TAB Hide’n’Seek Wordsearch

TAB Hide n Seek Wordsearch 


  1. TAB Hide’n’Seek issue 10 [October] Closing date 8th October


  2. TAB Hide’n Seek issue 9 (Sept) Closing date 10th September.
    Suggested answer — Donate. Volunteer

  3. Phyllis Middleton

    TAB Hide’n’seek issue 8 (August) Closing date 20th August

    Sweet wrapper. Leaf

  4. Phyllis Middleton

    TAB Hide’n’Seek issue 7. Closing date 23rd July

    James Earl Jones

  5. Phyllis Middleton

    I have a subscription for Hide’n’Seek wordsearch — however when my magazine came in on Friday they have sent me TAB Wordsearch. I had a look in my local shop over the weekend and couldn’t see Hide’n’seek. So I don’t know if it was just a mistake on the part of my supplier. I will have another look in the shops during the week and will post my answer if I get the magazine.

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