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I love reading the stories in my weekly magazines but more so I love doing all the puzzles and entering the competitions. I have been lucky on a few occasions and have won cash and prizes

Each week I will list my puzzle answers on the magazine link, please tell me if you think any are incorrect.

Help yourself to the answers, feel free to cross reference with your own answers or if you have a web presence and you would like to copy or use the magazine pictures please do so. We don’t mind anybody taking the answers they are there for everybody, not a select few like some websites. We don’t need ‘thanks’ although it’s nice to be appreciated. And good luck to everybody xx

Thanks for all your positive comments I’m glad these magazine answer pages have been of help. I also really appreciate the people who regularly offer answers to some of them.

      *** If you would like to offer any answers to newspaper crossword puzzles or any other magazines that I haven’t listed, please feel free to send them to me and I will be happy to share them on my website for people who are struggling with an answer or just want to cross check with their own answers ***


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2017 Wall Of Winners  🙂

23rd September Judy P won £25 From Chat YAY!!!

21st September Georgea won £100 From That’s Life YAY!!!

20th September Davy won £500 From TV Choice YAY!!!

19th September  Donna won £100 From Inside Soap YAY!!!

9th September  Joe Won £250 From T.V Choice YAY!!!

30th August Sarah-Jane Won £25 From Take a Break YAY!!!

25th August Michael Won Ultimate ears boom 2 speakers from T.V Choice YAY!!!

22nd August Audrey Won £100 From Thats Life & £200 from Bella YAY!!!

20th August Margaret Won £200 From That’s Life YAY!!!

17th August Donna Won £150 From the Sunday People YAY!!!

8th August Lorraine Won £100 From Take a Break YAY!!!

8th August Sandra J Won £150 From Inside Soap YAY!!!

4th August June won decopatch design’s kit, by EXACLAIR YAY!!!

1st August Joanne Won £100 From Take a Break YAY!!!

28th July June Won over £100 worth of card making & papercraft goodies YAY!!!

24th July Sarah-Jane Won £200 from That’s life Magazine YAY!!!

13th July Stella won a cash prize from That’s life Magazine YAY!!!

11th July Natalie won £208 from Real People Magazine YAY!!!

29th June David won £200 from That’s Life Magazine YAY!!!

29th June Georgea (mr) won £1000 from Pick Me Up Magazine YAY!!!

27th June Gwen won £1000 from Supersearch in That’s Life Magazine YAY!!!

24th June Annie won £100 from Sudoku in That’s Life Magazine YAY!!!

24th June Jasmin won £100 from Take a Break (to go with the £3000 she won from that’s life in January YAY YAY!!!

22nd June Mary won £25 from the Take a Break mega snap competition YAY!!!

20th June Najihah won £100 from the Sudoku in that’s life! magazine YAY!!!

15th June Lindsay won £50 from Take a Break magazine YAY!!!

11th June Jean won £50 from Real People magazine YAY!!!

9th June June won 4 lots of skin cream from Yours magazine YAY!!!

5th June Jan won £50 from Love it magazine! YAY!!! 🙂

4th June Donna won £150 from Sunday mirror YAY!!! 🙂

3rd June Amanda T won £25 from Take a Break magazine YAY!!! 🙂

1st June Gillian won £100 from Best magazine YAY!!! 🙂

1st June Angela T won £100 from Inside Soap magazine YAY!!! 🙂

23rd May Pam won a chocolate hamper from Take a Break arrowwords YAY!!! 🙂

19th May Jacquie won £250 from Take a Break oops I shrunk the Puzzle YAY!!! 🙂

19th May Kim won a box full of Heat Holders in Chat Crosswords ISSUE 253 YAY!!! 🙂

17th May Marie won 1 of the 200 Recipe Books in Tesco Magazine YAY!!! 🙂

15th May Donna won £50 from The Daily Star YAY!!! 🙂

15th May Donna won £150 from The Sunday Mirror YAY!!! 🙂

28th April Dizzy won £1000 from Pick me up magazine WOW!!! 🙂

20th April Ethel won £25 from Number fit, Pick me up magazine YAY 🙂

12th April Pam won £50 from Inside Best magazine YAY 🙂

8th April Ethel won £150 from Inside Soap magazine YAY 🙂

8th April Jacquie won £200 again  (3rd big  win this year !!!!!) from That’s Life magazine YAY 🙂

8th April Sue won £150 from Inside Soap magazine YAY 🙂

7th April Sue won £100 from Best magazine YAY 🙂

29th March Lorraine won £50 from Chat magazine YAY 🙂

28th March Gillian won £500 from Sunday Mirror newspaper YAY 🙂

24th March Jacquie wins yet again YAY! yet another £200 from That’s Life YAY 🙂

21st March Alison won £500 from Chat Magazine YAY 🙂

21st March Ethel won £50 from The Sun YAY 🙂

2nd March Jean won £100 from That’s Life YAY 🙂

18th February Helen Lloyd won £100 from That’s Life YAY 🙂

7th February Vicky Won £25 From Take a Break YAY 🙂

6th February Anne Won English Heritage Prize from TaB Codebreakers YAY 🙂

21st January  Sue won £100 from TV Choice YAY! 🙂

19th January  Serena won £100 from That’s life YAY! 🙂

19th January  Jacquie won £200 from That’s Life YAY! 🙂

17th January  Ali & Dave won £150 from Inside soap  YAY! 🙂

11th January  Matthew won £100 high st vouchers from Take a Break YAY! 🙂

7th January  Liz won £1000 from Take a Break YAY! 🙂

5th January Sue won a tasty goody box from Yours magazine YAY! 🙂

5th January  Joan won £25 from TV Choice magazine YAY! 🙂

January  Jasmin won £3000 from Thats life magazine YAY! 🙂

View 2016 winners Here

As the comments grow….so does the page and the comment box at the bottom of the page gets further away. So I have removed all comments for this year pre June 2017 you can still read them Here



  1. Congratulations Judy P 🍾 Enjoy your winnings 😊

  2. Congratulations Georgea 🍾 Enjoy your winnings 😊

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