An act of kindness

I wanted to share with you a random act of kindness from someone who uses this site but has kept themselves anonymous to me.

It’s taken me a while to share this with you because I was at odds of how to say it……I didn’t want to appear that I was looking for more nor did I want to ……..well I’m sure you know what I’m trying to say.

But here goes……..A few months ago I received an envelope delivered to my shop address but personally addressed to me. This envelope contained a lovely hand written letter with a cheque for £100. The letter explained how this person researched through the shop details and at Companies House to find my name and address so that a cheque could be written personally to me so that it didn’t have to go through any Deany Fabrics accounts.

The money was to help me with the running costs for Deany designs website therefore ensuring to allow all of you that use it to continue to do so.

That particular day had started, well let’s just say…..not that great and I was feeling a bit low. When that letter arrived it was just like a tonic (with a large gin in it) it wasn’t even the cheque that hit the spot, it was the very fact that this lovely person went to all that trouble ….for ME. There was no name or forwarding address on the letter and the cheque just had initials and a surname, it was obvious this person did not want any return thanks. I sobbed happy sobs,  your kindness shown went a long way, you know who you are (I don’t) and I thank you so much.

I think it’s important to show acts of kindness, it doesn’t have to be money or material things, just a kind word or sharing makes the world of difference to people. A few kind words can change the outlook for someone’s day and it helps us feel better and help those who receive them. We’re building better selves and better communities at the same time.

The power of kindness has a ripple effect, try it and see for yourself.

A few benefits from acts of kindness:

Lowers blood pressure

Reduces anxiety

Releases feel good hormones an (oxytocin). Oxytocin is commonly called the “love hormone” and this helps to lower blood pressure, improve overall heart health, increase self-esteem and optimism.

Kindness does not demand hard work or huge amounts of time. It’s something we can all achieve every day. And, knowing that the power of kindness and its benefits are immense for ourselves and not just the receiver, why wouldn’t you want to help others more?  


Thank you to everyone who contributes to the magazine pages. You are all fantastic. I’m so busy in the shop at the moment that I don’t always get chance to read your comments fully until many hours later. I apologise now for the delay in approving them, i could turn the ‘approval needed’ off but then the comments box would just fill with spam.
I love that you have formed this little community full of like minded people that are kind and friendly and are able to help or advise each other, it gives me a warm feeling to know that it started here 🙂


  1. Got 42p off Take a Break, my favourite puzzles from Morrisons with my offers on my More card. Dont know if it will work tomorrow with my other mags, a!so got 25p off TV Choice using my week!y offers on Coop card.

  2. Hi Deany, , thanks for sharing your lovely comments from someone who truly appreciated your time and efforts to keeping your site going. I so agree, the comps have kept us all united through these strange times. A massive thank You for your dedication 😍😍😎😎

  3. Thank you Deanysdesigns for all you do. Thank you to the donor – very generous.
    Thank you to every who contributes.
    Wishing you all peace and happiness xx

  4. Just read your act of kindness post Deany, what a lovely wee pick me up for you. It’s truly wonderful to be appreciated, I for one appreciate all your time and effort that you put in to the page. It’s always my go to, not just to put answers up but to check mine and the other answers from my other magazines. I love it when I see the Wall of Winners too. Long may this wee site continue xx

  5. Deany, just read your letter,i’d like to say thank you,you’re doing a good job and long may it be so, there,s a lot of hard work involved,i can assure you it,s much appreciated by us all.Deany is proof that there,s a lot of nice people out there willing to help each other,that,s a nice feeling,thank,s for that,Bobs.

    • Bobs, Serena and Paul, I wholeheartedly agree with your messages to Deany, none of us have ever met (to my knowledge) but we all pull together to collect puzzle answers, Deany does a marvellous job of approving the messages within her busy day, if any of us win something, the others are pleased for that person and say so, more often than not. So long may Deany’s Designs continue, and allow us to be “distant friends” but with a common goal !! Deany you deserved that envelope and the contents, love to all who are part of Deany’s Army of Compers.
      Margaret xx

  6. just want to say a massive thank you to everyone who is involved in this site and the contributions everyone makes to helping each of us out with the puzzles and kind words, its a surprise to win a prize and lovely to hear peoples success.
    hope everyone is okay and getting through these strange years we have had to face with covid but there is a light at the end of the tunnel somewhere.
    take care and stay safe and good luck with the puzzles

  7. Deany im so pleased for you i have just read your act of kindness letter it is well deserved to a remarkable human being who has created a fantastic community for all of us . Wishing you well and pray you win something big for all what you do and the time you so kindly give to this site

  8. Late delivery ~ well you know they
    will blame the Covid19 or Brexit or the
    Royal Mail BUT never themselves.

    • I actually think it’s royal mail. I live in a place where we lucky to get our mail twice a week. Even items dated to come by Monday aren’t turning up until 2/3 days later. The postman when he does come has so much post it’s ridiculous. I had 13 packages yesterday and 5 letters. It just seems to be getting worse. Two of my chats often arrive together. Even though one was sent out earlier. I asked the postman. He said it’s down to staff shortages due to staff isolating. But now that’s stopped I think it’s got worse.

  9. Check out the Real People Magazine winner for Issue 29/30 and 32.
    Sandra Williams from London has won in each for these issues. A win with Boxing Match, Go & Arrow and I’m Too Hexy??? Bit too much of a coincidence I think!!!!

    • It’s a fluke, (has happened to me a few times with different papers and
      magazines.) It’s wonderful for her.
      Lets be a good sport and say CONGRATULATIONS

      Good luck to everyone.

      • Just noticed I spelt congratulations wrong, fingers keep slipping.

        I never read the name of the winners, I just look for my Post Code.

        Congratulations to Sandra

    • I am Sandra Williams but from Enfield, have bought loads of mags and entered. Got a bit excited then and got an email but it was only to reset my password. Maybe lucky next week.

  10. **UPDATE to previous post – A few more Issues have the winners up – Good Luck

  11. I sent a question to Real People re there not being any winners on their website since Issue 28. They have answered as follows:-
    We are now working on updating the website and its winners. I hope to have it updated within the next couple of days. Issue 29 winners are on the website but we have a slight glitch with Issue 28, which we are now working on.
    So watch this space!!!

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