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***8th January 2018***

I have been overwhelmed by the response to my announcement about the magazine pages closing. You are all such lovely kind helpful people who thrive on helping each other, Michael & myself.

I have shed more than a tear when I received your private messages, emails & the comments on the website. So we have decided to leave one page open where you can all still help each other (& Michael & myself).
You will be able to leave all your answers in the comments on this page, but please make sure you put the name of the magazine and the closing dates on the top before doing so, that way others can scroll down the page to find what they are looking for.

If you need help please click the magazine help link and leave your request for help, i.e. magazine, puzzle, page number etc.

I hope that will help you, that’s the best I can do at the moment. I feel a bit better now and a little less guilty phew!
Good luck to you all.

P.S ~ Also…….I have had a request for the winners page to remain, so yes it will remain

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  1. Take a Puzzle Competitions No. 1
    Page 6 – St Elmos Fire
    Page 11 – 4
    Page 17 – enrich
    Page 23 – smart
    Page 29 – season
    Page 34 – Tomghost wrote Davids autobiography ????
    Page 41 – jogging
    Page 47 – bullion
    Page 53 – retro
    Page 59 – Jodie Whittaker

  2. WOTV Answers No 4.
    Pg 11 Crossword – TYRONE
    Spot the Shot – PAGE 15
    Pg 97 Crossword – DANCING ON ICE

  3. TV Choice issue 4 suggested answers:-

    Laptop/tablet comp. = C
    Crossword = Little Women
    Sudoku = 4

    Closing date: 5/2/2018

  4. Suggested answers to Bella puzzles 5:-

    Crossword = Yasmin Le Bon
    Arrowword = Backgammon

    Closing date: 29/1/2018

  5. radiotimes No 3 2018 wf is top of the lake sent the xword earlier but no trace appeared

  6. Hiya, the answer to Best issue 03 is Wonder, entry form in magazine. Closing date is 01/02/2018 🙂

  7. Hi, Does anyone have the answers to Chat Issue 1 please. thanks

  8. Bella issue 4 Closing date 22nd Jan 2018

    Crossword (Win £200) = Martin Kemp
    Arrowword (Win £200) = Kids Parties

  9. YOU Magazine (Mail on Sunday Mag) (13/14 Jan 2018)
    Closing date Fr Jan 19

    There are 16 letters A

    7 Soothe
    8 As Of Late
    10 Oklahoma
    11 Hawaii
    12 Shifts
    13 Credo
    15 Concede
    17 Escaped
    19 Allen
    20 Tiddly
    22 Mildew
    23 Implored
    24 Print Run
    25 Ardour


    1 Cock a Hoop
    2 Demons
    3 Tabasco
    4 Loch Ness
    5 Blow Hot And Cold
    6 Attic
    8 Traffic Wardens
    14 Beelzebub
    16 Delaware
    18 Indiana
    20 Top Cat
    21 Libra

    best of luck
    Julie xx

  10. Whoops! Meant scroll!!!! Lol Jacquiex

  11. On behalf of everyone, would like to thank Deany and Michael for putting title pages (scrowl to bottom of page) for us all to contribute answers to and use. What a lovely website this is. Good luck all. Jacquiex

  12. Great that you are leaving the page open and we can still all share what we have, as said above would be great to have tabs but appreciate all this takes extra time. thank you for what you have done in the past and are still doing.

  13. Hi any one got the answer for take a break new year issue on page 3 xx

  14. yippee you are still here however modified, thanks you’re a star

    Prize arroword: yoga
    Prize crossword: wrestling
    Closing date 15th January
    email to : with the solutions,along with your name and contact details,put PUZZLES2 int the subject bar.

  16. Thank you very much and best wishes

  17. So pleased to see we can still share our answers on this forum, if we get stuck!
    What’s on TV issue 2 : Closing date : 26 th Jan
    Crossword : Mollie King
    Spot the shot :page 9
    £500 Crossoword : Dragons Den
    Good luck

  18. Hi Everyone & Samantha
    Best Issue 2 answer is Kiri
    Closing date 25th Jan 2018

    Can anyone confirm this Thanks

  19. I’m so delighted to see this page woohoo – was like an old friend saying goodbye 🙁 this is just the best day ever 🙂 my fave site with my fave page 🙂

  20. A big thank you Deany for keeping a page open, you’ve made me so happy. 😃

    Your site is the one I have enjoyed visiting regularly.

    Now I know I have the same answers in yesterdays TV Choice mag.

  21. I make the answer to puzzle 15 dawn.Chat issue 2.

  22. Brilliant that people are still putting in answers. Can we keep the site going like a forum page ? Only thing is the answers are all over the place. Would you be willing to add tabs again for the magazines and ask people to put their answers in the appropriate place ? If not thanks anyway. You have been brilliant. (Not won anything from any of the magazines listed yet, but I will one day)

  23. This morning, I was in a bit of a rush, but, I sent in the crossword answers for Yours magazine 288, but it doesn’t seem to appear anywhere, where did it go ? I cannot repeat the results as I have now posted mine off, I thought that it might a few people who were struggling, all best wishes June.

  24. Well I for one really appreciate having a page left open, it might be a muddle but let’s all make the most of it and huge thanks Deany and Michael xx

  25. Thank you to everyone for posting answers ,well done

  26. Real People Issue 1:

    Page 27:
    Worth £20 each
    Send your name, address and number to:
    Mega Bounce
    Real People Magazine
    33 Broadwick Street
    W1F 0DQ
    Before Jan 18 2018
    Worth £49.99
    Send your name, address and number to:
    Changing Bag
    Real People Magazine
    33 Broadwick Street
    W1F 0DQ
    Before Jan 18 2018
    Worth £31.99
    Send your name, address and number to:
    Sleep Trainer
    Real People Magazine
    33 Broadwick Street
    W1F 0DQ
    Before Jan 18 2018

  27. Answers for Pick Me Up Issue 1
    1.colley hill
    2 dispenser
    3 decayed
    4 boat
    5 fennel
    7 imaginary
    8 9372

    7 across capital
    8 across anguish
    9 across calibre
    10 across charade
    12 across wing collar
    13 across pops
    15 across uncontroversial
    18 across
    19 across tie breaker
    21 across grossly
    23 across playful
    24 across settler
    25 across ignobly

    1 down calamianes
    2 down pining
    3 down carry out
    4 down anchor
    5 down guy ropes
    6 down used
    11 down all over
    14 down peacefully
    16 down opposite
    17 down ear plugs
    19 down tiller
    20 down anyhow
    22 down reet

    Closing Date

    • Thank you Margaret.
      I have found answer to puzzle 6 is 214
      Win without finishing
      7 across Crucial
      1 down Irrational
      2 down Aching
      They seem to fit 👍🏻

  28. Chat: Issue 2

    1: Melanie Sykes
    2: sane
    3: Marilyn Monroe’s piano
    4: corner
    5: Insect
    6: Beth white
    7: Zoo keeper
    8: Dunk a biscuit
    9: 777
    10: white
    11: blink
    12: tidying
    13: 624
    14: Chicken
    15: sawn
    16: piper
    17: Someone else
    18: Ebay
    19: 1A
    20: shoe polish
    21: Call the midwife
    22: Oklahoma advert
    23: 27
    24: Long hair
    Closing Date 23rd January 2018

  29. Best Issue 2
    Hello there! the answer to issue 2 of Best Magazine is Sam Smith

    closing date for all entries is 18/01/2018

    Good Luck!

  30. bella issue 3
    crossword = thandie newton
    arrowword = tea room

    Closing Date 15th January 2018

  31. That’s Life Issue 2

    1. Slightly
    2. Log Burner
    3. Royal College of Music
    4. Kate Windsleet
    5. Oyster
    6. 47
    7. Rapids
    8. Volume
    9. A1

    Closing Date 22nd January 2018

  32. TV Choice Answers to issue 2
    Fitbit watch, C
    Crossword, The Crown
    Sudoku, 7
    Closing date 22nd January 2018

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