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 Competition suggested answers for What’s On TV

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When listing your suggestions, please can you include the closing date too. Thank you


  1. What’s on TV issue 44. C/d text/ phone 12th November. Post 15th. crossword. Pg 11 REX HARRISON. Sts pg 82 go. 11. £500 crossword. Pg 97. YASMINE. BLEETH ,

  2. What’s on tv issue 43 c/d text/ phone 5th November post 8th crossword pg 11 TIM VINE. Stspg 82 PAGE 11. £500 crossword. Pg 97. BEN WHISHAW

  3. What’s On TV Competitions Issue 41 Crossword Page 11 Jack Ryder STS Page 17 £500 Crossword Page 97 Robert Webb

  4. What’s on tv issue 42. C/d text /Phone 29th Oct. post 1st November. Crossword. Pg. 11. MONTY DON Spot the shot pg 84. PG 26. £500 crossword. ESME YOUNG

  5. You need to complete on plain paper in the style of the magazine coupon which is as follows:
    What’s on TV Extra
    1 Crossword(page no.xx)XWD
    2 Spot the Shot(page no.xx)STS
    3 £500 Crossword(page no.xx)FIV

    Send to: What’s on TV Competitions no.
    PO Box 502,Leicester LE94 OAB

    Name ………
    Address ……..
    Post Code … …
    Daytime Phone no. ……………..
    Replace the xx’s with the page numbers kindly supplied by the poster and entering the answers given together with your name address ,postcode and tel no as appropriate.Pop in an envelope and wait for the winnings to arrive!!!.

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