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Hi, welcome to my website

Let me introduce myself and tell you a little bit about me.
I’m Nadene, but I am also known as mum, nanny, ducky, love but mostly by Deany.

I’m fifty something, married for 40 years, have 3 grown up children in their 30’s and have a beautiful granddaughter aged 10 11 12 and 2 little Poochon girls (Bichon Frise x Toy Poodle) called Skinny Minnie & Crazy Maisie to complete my family. Although Minnie’s not so skinny these days but Maisie is still as crazy!

I love all things crafty. It’s so easy to go and buy things off the shelf but nothing gives me more pleasure than when I can create it myself.

I love to have a go at everything, knitting, sewing, patchwork, painting, drawing, baking, recycling. I love it all. I’m not perfect at any of it, but I do get immense pleasure from creating something and I get quite a bit of assistance from my granddaughter Lola.

I would love to share with you some of the things that I (we) create, hence the website. I love to make things for Minnie & Maisie so if you have a little dog too and you’re looking for ideas, hopefully my tutorials will help ?

***January 2017 NEWSFLASH***

Well….the moment has come for me to proudly announce “WE NOW HAVE OUR VERY OWN FABRICS SHOP” …ooops sorry I’m shouting ? and guess what it’s called ‘ DEANY FABRICS
It all started from my love of sewing and all things crafty. In that little room that my husband so lovingly created for me so that I could keep all my ‘mess’ in one room haha( photos below) I would spend hours in there doing what I love best …creating and have always yearned for my own business selling fabrics ? but this is how my dreams have become a reality…..

Once upon a time, my son Andy came back home to live, after many years of working abroad. He decided to put down some roots and buy a property that he could renovate and get his teeth into. That property lay just at the back of our house on the promenade in Bridlington.
The whole building was in great need of renovation and modernisation…….just what he was looking for. It was perfectly located too. Go straight out of our back gate, 10 strides down the alley and into the back gate of his property ?

Andy purchased the building and spent months stripping it down to the bare bricks. It was very damp, what wood wasn’t rotten was full of woodworm and basically everything but the party walls had to go! So that’s what he did……removed everything but the party walls…….and I mean everything!!

He employed Derrick the best builder in Bridlington ?and with his vision and Derrick & his A team they set to work to start the renovation.
Anyway….to cut a long story shorter ?? whenever anyone asked Andy what he was going to do with the shop, he always said that he didn’t know. This went on for months and months, people knocked on the doors during the refit asking what it was going to be, again, he either joked with them it was going to be a pole dancing club or he said he didn’t know yet. We (his family) thought he was probably going to rent it out.

Well…..when all of the building work and new extensions were completed, that wonderful man that just happens to be my youngest son, handed me the keys and said ‘there you go mum, it’s your fabric shop’! Can you believe it! …… No I couldn’t either!! But here it is YIPPEE …..?

So if you are out and about in Bridlington, pop in and have a browse or you can browse on line if you click on the shop front below ? But….it’s work in progress, all the items we have for sale in the shop are not all listed on the website…..yet

*****Just a quick mention 🙂 On 4th November at 12 noon Stuart Hillard came to officially open Deany fabrics shop, it was such a wonderful day*****


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My favourite room in the house

My craft room

Craft room   craft room

craft room  craft room  craft room


  1. Hope your shop opening went well so exciting congratulations. Wanted to say thank you for all the help with magazine puzzles its very much appreciated x

  2. Best of luck today Deany on the Grand Opening of your Fabric Shop, I’m oh so happy for you and the family, everyone behind the scenes – I know how excited you all are, I’d love to be there to share in the excitement, you did good girl!! Congratulations!! Have a great day

    Julie xxxxx

    • Thanks so much, it was absolutely brilliant, I’m still pinching myself that Stuart came and did this for me. He is a terrific guy as is his family who also celebrated with us xx

      • I can see from the photos here and on Deany’s Facebook page, you all had a great turn out and wow how did you all move about in the shop, it’s such a fantastic turnout you had and I am so glad that the old adage is untrue, never meet your hero’s, he definitely lived up to your expectations and his family too

        Well done to you – long may you stay in business and prosper
        Stop pinching yourself 😉

        Julie XXX

  3. All the very best for the shop Deany. I belong to a knitting group in Northamptonshire and we make items for various charities ranging from blankets for rescue dogs through to outfits for prem babies and warm hats for sailors plus many more. Having been in and out of hospital myself for the last two years with one thing and another I can honestly say that knitting and crochet kept me sane as it is very difficult to concentrate on a book or even a newspaper or magazine when you are not feeling so good but with needlecrafts you can pick them up and put them down as and when you feel like it. So do keep up the good work and if I am ever in Briddlington I will certainly pop in.

    • Thanks so much Linda, best wishes to you too, I hope you stay healthy. That’s brilliant of you to help out with charities, well done…….And please do look us up if you are ever in Bridlington xx

  4. Hi Deany,
    Good luck tomorrow the 4th of November on the opening of Deany Fabrics shop and hope goes well in the future for you.
    Alan Smith(Brum)

  5. Have tried several times to enter competitions still awaiting a fter being a 33player for seven years won’t let me in

  6. Just finishing puzzles in Chat and am glad that lipsticks today are not called Ape’s Laugh, Dying Monkey etc. Must stay do learn things from doing these puzzles.

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