I was thinking about you all and thought it may be a good idea to start a private group on Facebook/messenger. It would enable you to chat freely, share stories, even compile puzzles etc without having to wait for me to ‘approve comments’ if you are interested let me know on this page and I will start a Deanys Designs Friends Group

Deany x

P.S I will still keep the magazine pages going

Ok anyone that does want to join, I’ve created a private facebook group called ‘ Deany’s designs friends group’ if you search for it you then have to ask to join. See you in there 😉. Once you are in you can freely chat without having to wait for my approval 😁 xx


  1. Please correct me if I’m wrong,i can still win prizes as long as they don,t exceed value of £500,anything over that amount bars me for six months,I know the chances of winning anything are remote so I shall carry on as usual,if I win I win,i’ll worry about it when,if,it happens.thank,s for the info’,Bobs.

  2. if an entrant has won £500 or more in any Bauer Media Competition over the past 6 months they are not eligible to win. For more details on this, please see item 4.11 ”Prize Limits” of the Bauer Media Group Competition General Terms & Conditions.

    • So essentially, if one wins £500 or more, then there is no point submitting entries to any Bauer Media Competitions for the next six months. It would just be a waste of time.

      Have you put this on the FB page because people definitely need to know?

      • Worth also noting it is anyone at your address, who can’t enter for 6 months & any Bauer Media competition ie Thats Life Take a Break etc 600 Magazines in total World wide & 50 Radio Stations Hits, Magic Absolute, Kiss Planet Rock & many local stations etc. So win big in a Magazine you can’t enter on Radio and vice- versa.

        • I won a few weeks ago and knew about radio but didn’t know about magazines. Boohoo 😢 I do loads of magazine competitions. What will I do with my time 😤
          Good luck everyone 🤞

          • When my son won a radio prize he just played stupid & carried on entering magazines, in hope if he won they wouldn’t cross refer, and if they noticed & said he would just say he didn’t realise. You could either do that or still do the comps for something to do and not submit them.

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