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  1. Whoop whoop!
    £100 cheque today from “Pile Up” in That’s life
    Welcome after a very barren year of comping !
    Keep the faith guys and gals and thanks for the contributions from all

  2. Anyone else having problems with entering Bella TV Choice Take a Break, and That’s Life comps online? None of the mags have the magazine covers on the respective websites, I go on them every Monday to enter them online, but haven’t been able to yesterday or today so don’t know if they were OK before the weekend. May be a problem with Bauer. Anyone else had issues before? Thanks x

    • Hi Lynda – I entered last weeks Bella and TV Choice on line yesterday and it was showing ok – have you tried clearing your cookies etc to re-boot your PC. X

    • Lynda are you using internet explorer? try using Chrome, Safari or edge (info from Bella website) x

      • Hi Lorraine, Thanks yes I am using IE, I just went on the Bella website via IE and the mag covers are now up. I do have Chrome on my toolbar, but never use it, and I didn’t think of it before. Comps have now closed lol. Never mind, as I know what to do next time, thanks again 🙂 xx

  3. Josephine Mooney

    Please can you give me the answer to the crossword on page 97 here are the letters dwieeskbnaerie

    • What’s the clue, Josephine? And is it an anagram?

    • Rosemary Cartmell

      Could anyone please help me with the answer to the what’s on tvcom. 17? The letters are dwieeskbnaerie. Many 🙏 thanks.

    • Posted by Georgea

      What’s on tv issue 17.
      1. Crossword (pg11) WARREN
      2. Spot the Shot (Pg82) PAGE 8
      3. £500 Crossword (pg97) IBIZA WEEKENDER

      Good luck all
      Georgea x

    • This might help all of you with your anagrams, go to, put all the letters into the grid, & press enter, it’ll come up with possibly several answers, but usually the one you’re looking for is obvious.
      Hope that helps & good luck with all your entries.

  4. Josephine Mooney

    I am struggling with the crossword on page 97 also the crossword on page 11

    • Please can you solve the clue to this crossword issue 17 of the TV times dwieeskbnerie

    • Josephinne Mooney

      Please can you solve this crossword puzzle in issue 17 of the TV times page 97 here are the letters dwieeskbnaerie

      • Rosemary Cartmell

        Did anyone manage to figure out what the answer to crossword no17 is please? It’s driving me nuts. The clue is a British reality show and the letters I have are dwieeskbnaerie 5-9 many thanks 🙏

    • Gm Josephine have you managed to find the answer out for this yet?

      I am trying so hard to solve this for you at present i, believe the first word is Naked i have been looking at British Tv Reality shows and the only one that begins with the word Naked is Naked Attraction really struggling here but i don’t like to be defeated and would love to help you crack this am i too late??

  5. Hi Deany Thinking of you today, thank you so much for keeping your site going, you are doing an amazing job. I am sure Michael is smiling down and giving you a huge thumbs up. Love and best wishes Lynda xxx

  6. Hi Jacquie thanks and yes opening the post was the best bit lol! Yes Pick Me Up pay £25 for each comment, look for the Dilemma post on their Facebook page. Take a break do it too, that page where there’s eight comments on a topic with a mix of yes and no opinions. Seems to be easier to win cash this way than entering the comps! I was surprised i was first to post the Tap answers as someone usually has them up before i’ve done them all. Good luck to you and everyone else i always like to see names on the winners wall 🙂 xx

    • Thanks for your reply Lynda. Now you have broken ice with Pick Me Up and Thats Life I should think you stand more chance of being published again soon. You are onto nice little earner – I find it easier to make up puzzles than win them, though I shall certainly try dilemmas etc for fun. You never know! I look every day at winners wall too!! 🌹xx

  7. Hi Jacquie wow you must be psychic! The first LWE came yesterday which was also my 45th birthday so was an added bonus! It was £50 from that’s life for my comment in the March 21st issue so very quick as only two weeks ago 😀 xx

    • Hi again Lynda, That is great news and well done on reaching epic birthday yesterday. Trust you enjoyed yourself, especially opening post! Does Pick Me Up reward you for appearances too, it doesn’t say on magazine page. If they do, you should be on way to tidy sum!
      Thanks for the monthly answers you posted the other day. You were quick too!! 😉Xx

  8. Hi Jacquie, thank you! I was honestly not expecting to be in the mag again as they didn’t private message me like they did for the first two, so it was a lovely surprise. People are going to say i’m popping up more than Phil and Holly lol! No LWE’S have come yet but they usually take about six weeks or so, so that’s something to look forward to 😀 XX

  9. Hi compers, Just to let you know there is a new magazine in the shops Inside Soap Puzzles and there is a postal entry comp to win £500 cash. Mag costs £2,50 and plenty to read too, comp closes 31st May so plenty of time to enter x

    • Hi Lynda,
      Thanks for info – always like to know of new puzzles. YAY! I saw you again on Thursday, well done, must have been nice surprise. Keep the LWE’s rolling! Jacquiexx

    • Hi Lynda
      Where did you buy the new magazine Inside Soap Puzzles from please?

    • Hi Lynda
      The new magazine you are talking about. ls the competition a Crossword or Wordsearch? lve not been able to buy it at
      my local Coop.
      Thanks Sheila

  10. can anyone tell me is there a specific time of day when the competition closes, i would really appreciate to know this.

    • You didn’t say which comp, but if you mean the usual mag or puzzle books, they normally close at 11.59pm on the day of closing, My weekly text entry closes at 9am, but most are just before midnight, hope this helps, good luck xx

  11. Hi Jacquie thank you, that’s all for now though as nothing else is due to be printed. Hope i won’t be nicknamed the new Donna Grey for appearing in the mags every week! Lol xx

    • Dear Lynda, Of course you won’t. Good luck to the Donna Grey if she appears in the mags every week or occasionally. Anyway, I took the Over to You space in Chat this week. It’s a thrill to be published isn’t it?!! Lalolxxx

  12. Well done again Lynda for making Piick Me Up [Your Dilemmas page 19) more interesting reading. I also noticed your picture and opinion in last weeks That’s Life. Hope you are well rewarded for these appearances! Jacquiexx

  13. A lot of people are putting comments here and Magazine Help Tab saying what is the answer too xxx, when the answer is already here. Being a helpful chap I point them in the right direction. Can I suggest however before you load these pages with unnecessary questions check the TABS down the side 9 times out of 10 the answer is already there.

    • When one puts up a crossword with answers, it takes a while for
      it to appear, so a person asking a question few minutes later the
      answer is not there, also two people can be posting at the same

      • Hi Cretona, yes true, I have had cross posts too, but I think Peter is referring to posters who ask where something is, when its already been posted several days ago. Your answers are always clearly marked with the issue date, so I find your posts a great help, many thanks xx

    • Hi Peter, well said, I agree with you 100%, I have noticed this too. Deany has been working hard on her site to provide separate tabs to make it easier for people to find what they’re looking for, and some people are still not looking before asking where something is! You are a great help pointing the correct page out to them, as is Deany who often copies and pastes the requested page under the poster’s question. Another thing that annoys me, is when posters post the list of answers in a particular tab, but do not post at the top the mag issue number. Sometimes if there are two different sets of answers in the same tab, this can be very confusing, as hard to see which answers are for which issue.

      Ron Unsworth, Midnighter, Cretona, and Phyllis are among the ones who clearly write the issue nos and find their answers very helpful and easy to check my own answers with, so many thanks to them and others who are equally helpful.

  14. Can you make the answers to the competitions clearer thank you

  15. HELP!!!! Re: Real People Issue 11…. Can anyone please share a link or tell me what week the Test your knowlege item is on PLEASE??? Its been posted that the answer is £920, but I like to find the picture and this week its driving me nuts…. Ive tried looking at the item pics, 1 found 2 items on feb 17, but not all of them especially not the Marconi navel ships directional finder…. sigh……

  16. It is so nice to see a picture of our Lynda and read her opinion in this weeks Pick Me Up (page 19). Well done Lynda…….a winning smile.

  17. That’s Life March

    1 – MOLAR
    2 – HIP HOP
    4 – PERRY
    5 – PAVING
    7 – 488
    9 – LUCKY

  18. March that’s life puzzle 1 molar puzzle 2 hip hop puzzle 10 soothsaying . As 1 has only 5 letters and 10 has 11 . Puzzle 2 the answer to 1 across is horn

  19. That’s life March. I make page 48 sudoku 488 and godoku gallantry .solved on sudoku solver so hope these are correct.

  20. Just a quick reminder for all compers. That’s Life 2019 Crime Scene came out today. Jacquiex

  21. any answers for thats life march special

    • I make Molars not iphone

      • The letters I had were I P H O
        the I coming from 9a Image
        the P coming from 6d Wipe
        the 0 coming from 16d Radio
        the H coming from 17d Horse

        perhaps I phone is wrong because I notice there is
        a second P and that is coming from 18d Sleep.

        the 1a goes Beam – Cream – French (4) ?o?n

    • Hi Cretona, thanks for posting, I make puzzle 6 Darcey Bussell, Puzzle 7: 488, Puzzle 8: Gallantry and Puzzle 10: Soothsaying

      Good luck! xx

      • Hi Lynda,

        Thank you, am still stuck Puzzle 4 Patchword.

        It appears I may be wrong in puzzle 2 Kitsound Speakers
        I had put IPhone but the letters I have now are I P H O P
        still missing one letter which is 1a Bean – Cream – French
        = ?o?n
        Sorry about that.

        • Hi Cretona, I haven’t done the Patchwork yet, I couldn’t figure out where to start lol, it looks harder this week, and I didn’t want to mess it up as I do sometimes, so was leaving it til I can give it my full attention. Hope someone else knows the answer as I could do with help myself with it 🙂 xx

    • Have a look at Monthly Mags Mix Thats Life February Tab. Knight Puzzler has put March in there and has several different answers from you and I have seen HIP HOP for the “iphone” one


    anyone have the answers to Real people issue 10 and take a puzzle issue 3 please

    • Real People Issue 10

      01…The Whopper pg11 = MARTIN KEMP.
      02…Roulette pg18 = QUINCE
      03…Go & Arrow pg26 = PRIME
      04…Boxing Match pg28 = REGION
      05…Lost in Moo-sic pg30 = A
      06…Moo Am I? pg30 = B
      07…Take your Pick pg31 = A
      08…Playing the Field pg37 = MISS
      09…Question 1 pg38 = RED ARROWS
      10…X-Factor pg41 = 16
      11…Small Wonder pg42 = HECTOR
      12…Nothing for a pair pg42 = 4
      13…Nice little earner pg42 = EXCESSIVE
      14…I’m too Hex-y pg42 = NARROW
      15…Diabolical pg46 = NO SMOKING DAY

      Test your knowledge pg41
      A (£200)

      Good luck

  23. Sending hugs your way Deany, I believe it’s getting near to Michaels anniversary – I remember that it wasn’t long after I lost my fiance Ray, yesterday was his anniversary.
    Hope you are managing ok, it’s so hard to lose a close friend.
    Big hugs
    Debbie 💞💔💞

    • Thank you so much Debbie, that’s really kind of you to think about me especially when you’re dealing with own grief with losing Ray ❤️ Michael died on 11th April, I can’t believe that nearly a year has passed already, I bet you feel the same. Time seems to whizz by so fast. Big hugs to you too and i wish you lots of love and luck for the future, thanks again Deany xx ❤️🤗🦋

  24. Congratulations Cretona X

  25. Left hand column **Monthly Mags**

    • Sorry I can find the answers for fate and fortune magazine it’s not on the monthly list

    • Answers To February Monthly Issue

      Page 3 RAIN
      Page 9 BUTTER
      Page 12 HUGH GRANT
      Page 16 WOOLLY
      Page 24 WANDER
      Page 29 HEATING
      Page 36 LAMP
      Page 42 HOOKED
      Page 52 ROUGE
      Page 54 FRAME
      Page 60 HEART
      Page 67 CHURCH
      Page 69 REGAL
      Page 70 SNORKEL
      Page 72 TURBOT
      Page 77 FORK

  26. Well done Cretona Congratulations xx

  27. Real People: Time To Kill No 1

    03. HERBERT
    04. ARSON
    05. X=14
    06. MISS

    C/d 3rd April

    (Wasn’t too sure where to post this one as it’s not a monthly.)

    • Hi Midnighter
      Is lssue 1 for February please? Do u know the closing date?

    • Hi Midnighter, thanks for posting I saw something about this mag, but didn’t know it was out already. I will buy it this week, I like the prizes as listed online, good luck to you too xx

      • It was supposed to be out on Tuesday, but I found it in the local Morrisons on Monday. I looked at my receipt earlier and it seems to have scanned at lower than the advertised cover price!

        • Its not a monthly, and the closing date is a couple of months, so may be an occasional mag like That’s life Crime Scene. I saw an advert for it on Facebook in the Real People feed, that’s how I knew about it. My self scan charged the full price though! I got mine in Asda

  28. Well done Cretona, that’s brilliant! Its a lovely feeling when a LWE drops through your letterbox! Enjoy spending it 😀 xx

  29. Oh fabulous news Cretona congratulations 😀🥂🍾

  30. i had been doing online puzzles for Express, Daily Star, OK Mag Star Mag & New Mag – (same comps in each) obviously all from same Media Company but they have closed 2 sites and fazed out the competitions over last few months. Looks like there policy is to drop competitions. Hope not and that yours resume next week.

  31. Dear Lynda, I buy the express each day. Like you, was rarin’ to go but very very disappointed this morning. I will let you know of any development in Express competitions field. I think they are going to still carry them on as fun puzzles. As one cheerful person on Answerbank pointed out saves about £4 a week in postage stamps. On my own calculation, this means a win of £48 every 3 months. I know it’s not the same, but……!!!? Love 💕 Jacquie

    • I’ve done all the comps and just realised that its just for fun!!!
      Its the only reason I buy the Express on a Friday. Oh well, I wont be doing that anymore.
      They did this once before with the Monday crossword If I remember correctly. That didn’t last long as sales dropped like a stone.

      • Hi Jason, I hope they’ll bring them back, I look forward to them every week! Poor you did them for nothing, they’ve got the answers printed at the bottom of the right hand page. The only reason I noticed, rather than just doing them is because I always look at the winners first to see if I’ve been lucky, and it all looked different, then noticed there was no address to send entries in etc. It sucks 🙁

    • Hi Jacquie, thanks for your reply, that’s so annoying isn’t it haha. I wonder why they’ve stopped them, I noticed straight away there was a new puzzle on the spot where they usually put the competition details, and even the new one isn’t a comp grrr. I’d rather enter the comps and have a chance of winning £50 than saving the cash. Never mind, there’s still plenty of cash prizes to be won in the weekly mags and monthly puzzle books/special mags 🙂 xx

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