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***31st May 2018***


I’m so sorry for the disruption, my site was down for nearly a week!!

Unfortunately when Michael passed away he took my passwords with him……bless him! It’s been a nightmare trying to sort it out but I did it …phew.

Hopefully normal service will now be resumed 😉

Good luck to you all xx


Thank you all for your condolences, prayers and such lovely comments about Michael,  although I have now taken them off my site I have saved them all…..thank you.


  1. Hi Deany, i’m sorry that my message is late, I’m sorry to hear that your friend Michael passed away, when I lost the website on my tablet I thought that you had been closed down also, i’m glad that you are back with your friends/fans, I/we have missed you, you take care and thank you for helping me/us with checking our answers.

  2. Hi, Welcome Back x


    Nice for you to be back look after yourself and be careful

  4. good to have you back

  5. It’s lovely to have you back I hope you’re ok after your bereavement I’ve got a very good was for listening if you ever want to vent x♡♡x

  6. Good to have you back. XXXXX

  7. So glad to have you back, hope you are keeping ok,xx

  8. so glad to have you back

  9. alice lightning

    how pleased to see you up and running again always handy to have you sigh of relief

  10. Good to have you back

  11. A big thank you, Deany, for sorting out passwords etc. I was worried about your health and also the fact that magazines had cut off site.
    Welcome back again, you do a splendid job running friendliest site going!!! Well done from us all. Jacquiexxx

  12. glad to have you ( and the site) back Deany xxx

  13. Thanks for keeping it going. I think it is the only place the reliably has these answers.

  14. hi deany, welcome back, thought we had lost the site or had to stop it, missed you a lot. xx

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