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  1. Whsts on tv issue 9.
    C/d text/phone 8 th March post 11th March
    Crossword page 11. DARA O ‘BRIAIN
    Sts page 82= page. 21
    £500 crossword page 97. KIM WILDE

  2. whats on tv no 9 text/phone 8 march post 11 march crossword (p11) dara o’briain sts (p82) page 21 £500 crossword (p97) kim wilde

  3. Whsts on tv issue 8.
    C/d. Text/ phone 1st March. Post 4 th
    Crossword page 11. DAN WALKER
    Sts page 82. =. Page. 18
    £500 crossword page 97. VIN DIESEL

  4. what’s on tv no 8 c/d tel 1march post 4 march crossword (p11) dan walker sts(p82) page 18 £500 crossword (P97) vin diesel

  5. What’s on tv issue 7
    C/d text/ phone 23rd Feb. Post 26th
    Crossword. Page 11. PETER. TORK
    Sts page 82. Page. 9.
    £500 crossword Page 97. GOK WAN

  6. whats on tv no 7c/d 23 feb post 26 feb crossword(p11) peter tork sts p(82) page 9 £500 crossword (p97) gok wan

  7. What’s on tv issue 6
    C/ date text/ phone 16th February. Post 19th
    Crossword page 11. PETE WATERMAN
    Sts page 84. =. Page. 11
    £500 crossword. Page 97. ANNIE MURPHY

  8. whats on tv no 6 c/d 16 feb post 19 feb crossword (p11) pete waterman sts (p 84) page 11 £500 crossword (p 97) annie murphy

  9. What’s on tv issue 5
    C/d teXt / phone 9th Feb. Post 12th
    Crossword page. 11 ISY SUTTIE
    Sts page 82=. Page 9.
    £500 crossword. Pg 97. KIM NOVAK

  10. whats on tv no 5 crossword (p 11) ? sts (p82) page 9 £500 crossword (p 97)kim novak

    STS PAGE 82 PAGE 25

    STS PAGE 82= PAGE 25

  13. Hello Jane,your mum’s right,the issue starting 6th Jan’ has been out several days now,this time of year it’s usually confusing for many people,most of the magazines are in some shops but not others,it’s crazy, so she’s not imagining it o.k ,i just get my issues as they appear,love to your mum,Bobs.

  14. My mother has dementia and insists What’s on TV next issue is already out (starting 6th January) as the Christmas magazine says next issue out 29th December. She has the Christmas issue, which ends on 5th January, and I am telling her the next issue will be out 2nd January for 6th January, 2024. Why does the Christmas magazine show next issue out 29th December?

  15. On Line OK now,Bobs.

  16. I have problem submitting the answers for What’s on TV Issue 2. When I click on this issue, it says invalid issue number, I was wondering If anybody else has encountered this problem.
    Thank you

  17. What’s on tv issue 2.
    C/d text/phone 19th January. Post 22 Nd
    Crossword. Page 11 LEN GOODMAN
    STS PAGE 82. =. PAGE 14.
    £500 crossword. Page 97. BRADLEY COOPER

  18. 52/1 represents the weeks in a year so this one is the last week in 2023 and 1st week in 2024

  19. Hi All,Re-Issue 52/1,Online’s ok now. Bobs.

  20. Hi Everyone,just in case you’re getting confused with all these competitions,What’s On TV Issue 51’s competitions are numbered 52/1,why they do this i don’t know,hope this helps,Bobs.

  21. what’s on tv no 52/1 text/phone 12 jan post 15 jan sts (pg 160) page 15 £1000 crossword (pg 173) cracker

  22. The on line form for spot the shot is missing
    I’ve sent an email to find out why ?

  23. What’s on tv issue 52/1
    C/d text/ phone. 12th January. Post. 15th
    Sts page 160=. Page 15
    £1000 crossword page 173. CRACKER

  24. Hi Tracy,the competition number on the entry form is always one more than the issue number, i.e issue 50-competition 51,it’s confusing if you don’t know about it, always the same with Whats On TV, hope this helps,Bobs.

    • Confusing is right Bobs 🤷(What’s on TV)
      I’ve just got issue 52 / 1 post closing date 15th Jan 2024
      I’ve done the crossword and think the answer must be Cracker but unless I’m losing the plot yet again there could well be a mistake i.e.
      The letters you end up with are RCCAAKE I’ve checked it several times but maybe I’ve gone puzzle blind !
      I get page 15 for spot the shot

    • thanks bobs ! I’ve caught up now, I got the latest issue 51 !

  25. What’s on TV issue. 51.
    C/d text/ phone 29 th December post 2 Nd January
    Crossword page 11. FELICITY KENDAL
    Sts pg 82 =. Page 25
    £500 crossword. Pg 97. EMILY BLUNT

  26. whats on tv no 51 c/d text/phone 29 dec,post 2 jan crossword (p 11)felicity kendal,sts (p 82) page 25 , £500 crossword (p97) emily blunt.

  27. I’ve checked my letters 3 times & it’s blown my mind that I put a S rather than a R! Cheers Ron! I

  28. whats on tv issue. 47
    C/d text/phone 1st December. Post. 4th
    Crossword. Page 11. KELLY BROOK
    Sts page 82=. Page. 15.
    £500. Crossword page. 97. CHRIS O’DOWD

  29. whats on tv issue 47c/d text/phone 1st dec,post 4th dec crossword (pg 11 ) kelly brook,sts (pg 82 ) page 15, £500 crossword (pg 97) chris o’dowd

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