Thank you to everyone who contributes to the magazine pages. You are all fantastic. I’m so busy in the shop at the moment that I don’t always get chance to read your comments fully until many hours later. I apologise now for the delay in approving them, i could turn the ‘approval needed’ off but then the comments box would just fill with spam.
I love that you have formed this little community full of like minded people that are kind and friendly and are able to help or advise each other, it gives me a warm feeling to know that it started here 🙂


  1. Just wondering Bauer Media have a Click & Win for every Radio Station they own & every Magazine they publish. I used to enter every one they had but never ever won. I know they have a winners circle that they publish Has anyone on Deanys ever won on their click and win ??
    Another thought we need to get a name for followers of Deany can’t think of anything catchy myself.

  2. Hi Everyone
    Has anyone noticed that on the new entry forms that they dont
    give a closing date for the comp you are entering. Unless l have
    missed it.

  3. Thank you so much for all the help with all the magazines, really appreciate it. Stay safe and well everyone x

  4. How do same people keep winning…you must have a system..ismit doing.entries at last minute must admit it don’t get it ….

  5. I am sincerely very sorry to trouble everyone but PLEASE, PLEASE could you help me I am totally stuck on the answers to take a break October since I’ve suffered a brain tumour i seriously find it very hard to complete any crossword puzzle.
    I would be ever so grateful if you could help

    • with thanks to stob on mse

      P3 £50 Four-Square – Code
      P9 Luxury Pet Beds x 5 – Poodle
      P12 £200 Get the Picture – Kirsty Young
      P16 £100 New Look Vouchers – Pumps
      P18 £1000 Celebrity Crossword – Appeared in Emmerdale
      P24 £500 Big Relax – Grasp
      P29 Swan Kitchen Bundle – Chill
      P40 £100 Clarks Vouchers – Steps
      P42 £1200 Big Bonanza – Whack
      P52 £100 Boots Vouchers – Brush
      P60 £100 Network puzzle – Gauge
      P62 £200 Crossword Challenge – Spider
      P67 £1000 Missing Links – Madame
      P69 £250 Arrowword – Earl
      P70 Gran Canaria Holiday – Magma
      P72 Lake District Break – Spume
      P77 £200 Supermarket Spree – Curry

    • I have got a Collins crossword solver/Thesaurus machine which helps if I need it. You could perhaps try one of those. I believe they are available on EBay. Hope this helps.

  6. Dear Sheila Gledhill,
    I’ve just noticed your Brainwave in Take a Break today. Congratulations on your good thinking! X

    • Hi Jacquie
      Ive not done anything in Take a Break!!!! Not sure what you mean. l ve not noticed you much on Deanys just lately, are you having a break from comping?

      • Thought the Sheila Gledhill from Preston was you in this weeks brainwaves , sorry if I was mistaken. Have breaks every so often, don’t you?!! Just been unlucky! How about you, have you spent all money you won! X Jacquie

        • Hello Jacquie
          Its ok no problem, l live in Huddersfield West Yorkshire. l do know that there is another Sheila Gledhill in Huddersfield. My husband tells me Gledhill is a common name. l still keep entering, keeps me busy during the lockdown. Have you heard from Lynda recently?

          • Thanks Sheila. Lynda is on Facebook, I’m sure she would welcome a letter from you. Keep entering- and good luck again. You never know what the postie will bring!x

  7. Anybody got Chat issue 37? I’m a bit confused as I’m in issue 36 for all other magazines but get Chat through the post and thought my subscription had run out then plop I get 2 in 2 days. Have tried texting in my answers but not had a bounce back text.

  8. Can someone help me? I need answers for puzzle one? As I’ve made a mess. I need it for 8 and 19 across and 12 down. Thanks in advance. Xx

  9. not had chat magazine last week has anyone else had comes by post so did not look in the shops.

  10. Happy Birthday Deany and thanks again for selflessly keeping your websites running. We all love 💕 you! Xxxx

  11. When did the TaB August come out.? Seen it in the shop and I can not remember if I have already bought it.?

  12. Got my cheque from Chat today, £25. Picture was in 5 February issue.

  13. What’s on tv ISSUE 31

    1: Violet Carson
    2: Page 25
    3: Gaynor Faye

  14. Picture of OH in Real People, in the box seat was printed in issue 29, £25 for me. He made it out of pallets, cat loves sleeping on it.

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