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  1. My inquiry for answers to Take A break January monthly issue?
    Found it! It was in the weekly Magazine section.
    Thank you.

  2. Hi there, can anyone help me as I hate to be defeated but,the Star on Sunday Magazine has done it on the celebrity pictures I know they are just for fun. But can anyone Help my sanity…. LOL, Much appreciated I think 1 picture is Rita Ora and one Angus Deayton????? then lost the plot

  3. Hi compers,

    Just bought the Express ready to do my puzzles, and oh no there’s no prize comps, they’re just for fun! There’s no prize sumthing either, and the answers are all printed for today’s puzzles. I only buy the Express on Friday for these prize puzzles, so I don’t know if this is just this week, and the prize comps will be back next week, or if they’re moving them to a different day or stopped them altogether, regular buyers of the Express will probably know more than me πŸ™ xx

    • Dear Lynda, I buy the express each day. Like you, was rarin’ to go but very very disappointed this morning. I will let you know of any development in Express competitions field. I think they are going to still carry them on as fun puzzles. As one cheerful person on Answerbank pointed out saves about Β£4 a week in postage stamps. On my own calculation, this means a win of Β£48 every 3 months. I know it’s not the same, but……!!!? Love πŸ’• Jacquie

      • I’ve done all the comps and just realised that its just for fun!!!
        Its the only reason I buy the Express on a Friday. Oh well, I wont be doing that anymore.
        They did this once before with the Monday crossword If I remember correctly. That didn’t last long as sales dropped like a stone.

        • Hi Jason, I hope they’ll bring them back, I look forward to them every week! Poor you did them for nothing, they’ve got the answers printed at the bottom of the right hand page. The only reason I noticed, rather than just doing them is because I always look at the winners first to see if I’ve been lucky, and it all looked different, then noticed there was no address to send entries in etc. It sucks πŸ™

      • Hi Jacquie, thanks for your reply, that’s so annoying isn’t it haha. I wonder why they’ve stopped them, I noticed straight away there was a new puzzle on the spot where they usually put the competition details, and even the new one isn’t a comp grrr. I’d rather enter the comps and have a chance of winning Β£50 than saving the cash. Never mind, there’s still plenty of cash prizes to be won in the weekly mags and monthly puzzle books/special mags πŸ™‚ xx

    • i had been doing online puzzles for Express, Daily Star, OK Mag Star Mag & New Mag – (same comps in each) obviously all from same Media Company but they have closed 2 sites and fazed out the competitions over last few months. Looks like there policy is to drop competitions. Hope not and that yours resume next week.

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