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  1. Chat puzzle Faves Issue 9
    15th October
    Page 15 – Irons
    Page 27 – Parrot
    Page 39 – Calamity
    Page 57 – Charity
    Page 71 – Lennon

  2. Chat monthly seems to have stopped giving prizes. They kept that quiet!
    Stopper buying it now.

  3. Thanks Lorraine, good to check.

  4. Chat puzzles faves 8, I found in Smiths. I made page 27 choral, would like to check before I post it, dont think I have gone wrong !!! Got zinc for silvery white metal, and Karachi for Pakistani city. So it is choral I hope.

  5. Chat Puzzles Faves
    Closing date : 17-September-2020

    Page 15 : leader
    Page 27 : amoral
    Page 39 : cupboard
    Page 57 : hogwarts
    Page 71 : poison

  6. Does anybody know where we can enter these competitions, the chat website seems only to have the weekly magazines on it

  7. This appears to be a new magazine but can’t find how to enter – not in my local shops. Anyone help?

  8. Hi Kim

    I have searched high and low for this one, how do we enter, what site do we need to go on. I can’t find the magazine in the shops?

  9. Chat Puzzles Faves 7
    Closing date : 20-August-2020

    Page 15 : talent
    Page 27 : myopia
    Page 39 : witness
    Page 57 : tennis
    Page 71 : senora

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