Wall of Winners 2017

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Wall of Winners 2017

19th December Suzanne M Won £25 from TV Choice Magazine YAY!!!

19th December Jessica Won £100 from That’s Life Magazine YAY!!!

16th December Jackie Won £100 from one of the Magazines YAY!!!

10th December Sheila G Won £100 Love to Shop Vouchers from Take a puzzle magazine YAY!!!

9th December Toby W Won £50 from Take a Break  Magazine YAY!!!

6th December Michael (Yep Me ) Won £50 from one of the Chat Special  Magazines YAY!!!

4th December Angela T Won a DVD from Real People Magazine YAY!!!

24th November Ralph Won £250 From Take a Break Magazine YAY!!!

11th November Adrian G Won £100 From Chat Magazine YAY!!!

7th November Jacquie had another win, she Won £100 From That’s Life YAY!!!

7th November Maria W Won £50 From Take a Break Starscope YAY!!!

1st November Marie won a box set of The Crown on blu-ray from issue 1279 YAY!!!

18th October Sheila G won £100 Love2shop Vouchers from Take a Puzzle YAY!!!

10th October Jacquie won £200 From That’s Life YAY!!!

23rd September Judy P won £25 From Chat YAY!!!

21st September Georgea won £100 From That’s Life YAY!!!

20th September Davy won £500 From TV Choice YAY!!!

19th September  Donna won £100 From Inside Soap YAY!!!

9th September  Joe Won £250 From T.V Choice YAY!!!

30th August Sarah-Jane Won £25 From Take a Break YAY!!!

25th August Michael Won Ultimate ears boom 2 speakers from T.V Choice YAY!!!

22nd August Audrey Won £100 From Thats Life & £200 from Bella YAY!!!

20th August Margaret Won £200 From That’s Life YAY!!!

17th August Donna Won £150 From the Sunday People YAY!!!

8th August Lorraine Won £100 From Take a Break YAY!!!

8th August Sandra J Won £150 From Inside Soap YAY!!!

4th August June won decopatch design’s kit, by EXACLAIR YAY!!!

1st August Joanne Won £100 From Take a Break YAY!!!

28th July June Won over £100 worth of card making & papercraft goodies YAY!!!

24th July Sarah-Jane Won £200 from That’s life Magazine YAY!!!

13th July Stella won a cash prize from That’s life Magazine YAY!!!

11th July Natalie won £208 from Real People Magazine YAY!!!

29th June David won £200 from That’s Life Magazine YAY!!!

29th June Georgea (mr) won £1000 from Pick Me Up Magazine YAY!!!

27th June Gwen won £1000 from Supersearch in That’s Life Magazine YAY!!!

24th June Annie won £100 from Sudoku in That’s Life Magazine YAY!!!

24th June Jasmin won £100 from Take a Break (to go with the £3000 she won from that’s life in January YAY YAY!!!

22nd June Mary won £25 from the Take a Break mega snap competition YAY!!!

20th June Najihah won £100 from the Sudoku in that’s life! magazine YAY!!!

15th June Lindsay won £50 from Take a Break magazine YAY!!!

11th June Jean won £50 from Real People magazine YAY!!!

9th June June won 4 lots of skin cream from Yours magazine YAY!!!

5th June Jan won £50 from Love it magazine! YAY!!!

4th June Donna won £150 from Sunday mirror YAY!!!

3rd June Amanda T won £25 from Take a Break magazine YAY!!!

1st June Gillian won £100 from Best magazine YAY!!!

1st June Angela T won £100 from Inside Soap magazine YAY!!!

23rd May Pam won a chocolate hamper from Take a Break arrowwords YAY!!!

19th May Jacquie won £250 from Take a Break oops I shrunk the Puzzle YAY!!!

19th May Kim won a box full of Heat Holders in Chat Crosswords ISSUE 253 YAY!!!

17th May Marie won 1 of the 200 Recipe Books in Tesco Magazine YAY!!!

15th May Donna won £50 from The Daily Star YAY!!!

15th May Donna won £150 from The Sunday Mirror YAY!!!

28th April Dizzy won £1000 from Pick me up magazine WOW!!!

20th April Ethel won £25 from Number fit, Pick me up magazine YAY

12th April Pam won £50 from Inside Best magazine YAY

8th April Ethel won £150 from Inside Soap magazine YAY

8th April Jacquie won £200 again  (3rd big  win this year !!!!!) from That’s Life magazine YAY

8th April Sue won £150 from Inside Soap magazine YAY

7th April Sue won £100 from Best magazine YAY

29th March Lorraine won £50 from Chat magazine YAY

28th March Gillian won £500 from Sunday Mirror newspaper YAY

24th March Jacquie wins yet again YAY! yet another £200 from That’s Life YAY

21st March Alison won £500 from Chat Magazine YAY

21st March Ethel won £50 from The Sun YAY

2nd March Jean won £100 from That’s Life YAY

18th February Helen Lloyd won £100 from That’s Life YAY

7th February Vicky Won £25 From Take a Break YAY

6th February Anne Won English Heritage Prize from TaB Codebreakers YAY

21st January  Sue won £100 from TV Choice YAY!

19th January  Serena won £100 from That’s life YAY!

19th January  Jacquie won £200 from That’s Life YAY!

17th January  Ali & Dave won £150 from Inside soap  YAY!

11th January  Matthew won £100 high st vouchers from Take a Break YAY!

7th January  Liz won £1000 from Take a Break YAY!

5th January Sue won a tasty goody box from Yours magazine YAY!

5th January  Joan won £25 from TV Choice magazine YAY!

January  Jasmin won £3000 from Thats life magazine YAY!

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