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  1. What’s on tv issue 22. C/d text phone 10th June post 13th crossword pg 11. TOM WATT. Sts pg 86. = pg 17. £500 crossword Pg 97. ADIL RAY

  2. What’s on tv issue 21 c/d text / Phone 3 rd June. Post 6th June crossword oh 11. DAVE BERRY. sts pg 82= pg 13. £500 crossword. Pg 97 FREDDIE. STARR

  3. Thanks Jan, thanks Vic, it,s unusual for them to make a mistake so I think we can let them off just this once,best wishes,Bobs.

  4. Agree the nearest thing is page 9 although it is not exact.

  5. What,s on tv,issue 20.Spot the Shot page 84,the only likely answer I can find is on page 9 but it,s not an exact likeness,am I reading the question incorrectly or is it a mis-print,Bobs.

  6. What’s on tv issue 20. C/d text/ phone 27th May post 30th crossword or 11 ALFIE ALLEN Sts pg 84. Not pg 82 = page 9. £500. Crossword. Pg 97. ZOE WANAMAKER

  7. Whats On TV Competitions Issue 17 Crossword Page 11 Colin Farrell STS Page 15 £500 Crossword Page 97

  8. What’s on tv issue 19. Crossword pg 11. LEO SAYER. sts. Pg 82=. 23. £500 crossword. STEVE. RIDER.

  9. What’s on tv issue 19. C/d text/ phone. 20th May. Post 23rd. Crossword. Pg11. LEO SAYER. Sts pg82. = pg 23. £500 crossword cog 97. STEVE. RIDER.

    • You have both put the answers in the order that they appear in the magazine, but the online entry form has the two crosswords the other way around.

      Just a heads up, incase it means that you put the wrong answers on the form.
      Not sure why they have done it like that.

  10. What’s on tv issue 18. C/d text/phone 13th May. Post 16th. Crossword or 11. TESS DALY. stspg82= pg 8 £500 crossword. Pg 97. DENNIS WATERMAN

  11. What’s On TV Competitions Issue 16 Crossword Page 11 Len Goodman STS Page 25 £500 Crossword Page 97 Kym Marsh

  12. What’s On TV Competitions Issue 15 Crossword Page 11 Todd Carty STS Page 11 £500 Crossword Page 97 Will Mellor

  13. Bobs,
    On the online entry form it just says Jumbo Crossword and Main crossword ( along with Spot the Shot which I can work out) but it used to say in the magazine Crossword and £500 Crossword, could you verify that Len Goodman is the Crossword answer and Kym Marsh is the £500 Crossword answer ??
    Sorry to be a nuisance, your help is really appreciated in the answers you put up each week.
    Margaret xx

  14. Think they were very slow with all the answers today

  15. You need to complete on plain paper in the style of the magazine coupon which is as follows:
    What’s on TV Extra
    1 Crossword(page no.xx)XWD
    2 Spot the Shot(page no.xx)STS
    3 £500 Crossword(page no.xx)FIV

    Send to: What’s on TV Competitions no.
    PO Box 502,Leicester LE94 OAB

    Name ………
    Address ……..
    Post Code … …
    Daytime Phone no. ……………..
    Replace the xx’s with the page numbers kindly supplied by the poster and entering the answers given together with your name address ,postcode and tel no as appropriate.Pop in an envelope and wait for the winnings to arrive!!!.

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