1. Deany, what has happened to the Magazines tab at the top of your site? Did you know it has vanished, hope it’s not been blown away with all this wind and rain…..have managed to get into it by going on your home page and searching xx

  2. Lynda, just got Whats on TV, and the letter page, have your say, £10 for every letter or rant and £25 for star letter. Hope this gives you a clue, all old copies recycled.

  3. Hi Compers, I received a cheque for £10 today. Its from Bauer, but unspecifies which mag. I’ve been racking my brains, and the only thing I can think of that I’ve contributed recently is a letter emailed to Tv Choice, and What’s On Tv, though I don’t know if WOTV is Bauer too. I know its a long shot, but if anyone has old TV Choice mags that haven’t gone out in the recycling yet, is my name in there? Thanks xxxx

    • Congratulations , I hate it when this happens, the magazine would
      be almost 2 months ago (it normally takes 6 weeks from the entry,) but
      having said that I have found by the time my names appears I have
      spent that cheque lol
      I don’t know of any magazine that pays £10 least is normally about
      I think with the TVChoice you can write requesting a list of the

      Good luck

  4. Hi Ron, thank you for your info regarding Take a Break entries which you posted a month ago, but I’ve only just noticed today lol. Not entered any comps regularly for months, bar the odd one here and there. That’s really good that everyone has the same chance, as I do tend to think entering by post or text has the best chance. Have you noticed that a lot of mags have taken away the postal option? Bella and Tv Choice as well as That’s Life We love Puzzles are a few, also the mini Tab puzzle books no longer have a coupon.

    I’m going to start entering regularly again, many thanks again for the info, the very best of luck to you, and Merry Christmas! xxx

    • Hi Lynda, yes I have noticed more and more are text or on line entries.
      I guess that’s future now, but it is wrong because there are still many people who don’t have smart phones or internet.
      I hope you have a lovely Christmas and keep trying your luck.

  5. Thank you, Ron, for the inside information from Take A Break. They must receive thousands of entries for each puzzle so it’s really luck of the draw. In true Strictly style – keep on comping!!

  6. TAB Feedback (

    12 Nov at 09:35

    Hi Ron,

    Thank you for contacting Take a Break and for your interest in our competitions.

    This is how our draws are done: winners are randomly picked from all the entries received via all four routes of entry by the closing date. The number of winners required from each route is calculated by computer to ensure that all entrants have a fair and equal chance of winning. Your chance of winning is exactly the same regardless of how early or late you submit your entry, or where you live (provided it’s within the areas specified in our rules).

    Postal entries are processed by one independent handling house; SMS, phone and online by another. Both handling houses have security checks in place to prevent draws taking place before the closing dates, and our own system is designed to prevent any manipulation of the draw processes and to ensure that every entry is considered.

    Prizes are drawn in order of value, and the first correct entry out of the draw is the winner. You can enter as many or as few competitions in the magazine as you like, although the more you enter the better your chances of winning.

    We only accept one competition entry per user, per issue for our competitions. Any additional entries will not be counted.

    I do hope this gives you some understanding of what happens to your entries, and we wish you the best of luck with all our competitions.

    Many thanks,

    Charlotte Partis-Nelson

    Readers’ Service Department

    • Really good information thanks for sharing this with us all Ron 👍😀

    • Thanks for this Ron. I always wondered how winners are picked, and when I should send my entries. I haven’t won in a long time but have been lucky a few times, the best two being £1001 In Chat and a holiday to Majorca in That’s Life. Distant memory now, but I keep on trying. Good luck to you X

    • thank you for the information, been doing competitions over 20 years and won once 2 years ago on Chat mag £150

  7. the best site ever for giving us friends and suggested answers!!!

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