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  1. Well done Ron, ha, ha. Good on the jokes. Still looking for that cat, mine is asleep on settee.

  2. Well Done Ron, Another good joke in That’s Life! Issue 38

  3. Well done again RON. I see this time you have won £50 worth of vouchers with Puzzler Cracking Crosswords Issue 11. Jacquiex

  4. Hi I don’t know if anyone can help me? I won a picture competition of my cat in August, how long does the cheque usually take? Thank you

  5. Hi Toby, I was just looking in the Real People winners list for issue 31 to see if I’ve won anything this week, and I saw your name! You won the Take your Pick comp so you get to choose between an icecream scoop or cash. Hope you enjoy your scoop 😉 and very well done to you! You do well with Real People and Best 🙂 xxx

    • WOW , thank you lynda , just got home today from 5 glorious days in portugal ( win from last year ). yes and had letter in post from real people ice cream maker or £251 cash . cash are take spend on stamps and new glasses . ive won 14 times since real people started , good luck to you and fellow compers.
      CHEERS toby

  6. So pleased to hear about your big win, Ron – you’ve helped so many others so it’s good you’ve got your just desserts!

  7. Hi Ron
    What a terrific surprise and win for you. Well done Jacquie for spotting it . You must be over the moon about it . Hope the envelope comes through your door soon and you enjoy spending your prize.

  8. Well done Ron! I am so thrilled for you, bet that has made your day, you really deserve to win big especially as you gave so much help with That’s Life & Pick me up. You have also inspired me to keep entering as you have shown you never know when you’ll receive a surprise. Hope for many more well done again! Xxx

  9. Dear Ron, Well done!!! You have been announced as £1000 winner in Crossword Collection for competition 203. No kidding you are from Wrexham right?! Karma for you solving lots of puzzles. Jacquiex

  10. I cannot seem to find a new – Issue 10 of Take a Break Codebreakers Collection. This was due out on the 22nd August (according to Issue 9 of the magazine) but non of the shops (including WH Smiths ) in Milton Keynes seem to have this. Also had a job to get this weeks copy of CHAT.

  11. the answer to Best issue 35 is Edward

    entry form in the magazine

    closing date for all entries is 13/09/2019

    good luck! 😀

  12. daily mail royail treasure hunt answer to clues to check if right

  13. Me and my mum always try to find the cat in Love it every week, I give her the mag for first dibs, and if she can’t find it I have a look (though she usually finds it first) In issue 701 (with the rocks) she couldn’t find it, I thought I spotted it straight away, and asked her what she thought, and she said yes, its a black and white cat. Where it is, is from the top right, between five and six cut lines, directly under is a big rock, and what looks like the cat on it. So that’s what I’ve entered. However, I always check on here to see if I was right, but a few different people have said its on the left lol, so I’m probably wrong. But still love the puzzle and hoping I may be in the winners list one day 😀 xx

  14. Hi Marie are you talking about my Morrison’s? They are really slow at putting the new mags out on Tuesdays when i usually go there. Its after 9 when i go there and they’re still doing the changeover. Sometimes they still haven’t put the new mags out an hour later when i’ve finished my shopping. Does my head in lol. X

  15. So disappointed, bought my magazines yesterday and they were ALL last weeks issues, couldn’t return them until today, so am way behind this week.
    2nd time in 4 weeks this has happened….
    My fault as should have double checked….
    Won’t be buying from Morrison’s again……

    • Poor you Marie, it doesn’t help that last weeks Magazines had yesterday’s date on them! Worth taking up the issue ( excuse the pun) with Morrison’s manager, so that last weeks magazines are removed from the shelf on Wednesday night, Not entirely your fault.x

  16. Well done Ron for winning Spot the Difference in Issue 695 of Love It. Your cheque for £50 should arrive tomorrow ( Sat )

  17. Hi Ron well done on another joke printed! I’m always pleased to see familiar names from Deany’s in the mags. When i pick up That’s Life at home the rude jokes is the first page i turn to. What i mean is… It falls open at that page haha. Well that’s my story and i’m sticking to it! Well done again keep them coming! Xx

  18. Thats life issue 33. Rons joke published, well done Ron.

  19. Excellent well done Jill made up for you it’s lovely to her people win xx

  20. What a lovely surprise today a cheque for £25.. came from a competition in Chat magazine…Luckily still had the magazine so tracked down the competition…1st win in a very long time 😀

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