Minnie and Maisie

Minnie and Maisie

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M & M’s Story

Settling in

Minnie meets Maisie

Minnie & Maisie

I Love M & M

Growing up

M & M meet Patch

Lake District Pt 2

My Sleeping Beauties

M & M’s Christmas

It’s Minnie’s birthday

The barking bench!

Bottoms up!

Away for a week

Coming home

Maisie is 2 yrs old

The phantom curse

Garden visitors

Noses and ESP

T.V. Addicts

Sweet dreams

Agility training

Sneaky snatchers

Wash n Brush up

Beware of the dogs

M & M’s life in verse


  1. Beautiful little girls ,so sorry about Patch rip little one.
    Really enjoying reading your story and loved the video in the car where they are bouncing up and down,they are so cute in the little coats u made then ,i love all dogs myself i have 2 boxers and like you have always had 2 at time they have all been crazy ,i call them my angels ,Bella is my pure angel and Bonnie is my hells angel always up to somthing ,looking forward to reading the rest of your story tomorrow ,excuse my grammar
    Marie x

    • Awww thank you Marie, I love all dogs too, I go gaga especially when puppies are around haha. How old are Bella & Bonnie? I love that …..pure angel & hells angel 😀 Maisie would be my hells angel. I love them so much, they make me laugh every single day about something, so that has to be good for the soul! xx

  2. My little friends ❤️

  3. So beautiful, lovely pictures x

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