Happy New Year everyone

Here’s hoping for a positively Healthy Covid free 2021

The country is broke, many businesses and people have lost so much (including me I’m teetering on the edge) but we are the lucky ones, we are still here, all those lost lives worldwide its heartbreaking. Let’s not moan about what we can’t do let’s get on with our new lives and enjoy every precious day doing whatever makes us happy, stay safe, stay healthy, stay at home as much as you can. Be nice, be kind, help one another xx


Thank you to everyone who contributes to the magazine pages. You are all fantastic. I’m so busy in the shop at the moment that I don’t always get chance to read your comments fully until many hours later. I apologise now for the delay in approving them, i could turn the ‘approval needed’ off but then the comments box would just fill with spam.
I love that you have formed this little community full of like minded people that are kind and friendly and are able to help or advise each other, it gives me a warm feeling to know that it started here 🙂


  1. Take a Break issue 3, got Free Woolly published on page 9, Brainwaves, feeling happy.

  2. Happy New Year to all, thank you for your lovely message Deany xXx

  3. does anyone have any answers for take a break super savers

  4. Thank you Deany, and the same to you, a Happy Healthy New Year to you and your family. I guess we are all in the same boat at the moment, just pray 2021 will be a better year for everyone. Thank you again for all the help you have given me over the past few years. Xx

    • I love to read the comments and it is good to be able to check my answers, sometimes if I get ‘lost’ I get the answer and then finish the puzzle around it. I tell myself that it is not really cheating as I have bought the magazine and sometimes my brain seems to have a day off.Please keep up the good work because my brain and my body really appriecate it xxx

  5. Many thanks for all the help given on this site. Good news this morning Oxford vaccination passed and due to be rolled out. May everyone have a better New Year and all stay safe.

  6. Just got Take a break, January from Morrisons, got changed £3.50 istead of £2.20, got money back but always check before leaving shop as their pricing is rubbish.

  7. Best wishes for Christmas to everyone,i want to see all your names here next year so stay safe,life is precious,if we all work together we can get there,it wont be easy but we can do it,let,s try and enjoy Christmas first and look forward to happier times,Merry Christmas to you all.

  8. You haven’t said which Magazine. If you check the tabs at the side for the relevant Magazine & if the answers are not there, then no the answer for that magazine hasn’t been posted by anyone yet, so back later and hope someone has been kind enough to post it.

  9. I agree this year has been so difficult for families I know, I haven’t seen some of mine since February and wont for a while yet and its hard, but knowing they are safe & well is the most important thing to me.

    Thank you to the team for all their support keeping this website going as at the moment puzzles / competition’s are what’s keeping me going during this pandemic and with the help of all on here I can complete them every week as I do struggle on a couple.

    Hope everyone has a good Christmas & New Year the best they can and that we all stay safe & well xxx

  10. To Deany and all contributors to this site, I wish you all a very HAPPY CHRISTMAS and a MUCH BETTER 2021 ( let’ face it, it can’t get much worse than 2020 has been to us all).
    We may only know each other by name, but we all love competitions and that’s what brings us together……it shouldn’t matter that some of us do competitions and put the answers up here, some just come on to check, or some don’t even buy the magazine’s, we have developed a small community of like-minded people and help each other out when needed, all under Deany’s watchful eye !!
    Good luck to all in 2021 with competitions entered, let’s hope for some good wins……
    Sending love to all

  11. Wonderful words, Deanys. Let’s all pull together to make 2021 a better year. Thank you to all your contributors, good to be able to confirm answers and help others. Hope everyone has a great Christmas – I’m in Tier 4 but am able to have Christmas day with my family as they, too, are in Tier 4, and live nearby. Keep safe.

  12. Good evenng Deany and all fellow members on this site just want to wish each and every one of you a very merry Christmas in these uncertain times, and just hope and Pray that at some point in 2021 we turn the corner for the better. Good Luck to you all and your competition entries

  13. Deany and all regular compers who use this site, have you seen the news that the Royal Mail are increasing the cost of stamps from 1st Jan 2021?
    First stamp prices are going up 9p a stamp, making the cost of a 1st class stamp a whopping 85p !!!!!!!
    Second class stamps are going up 1p a stamp, making the cost of a 2nd class stamp 66p.
    Think sensibly if you have to use stamps for entries, and give yourself enough time to use 2nd class mail if you can. Or just enter online if that is an option.
    Think Royal Mail might be pricing themselves out of custom if they don’t watch out.
    Even the cashier in the local post office was “gob-smacked” when she told me this morning.
    Just wanted everyone to be aware, as it’s not long to go until 1st Jan 2021.

    • Thank you Margaret, something that I learnt from my Grandad, he worked in the Post Office tower – worked and worked quite a way up, bless him. But he was still always savvy with his money. He taught me about couponing etc. But he also told me thst if you can afford it to buy as money ” old priced stamps ” as they still have to go at the first or second class regardless. And he was right! So I always do it every time! I buy as many as I can afford. Its going to be a bit difficult this time, as we’re all having to manage on a tight budget. And in case I don’t get to say it a happy, healthy and safe Christmas and New Year to everyone. Deany thanks for your amazing website, Carole xXx

    • i look it like this people pay £2.00 to do the lotto the mag £1;05 and about 80p for the stamp that still cheaper that the lotto and you got a mag to read as well

    • Hi Margaret. I cannot remember the last time I used a stamp. I enter online. I do everything online where possible. Can’t understand anyone who posts entries in if they can use the internet????

      • Helen, I enter as much as I can online, but I do some that are postal entries ( not many) but need stamps to do that. They may have text or telephone ways of entering, but that usually costs more than a stamp.
        Anyway each to our own….not won for a while anyway no matter which method used….will keep trying !

    • Royal Mail are a joke. Posted a parcel today after 1 hour in queue. Said £8.50 guaranteed delivery £6.30 within 7 days ! £3.70 it might not get there before Christmas. 9 postal working days between now and Christmas Eve and can’t say it will get there,. Do the walk all the way there these days !

  14. Sheila Chipperfield

    Please can you tell how to find the website to enter?

  15. Hi Peter, how about “Deany’s Dreamers”, as we all are dreaming of a good win, although small wins can come in useful at times….
    Or “the good luck club”…….

  16. Hi Peter – How about Deany’s Angels (you all are) x

  17. I’ve only won a book Peter.

  18. I have won a few prizes on the click & win Peter, some really good ones at that, I don’t do them now because it’s time taken that I haven’t got! Michael also won quite a few on click & win. Can’t wait to see what the followers name will be lol 😁

  19. I have got a Collins crossword solver/Thesaurus machine which helps if I need it. You could perhaps try one of those. I believe they are available on EBay. Hope this helps.

  20. TAB Feedback (

    12 Nov at 09:35

    Hi Ron,

    Thank you for contacting Take a Break and for your interest in our competitions.

    This is how our draws are done: winners are randomly picked from all the entries received via all four routes of entry by the closing date. The number of winners required from each route is calculated by computer to ensure that all entrants have a fair and equal chance of winning. Your chance of winning is exactly the same regardless of how early or late you submit your entry, or where you live (provided it’s within the areas specified in our rules).

    Postal entries are processed by one independent handling house; SMS, phone and online by another. Both handling houses have security checks in place to prevent draws taking place before the closing dates, and our own system is designed to prevent any manipulation of the draw processes and to ensure that every entry is considered.

    Prizes are drawn in order of value, and the first correct entry out of the draw is the winner. You can enter as many or as few competitions in the magazine as you like, although the more you enter the better your chances of winning.

    We only accept one competition entry per user, per issue for our competitions. Any additional entries will not be counted.

    I do hope this gives you some understanding of what happens to your entries, and we wish you the best of luck with all our competitions.

    Many thanks,

    Charlotte Partis-Nelson

    Readers’ Service Department

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