on the 5th April the last message, I’ve emailed him to see if all is well, as you say hopefully he’s enjoying the sunshine somewhere xx

      • Margaret Hardman

        Thanks Deany
        I’ve just read my message to you back and I meant to say the whole of April not March…..I’m still not feeling well, think it’s affected my mind !!
        Hopefully Bobs IS IN THE SUN and not anywhere else.
        Margaret x

      • Margaret Hardman

        Hi Deany
        Still no word on Bobs?
        Vic seems to have taken over the comps he used to do wonder if he knows anything, just worried and hope he’s well.
        Margaret xx

        • Hi Margaret, I haven’t heard anything 😢 I did send you a message through messenger but I’m guessing you didn’t get it. I will let you know if he replies to my email xx

          • Margaret Hardman

            No didn’t any messenger message off you, probably because I’m only friends with the group on FB (although I think FB make their plans and rules as they plod along !!) I’m still plodding along with medical matters, I’m thinking of pitching a a tent at the hospital …… but I must admit I do feel a little bit better, the cough seems to be a bit better than it was, so that’s something good.
            Margaret xx


    anyone know where Best 16 and Bella 16 answers are hiding – thanks.

    • Go to Miscellaneous tab at side or below depending on what media you are using. Scroll down, then select “more” at the foot and another page will come up and work down through that until you find the answers

  6. WOW!!!! I FINALLY got a reply from Love IT! Magazine about the incorrect puzzle Name The Leap Year( Celebrity ) Birthdays in Issue 940 early March….
    Only 2 correct answers,
    Their relpy arrive at 8.30 pm last night….:
    Hi Marie, thank yiou for your message and apologies for the delayed response. I have been tasked with helping here where I can.
    love it! magazine
    love it! magazine
    Thank you for your kind comments regarding the magazine, and I apologise that we couldn’t get back to you in time regarding the above issues. In the future, when entering, if there is a mistake please put that within the entry form and we will take into account when winners are chosen. Thanks, Annabel

    Well??? say no more lol…

  7. Gillian,look left,Monthly Mags Mix, answers are in there,good luck,Bobs.

    • Left side of page on a laptop. Might have to scroll down for the Monthly Mags Mix and other tabs if using a mobile phone.

  8. Chat puzzles faves Magazine….
    Can anyone tell me where to buy this magazine?
    The only Monthly Chat Magazine I see in the shops anywhere is the normal one… ie: Chat February Issue no: 02.
    Could some kind person please take a pic of it and tag me in the facebook group so I know what I’m looking for pretty please? and thanks yous xxx

  9. Hiya Everyone and a Happy New Year to you all,
    I am looking for the answers to:
    TAB issue 47 – Closing Date – 04/12/23
    TAB issue 48/49 – Closing Date – 18/12/23
    TAB issue 50 – Closing Date – 25/12/23
    THAT’S LIFE – issue 46 – Closing Date – 27/11/23
    THAT’S LIFE – issue 47 – Closing Date – 04/12/23
    THAT’S LIFE – Issue 48 – Closing Date – 11/12/23
    THAT’s Life – issue 49/50 – Closing Date – 25/12/23 (Bumper Issue)
    Can someone please tell me where I could find these answers? TIA

  10. They seem to have changed the entry system – i am finding it impossiable to enter my comps for take a break my favourite puzzles when it`s now all for subsciptions or just for weekly – where do i go now .

    • Put in take a break my favourite puzzles competition in title bar and brings up page needed.

    • I am getting on to the online entry forms for Take a Break still on
      For TV choice & Bella which have their own internet pages, once in you do have to sometimes click on “latest competitions” at the top as it goes to an answers page rather than the current issues.
      Hope you get online and entering ok. come back on if you still have issues and we can hopefully help further.

  11. can anyone tell me please Chat 47 spot difference, what the difference in square 3B is? I cant see no difference, thank you

  12. Just had this, so do we have to enter all again,?

    Hi Rosemary

    Thank you for contacting us at TV Choice.

    With regards to your below email, I am afraid that due to a technical error, the competition entry forms across all our websites are currently unavailable and we are working on resolving this issue.

    Please remember that you can still enter our competitions via phone, text, and post; you will find details on how to do this on page 78 of TV Choice.

    Thank you for taking the time in bringing this to our attention.

  13. Hello Rosemary, it seems this problem is wide spread,i have it as well,i’m not sure what can be done,just let them fix it I suppose,just hang on in there and let them sort it out,Bobs

  14. I’ve entered a couple of Take a Break Puzzles magazine, when I press enter it comes up Page 404 This page doesn’t exist., has anyone else had this ?

  15. Is anyone having trouble entering answers on Love It! Magazine site? There’s no link to enter 921 & 922 . There are links for fuzzy face & find the dog and can enter the 3 free separate comps.
    I’ve filled in contact us form last week but got not reply and just filled in another today. I’ve also sent message on Facebook.

    T I A

    Good luck everyone hope you get some wins x


  16. Sandra Joy Anderton

    Hi I received an email today today I have won £50 for the best crossword but it says it is from 2021. This is the first sentence:-
    Dear Sandra,
    I’m delighted to inform you that you have won £50 in our crossword puzzle competition as seen in issue 45, 2021 of best magazine. Congratulations!

    Please accept our apologies for the delay in notifying you – we’ve had some problems putting in place a new system for issuing payments – but we hope you are pleased to get the news of your win!

    Has anyone else had anything like this?

    • yes had one earlier this yr from 2022 they are very behind, had to provide bank or paypal details, but it went in very quick so all good, congrats xx

    • Hi Sandra I have received one this month worded the same for a win from 2021. I feel very unsure about it. I am to send my current phone number and wait further instructions then use an HSBC portal to get my prize. Did you have to do this and was it ok and not a SPAM message.

  17. Hi Tania,if you mean Take A Break October issue 10,the answer is UNDERWEAR,it,s made up of the letters left once you have crossed all the other words out ,hope this helps,Bobs.

  18. hello
    do anyone have answers for Issue 10 – Wordsearch
    i cant find them
    thanks all

  19. Hi, is anyone having trouble getting the Take a Break puzzle magazines to load online? I’ve tried a few times.
    E.g. word search collection, code breaker, arrowword, criss cross collect, Hide n Seek etc

    I’ve got them in my favourite folder and usually works but now getting…
    ‘Error the URL can’t be shown’

    I’ve cleared cache and cookies etc.

  20. Another comment about Love it Magazine – I was on holiday, so came back and had 2 weeks comps to enter. The online entry form says “Enter the competitions from our latest competitions here”, but both were still live, so I entered both. They always have more than one still live ie before its closing date. Unlike all other online magazine comps they don’t seperate forms for each issue. How do they know which weeks comp you are entering ?

    • Peter, I always put the issue number in the subject line for an email or if by post I write the issue number on the envelope. I do this as I agree with your comment about how do they know which weeks competition you are entering. Hope you enjoyed your holiday.

      • Me too, post sometimes if have spare stamp and find the cat. Just off to post Thats life entry, like a walk. Love it mag either Love It or hate it, not my fav mag.

  21. hi every one , i have been wondering for a wile now can you enter the radio times crossword answers on line . ive seen the answers on this page but no link to entering the answers on line . i know the radio times costs about £3.20 ? to buy in the shops .. ive not bought it for some years , Many Thanks Maria

  22. It means leave puzzle 4 blank as that is find the cat and if you wish to enter puzzle 4 you have to ring the cat cut the page out and enter by post.

  23. I have just noticed the instructions in Love it Magazine for an email entry. It states put your answers numbered 1 to 11 (leaving 4 blank)?? As there are only 10 puzzles and 1 is Find the cat (which I leave blank as you need to attach the page) what others are blank??? Thank you.

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