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When listing your suggestions, please can you include the closing date too. Thank you


  1. Bobs,sorry,same as 6th July post,no mags again,so Stick With Vic,good luck,Bobs.

  2. What’s on tv issue 30 c/d text/phone 6th August. Post. 9th. Crossword pg 11. ZOE LUCKER. spot the shot pg 84. Page 12. £500 crossword. Pg p97. JAMES. NORTON

  3. What’s on tv issue 29 C/d text and phone 30th July post 2nd August. Crossword oh 11. PAUL KAYE. spot the shot pg 82. Page 8. £500 crossword. Pg 97. MEL GIEDROYC

  4. Bobs,no tv mag,s until tomorrow due to delivery problem so I won,t be able to post any answers,sorry.check out Vic’s answers,he’s usually spot on.

  5. What’s on tv issue 28. Crossword of 11. JUNE BROWN. spot the shot. Pg 82. Pg 24. £500 crossword page. 97. ZOE. LYONS. C/d. Text phone. 23rd July. Post 26th.

    • Vic once again I did not know who Zoe Lyons is mind you I am 65thanks vic kevin

    • vic vic why is it I don’t get your answers on my phone till after 1clock thanks vic Kevin

      • I don’t know the answer Kevin why the answers are late on your phone. I’m still the old school for comedians. Max Bygraves. Ken Dodd Dick Emery. Harry Worth. All appeared many times in Blackpool .and I saw them all here .

    • I’m not into these new comedies I’m old school like Ken Dodd Bruce Tommy copper Bob monkhouse ted Rogers thanks vic kevin

    • Vic do you live in Blackpool coming up on 27 augest and again in Oct the 31st staying at th suttcliff both times saw sir Ken the last time he ever did a show at the grand left him at3.45 in the morning his wife now drove him back to nitty ash good luck yourself vic I have never won with what’s on tv I’ve been doing them since the mag came out all the best kevin

    • Vic did you get wet on Monday in Blackpool saw the rain on my phone

    • What’s On TV Competitions Issue 28 Crossword Page 11 June Brown Spot The Shot Page 24 £500 Crossword Page 97 Zoe Lyons

  6. What’s On TV Competitions Issue 26 Page 11 Kate Humble Spot The Shot Page 8 £500 Crossword Page 97 Larry Lamb

  7. KevinHart,Hi Kevin,Re-your request 22-6-21,I don,t always send my answers in,Vic’s always early and on the ball so there,s no need, i might do on the odd occasion if things appear a bit slack but Vic’s the man,good luck,Bobs.

  8. What’s on tv issue 27. C/d text / phone 16th July. Post 19th July . Crossword pg 11. GRACE DENT spot the shot pg 82. Page 7. £500 crossword. Pg 97 WILL MELLOR.

  9. Bobs you have not come up on my phone yet to check my answers

  10. Vic you have not come up on my phone yet to check my answers

  11. What’s on tv issue 26. Text/ phone. C/d 9th July. Post 12th July crossword. Pg 11 KATE HUMBLE. Spot the shot of 84 page 8. £500 crossword. Pg 97. LARRY LAMB.

  12. What’s On TV Competitions Issue 24 Page 11 Bill Nighy Spot the Shot Page 11 £500 Crossword Page 97 Jeremy Clarkson

  13. What’s on tv competitions must be sent in a sealed ENVELOPE not
    Postcards according to compers news

    • I have always sent my answers on a postcard, or the back of a sealed down envelope. I was under the impression that as long as the answers were set out as on the entry form in the magazine that was ok. I can understand the entry form from the magazine going into a sealed envelope, but not if you enter without the actual entry form.
      Maybe this is why I’ve never won from this magazine!!
      Anybody else have thoughts on this?

      • Hi Margaret – I have checked the rules on the Whats on TV Magazine and it says “Plain Paper entries will be accepted, but only if set out like the coupon”. It does not say anything regarding Postcards ?? Hope this helps x

  14. You need to complete on plain paper in the style of the magazine coupon which is as follows:
    What’s on TV Extra
    1 Crossword(page no.xx)XWD
    2 Spot the Shot(page no.xx)STS
    3 £500 Crossword(page no.xx)FIV

    Send to: What’s on TV Competitions no.
    PO Box 502,Leicester LE94 OAB

    Name ………
    Address ……..
    Post Code … …
    Daytime Phone no. ……………..
    Replace the xx’s with the page numbers kindly supplied by the poster and entering the answers given together with your name address ,postcode and tel no as appropriate.Pop in an envelope and wait for the winnings to arrive!!!.

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