Ok anyone that does want to join, I’ve created a private facebook group called ‘ Deany’s designs friends group’ if you search for it you then have to ask to join. See you in there 😉. Once you are in you can freely chat without having to wait for my approval 😁 xx


  1. Does anyone have the answers to Prima magazine July please?

  2. Mary Rose Callaghan

    Hi Deans.

    Can I join your group?

    Mary Rose

  3. Ok Danny that would be great is I could join your sute

  4. Angie wheelhouse

    Couldn’t find chat 17 lifedeathprizes answers ?? Has there been a problem?

    • Tabs on the left on laptops maybe need to scroll to foot of page on mobiles – under “Chat” Tab issue 17 answers are still there. Enter by 7th May

  5. I want to thank you all. I got a cheque for £500 from Chat Magazine today. I always check the answers against mine before I submit

  6. Have just put in a request to join.

  7. Hi I would like to join your group please




    B ) 1995

  9. Please can I join for help with clues, thanks

  10. Mary Rose Callaghan

    Hi Denny,
    I would love to join your group.

  11. Would love to join

  12. Hi I would like to join your group

  13. I’m stuck for the cash stash

  14. Hi all! Could someone please help me out with the answer for the crossword in the Christmas TV Times (issue 51 23rd Dec – 4th Jan page 191)?? Many thanks!

    • Louise,
      Answers to TV Times Crossword are recorded under TV Magazines in list in Red at side of this message. Just scroll down page and answers are there.
      Margaret x

  15. Where can I check my issue 1 answers please Many thanks

    • You haven’t said which magazine you need answers for. Check the tabs at the side. Take A break, Thats Life & Whats on TV have their own Tabs. The rest you will find in Miscellaneous or if a monthly Magazine under ** Monthly Mags Mix* If you are still stuck, come back and be more specific & I will try to help.

  16. michael noel ruane

    Very helpful.

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