Minnie and Maisie

Minnie and Maisie

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M & M’s Story

Settling in

Minnie meets Maisie

Minnie & Maisie

I Love M & M

Growing up

M & M meet Patch

Lake District Pt 2

My Sleeping Beauties

M & M’s Christmas

It’s Minnie’s birthday

The barking bench!

Bottoms up!

Away for a week

Coming home

Maisie is 2 yrs old

The phantom curse

Garden visitors

Noses and ESP

T.V. Addicts

Sweet dreams

Agility training

Sneaky snatchers

Wash n Brush up

Beware of the dogs

M & M’s life in verse


  1. My little friends ❤️

  2. So beautiful, lovely pictures x

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