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    Crossword:- Stallone
    Entry Form in mag or Telephone Number – 03332023390
    Closing Date 6th December

  2. Hi
    Has anyone bought the new crossword magazine puzzler cracking crosswords?

    • Hi Sheila, Sorry for delay in getting back to you. Yes really enjoyable magazine. Take it you managed all puzzles, including Hunt the Guinea Pig! Regards Jacquiex

      • Hi Jacquie
        I’ve done all the comps including the guinea
        Pig one . I got page 11 l was looking for ages.
        Do u want me to share my answers ?

        • Dear Sheila, Got the same for Guinea pig. I’m sure someone out there would appreciate you sharing answers – I haven’t got the confidence since I make too many typos! See how you feel! Jacquiex

  3. Can anybody help I’m trying to answer the following Ditloid
    22 e 2 f d ??

  4. does any one have answers to take a break fate and fortune december issue as i’m not sure of my answers. many thanks in advance

  5. Hi everyone. Could you tell me what has happened to Chat Issue 44 answers. Thanks

  6. Not related to any mags but yay the Christmas stamps go on sale in post offices today. They’ve got snow and post boxes on them! (Yes I know I need to get out more lol)

    • Dear Lynda,
      Thanks for letting us know about Christmas stamps. I will make sure I have good supply this year!
      You say you should get out more!! Well, lol a couple of days ago I tripped up on garden patio and broke my left wrist. Never mind, I’ll be OK with loads of puzzles to pass the time whilst in plaster. Roll on Christmas. Jacquiex

      • Oh no Jacquie, poor you! At least its happened now and not the week before Christmas, not that that’s a good thing to happen at anytime. Hope you are OK, and I’m assuming you are right handed and can still write to do your puzzles. I have not finished the Express puzzles this week, I didn’t get the Ditloids answer as couldn’t find it in the Answerbank, I got Muddlesome Newmarket, and Words Stump as those two were easy this week, only glanced at the other two so not as organised as I am usually lol. I bought the Sunday Express two weeks ago, but got nowhere with the Skeleton as was too hard, as I am not very good at Cryptics. I like the straightforward Skeletons though like the ones in Take a Break puzzle books, anything harder is beyond me. I did like the GK one in the Sunday Express mag, though didn’t do it that week. Will have a go at it tomorrow though. xx

        • Dear Lynda, For Ditloids I made 3 cable car lines. Quiz of the Week I made Bette Midler (please check spelling!) and clockwise I made Polo.
          You have probably worked them out by now anyway, please let me know if you disagree.
          I’m fine thanks, I can still fill in puzzles. My general knowledge isn’t that good, but I enjoy doing Sunday Express GK. Thanks for sympathy. Jacquiex

          • Hi Jacquie, many thanks, and no I hadn’t worked them out as not looked at paper since Friday. Bette Midler is spelt correctly btw. I was completely off track with the Ditloids and thought the L stood for leaders, so was typing in communist leaders etc! I would never have got that. Just looked in the Answerbank, and its now the top search lol. Glad you are OK and can still do your puzzles, I have bought the Express, so will get cracking soon, good luck to you too xx

  7. The answer to Best issue 44 is Widows

    entry form in the magazine

    closing date is 15/11/2018

    good luck 🙂

  8. Dear Lynda,
    So sorry to hear about Nipper your lovely Jack Russell. Lots of sympathy and God Bless You. Jacquiex

  9. Hi Lynda, Hope you got on alright with Express Ditloids today. I had a bit of a problem, until I consulted Answerbank!
    Also, hope you enjoyed challenge of Express puzzles last Sunday. Did you enter any? I was completely drained after doing all three.
    I have been trying to get hold of That’s life November. No joy in this part of the world. Will spend this afternoon reading puzzle mags, I’m so lazy on a Friday!
    Best wishes. Jacquiex

    • Hi jacquie
      I’m struggling with the skeleton in the express it gets more obscure every week
      That’s life Nov is out Thursday 1st Nov cording to my diary

      • Thanks Donna for the info about That’s Life November. I struggle with the Express Skeleton too – have a squared exercise book for trial runs.
        Normally, the answers start coming in on Answerbank Crosswords after 12 on Sunday – good for checks. Don’t give up though, people do win! (I’m a fine one to talk, as only attempt them every 2 weeks)

  10. The answer to Best issue 43 is Strangers

    entry form in the magazine 🙂


  11. Hi Lynda,
    Did you manage to visit the sorting office yesterday and were you eligible for refund of 1 or 6 first class stamps? They might have told you to fill in post office complaints form, which is a bit long winded.
    It is a lesson for me. I won’t listen to hearsay in future and repeat it,
    unless I have the facts and backup in front of me.
    By the way, don’t forget the Sunday Express tomorrow, if out and about. Jacquiex

    • Hi Jacquie, I didn’t get any free stamps as on the day the card was returned I used the card to make a note of something on, and I then crossed the list I’d made off so they didn’t give them as the card was defaced. I wouldn’t have written on it if i’d known grrrr, never mind. Different places may have their own rules, so its worth asking if you have something returned, you may be lucky and get a book of six lol. Thanks for the reminder about the Express tomorrow, I will definitely get it when I go to town tomorrow xx

      • Oh, great Lynda that you found that out. If another card is returned at any time to me, I shall take it to sorting office and say that it is not the first time etc etc. Sorry your card didn’t count, never mind you know what to do if it happens again, hopefully not.LOL. WE WANT MORE EXPRESS WINS! Thanks for answering. Let me know how you get on with crosswords please. Jacquiex

  12. Hi Jacquie, no I didn’t know you can get a free book of stamps for misdelivered mail, that’s brilliant! I had already put my card in the blue card recycling bag, but went to rescue it when I saw your message lol. How do I claim the stamps, do I just take the card to the post office and show them or do i go to the sorting office/parcel collection point? Now I’m grrr-ing thinking of the stamps I’ve missed out on in the past!

    Very many thanks, you always have really good info and tips which help me and others a lot, thank you for sharing them, and like you, I also looked at Di’s page haha, and just recently I started putting my sticky address label sideways on the back of the postcards! The one that was returned was sideways, so some may still sneak through the net. xx

    • That’s simply what I was told once. When I had postcards come back, I simply reposted them together with franking Mark. I suggest having a word with postman. I did and it helped – he must have told the sorting office off!
      I shouldn’t think you have missed out on any stamps in past. I also use sticky address labels. Any LWE today? Jacquiex

      • Hi Lynda, Out of interest I did look up compensation for delay of mail by post office,but couldn’t understand a thing -am thick. A helpful lady on phone told me to ask in sorting office. If you get anywhere please let me know. Would like to know for future. Thanks. Jacquie

        • Hi Jacquie Yay the cheque came today I am so pleased to be on Deany’s wall again, but think I probably won’t win for a while now. Still I am very happy with what I’ve won so far as I love doing puzzles so winning something is a bonus! Having said that, of course I will be eagerly scanning the paper tomorrow, and hope to see your name there as well.

          Thank you so much for trying to find out about the stamp compo, I will certainly ask tomorrow. And know what you mean about the compo on the Royal Mail website, there was far too much to read, they should keep it simple and straight to the point. They are not exactly advertising it are they, I don’t think they want to give their stamps away haha xx

  13. Hi, I have seen a few posts about Crime Scene mag on here, and will buy it to do the puzzles myself, but was wondering if anyone could tell me if the prizes are all cash? Had a look on the online form but only the first two comps tell you what the prizes are, are the other eight comps all cash? I don’t want to thumb through the mag in the shop looking for the coupon if I’m not buying it, many thanks xx

    • Dear Lynda,
      Prizes are weekend mystery break, 32 inch colour TV, £1000 cash and lots of £50 prizes throughout magazine. I found it very enjoyable doing the various puzzles, would recommend it! Jacquiex

      • Thanks Jacquie, I’ve not bought it before but seen several posts on here but none mention prizes. A bit different from the regular mags/puzzle books, thought maybe its not as well known and would have a better chance of winning, but judging by the posts I’ve seen on here from different people its quite a popular mag lol. Will buy it tomorrow, may be first time lucky! Thanks again! xx

        • I am always looking for new puzzle books too. I reject those where the prizes are psychic consultations etc. Got Chat crosswords today. Apparently it is the last issue. Will be replaced by a Puzzler Crossword Cracker next month, still a hundred winners each issue. Won £30 last year and a Dictionary (lol!) this year. By the way, how did you get on with £1000 crossword? Good luck again. Jacquiex

          • Hi didn’t go out yesterday so I won’t be the big winner this week lol. Just bought Crime Scene and TV Choice puzzle pick. can’t wait to get stuck in later! Ooo the new Chat puzzle book sounds good, I like puzzles where there are more than one winner for each comp, would rather a puzzle had 10 prizes of £50 than one of £500. I do buy puzzle books that have one prize of £3,000 say, even though there’s zero chance of winning, well I still enter “just in case”! xx

            • Hi Lynda I won £50 from crime scene last year so it’s worth buying

              • Hi Donna, that’s great, well done! Always nice to hear that people win, inspires me to keep trying lol. Its always a lovely surprise to get a cheque in the post, hopefully I may be first time lucky with a new mag. Good luck to you if you’ve entered xx

            • Hi Lynda, Just in case is right, because up until Christmas last year thought big wins always happened to someone, or should it be somewon else. I didn’t enter large crossword either yesterday, I was too busy doing Lovatts Christine’s Big Crosswords.
              On Sunday, there is a £1000 generalknowledge Crossword in magazine, with 10 runners up each receiving £25. There are also two other cash crosswords in Sunday Express. The skeleton is the hardest, but was a runner up earlier on this year with £25 prize.
              Have you tried Sunday Express?
              Hope you enjoyed Crime Scene today. Are you still waiting for LWE in post? So am I, but unlike you my chances are low. Still HOPE continues, mustn’t get downhearted! NB. A LWE is long white envelope, which good news normally arrives in (apart from bills!). 😂 Jacquiex

              • Hi Jacquie, no LWE today, but I did get something meant for the Express, one of my postcards returned that I posted yesterday grrr. Its the Quiz of the Week one but hopefully the other four reached their destination! I have not bought the Sunday express before, but will definitely be getting it this weekend thanks for telling me about the crossword and the prizes. A long time ago, I used to buy the Mail on Sunday and complete and post both the big crossword and the one in the You mag. I entered religiously for a few months, then got fed up as never won and the paper was big and expensive! I still do the Star crossword on Saturday and posted it on time this week, as they changed the closing date from Thursday to Wednesday, and I was not aware and was posting it too late for a week or so before I checked! I also used to buy Lovatts big many years ago and won an address book once, never cash though! xx

                • Did you know that if misdelivered, you are entitled to a book of 6 first class stamps from the post office.
                  I understand your feeling. Grrrh! Several of mine were returned, until I found How to Send a Postcard Entry – Superlucky. Di Cokes Site. I use Her method every time now. Worth trying next time.
                  Lovatts now give lots of £25 shopping vouchers. Have been successful once. Will remind you about Sunday Express on Saturday if I remember.
                  Have been trying to do Real People today in between visits out. Fun.

            • Hi Lynda,

              Never say never i won 3k in May so pma, pma gl hunxx

              • Thank you Emma, and I do try lol, reading about winners encourages me to keep trying as it just may be my turn next. Have you won again since your big win or was that the last one? I am sure you will win again soon, look forward to seeing your name on Deany’s wall again, good luck xx

                • No haven’t had another win but i’m being positive i enter absolutely loads have done for many years, i find it very educational, therapeutic and challenging and don’t give up easily.

                  Good Luck with your entries xx

          • Hi Jacquie
            l have Chat Crosswords on subscription also. Are you going to opt for the new magazine ? I am

            • No doubt I will since I love crosswords, but they have promised a free copy for subscribers so we don’t have to make our mind up yet about a refund! Do you have Chat on subscription too? I like the postman bringing it early, each Monday. I have got the day right this time lol. It came yesterday!! Jacquiex

  14. the answer to Best issue 41 is Venom

    entry form in the magazine 🙂

    closing date is 25/10/2018

    good luck! 🙂

  15. Hiya
    Sorry for posting a question on here but I wasn’t quite sure where else to put it! Does anyone know for sure if the Take A Break/That’s Life competitions are definitely open to entries from IRELAND? As in the Republic of Ireland?
    On the winners lists I never see anyone from there (none from Dublin for example [population: 1.1 million] as opposed to quite a few from Clacton-on-Sea, lol)
    If anyone can enlighten me, that’d be great
    Thanks v. much
    Martin X

    • Hi Martin Lynch, if you look at the competition rules in both copies of the magazines you have asked about it does say, “competitions open to residents of the UK (including Channel Islands), Eire or BFPO’S aged 18 and over” hope this is helpful to you, best wishes Jean

  16. The answer to Best issue 40 is First Man

    entry form in the magazine 😀

    closing date is 18/10/2018

  17. The answer to Best issue 39 is Cate Blanchett

    entry form in the magazine

    closing date is 04/11/2018

    Good luck! 😀

  18. Yes Ron its TSS1809 PO BOX 503 L EICESTER LE9 OAD

  19. Thanks Donna. I wanted to thank you also for telling me about TAB
    Wordsearch magazine. Due to luck more than skill, am having puzzle published on 16 August. Will be a rich lady soon!
    Hope you are feeling better now than you were some weeks ago. Last year I found it better to have TAB Take a Crossword posted to me.
    Let me know if you want number to ring please.
    Happy puzzling! Jacquiex

    • Thanks Jacquie, I have all the numbers for the mags on my phone. I regularly have problems getting hold of them in my area as the shops are so keen to strike things off despite people buying them. Well done on your Wordsearch puzzle i will look out for it when i get the mag.
      I am still quiet unwell but am managing to get out and about a bit this month.
      Just had a lovely cheque from the Express telling me i won £50 on quiz of the week!
      good luck and keep puzzling

  20. Thank you Catherine xx

  21. Aww thanks for that Mel xx

  22. Thanks Serena….I missed it too, even though it was only a week it felt like a month! xx

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