Minnie and Maisie Sweet dreams …

Sweet dreams …

Minnie and Maisie - deanysdesigns.co.uk   Minnie and Maisie - deanysdesigns.co.uk   Minnie and Maisie - deanysdesigns.co.uk

Sometimes I really struggle to go to sleep at night, I have that many things going round and round in my head I just can’t drift off. The more I try, the more awake I become!

My hubby gets into bed and closes his eyes and is purring away in seconds!
I was going to say I wish I was like him, but I don’t really because he doesn’t dream!

When I eventually go to sleep I have some great dreams, I win the lottery, I give away loads of money to family & friends, I have loads of puppies, I own a string of craft shops, I own a mansion and a villa with a pool in a warm country.    It goes on…. but,  I nearly always wake up having a nightmare!

Sometimes it’s the same one, recurring morning after morning. I’m lying on a secluded beach, pina colada one side, husband and dogs the other, I’m basking in the sun when all of a sudden a fishy thing jumps out of the sea and lands on my face! it then tries to suck my eyes out of their sockets! I try to raise my head but can’t, it’s pinned me down! I’m not sure if it’s got arms or legs or both because I can’t open my eyes to see! But it’s going for my mouth now!

Then reality kicks in, it’s Maisie, standing on my hair pinning me to my pillow while she licks my eye sockets to wake me up!
You would think I would know this is coming by now, but I don’t! I always forget!

I had an even worse one once where I thought I had been stabbed! I woke up with a jolt, put my hand over the area that hurt like hell (my stab wound), I looked at my hand and it was covered in blood! I squealed (I do this a lot) leapt out of the bed thinking my husband had finally flipped and had done it or worse still I had stabbed myself in my dream, I was frantically looking around for the weapon when I looked at Maisie who was sitting there on my bed looking guilty. Then because I was looking at her, she spat something out of her mouth, on investigation it turned out to be a skin tag! My skin tag! (Sign I’m ageing!) She’d ripped it off me!!! I mean it’s not that I wanted it or anything but it’s not the point!

Minnie is nothing like this, (unless she’s having a phantom pregnancy) she goes to bed at night and sleeps all night. In the morning one of us gets up to make the drinks and brings it back to bed to drink it. Minnie doesn’t budge, Maisie is outside before the kettle is filled. Even when we are up and washed and dressed still Minnie will be asleep, she hates getting up in the morning, but not so Maisie!

Some mornings we carry Minnie downstairs because she doesn’t want to get up, her ability to hold on to her first morning wee amazes me. Not so Maisie, when she wakes up in the morning she likes to get straight up, but she wants us to get straight up too. She likes to be nice and early and have a prowl around the garden to sniff out who’s been visiting, when, why and where they are now!

Maisie goes to bed fine at night in her travel cot for twins, she’s always waiting there to be lifted in and covered up. She stays in there most of the night but she’s just an early riser, unlike me or my husband or Minnie.

When Maisie has got us up and we’ve gone downstairs and she’s done the garden routine she goes tired then and settles down and goes back to sleep! My hubby will very often grumble ‘wake her up, let her know what it feels like’ and I admit I do feel like it sometimes, but then I like the peace and quiet to check on my emails etc!

It’s also an important time for me to check my PayPal and bank account because if I’ve had a particular long spell of being awake when I’ve gone to bed, I tend to switch on my iPad and buy stuff online! I bought an air assisted pogo stick once! I have no idea why, but it was cheap!

Then when I get delivery vans pulling up outside the house, Nigel will say ‘are you expecting anything?’
‘Nooo I answer hesitantly ‘ because I honestly don’t know!
But sometimes if I’ve had a week of troubled sleep, the vans are queuing up to deliver my parcels, Royal Mail, Amazon, UPS, Yodel etc etc.. It’s really exciting, not knowing what surprises are waiting for me in the boxes!

Minnie and Maisie - deanysdesigns.co.uk

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