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  1. Chat Puzzle Faves issue 31

    Page 15 ~ ACORN
    Page 27 ~ CACTUS
    Page 39 ~ POPULARITY
    Page 57 ~ DJANGO
    Page 71 ~ RECESS

  2. chat puzzles faves issue 30 c/d 26th may
    page 15 = lance
    page 27 = airline
    page 39 = dandelion
    page 57 = angels
    page 71 = eeyore

    the only way to enter the puzzles is to use the entry form in the magazine only

  3. Any answers for Chat March special. Can’t seem to find them ?

    • Just bought theChat April special (due to regular magazines not being on the shelf yet) came here to find the answers, back to mag and no entry form, nothing to enter, what a waste of £2.40!!

  4. Chat puzzle faves issue 29

    page 15 PHOTO
    page 27 MARINE
    page 39 PRETZEL
    page 57 COLDPLAY
    page 71 LATIAS

    • Does anyone know where to find the rules for Chat Puzzle Faves?

      I have been having to look to find out which puzzle answers are on the back of the competition entry form, and to do them immediately, along with the prize puzzles.
      This is because obviously I need to send the little entry slip off so then I can’t check.
      I get a few puzzle books and prefer to get the prize puzzles done immediately and input/sent in, and do the rest at my leisure.

      (I find some of Morrisons own books do the same, and they say no photocopies, but do not say what the alternative is. Very frustrating)

      I am assuming photocopies are not allowed, like most of the other magazines, but you are not allowed to enter online either. I was wondering if writing them on the back of an envelope would be acceptable.

      The entry slip says check online for the rules. However it is the website for lots of puzzle books in their range, and I cannot find the damn rules anywhere.

      Does anyone else have this problem with this or other puzzle book, or know if the envelope thing is an acceptable solution.

      Sorry for the long question, but it is such a faff.

  5. Chat Puzzle Faves issue 28

    page 15 CRANE
    page 27 CUISINE
    page 39 GROOMING
    page 57 COMEDY
    page 71 SPENCE

  6. Chat Puzzle Faves issue 27

    page 15 Sadle
    page 27 Writer
    page 39 Camp fire
    page 57 Cookery
    page 71 Picene

  7. Chat puzzles faves issue 26

    page 15 Beret
    page 27 Diadem
    page 39 Telephone
    page 57 Oscars
    page 71 Slains

  8. Chat puzzle faves issue 25.
    page 15 Heater
    page 27 Editor
    page 39 Holy grail
    page 57 Gladiator

  9. Hello
    how do you find the chat puzzles faves entry form on line please!

  10. chat puzzles faves issue 24 c/d 9th dec
    page 15 = tarot
    page 27 = gangway
    page 39 = generator
    page 57 = grammys
    page 71 = kettle

    can enter the puzzles using the entry form in the magazine only

  11. CHAT PUZZLES FAVES ISSUE 23. C/D 11/11/21
    15… ATTIC
    27… REGALE
    39… GLOVES
    57… DIE HARD
    71… LIERNE

  12. chat puzzles faves issue 23 c/d 11th nov
    page 15 = attic
    page 27 = regale
    page 39 = gloves
    page 57 = die hard
    page 71 = lierne

    can enter the puzzles using the entry form in the magazine only

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