Dusty skirting boards


This is a tip I’d like to share with you if you have a problem with dust clinging to skirting boards like I have in my bathroom.

All around the edge of the flooring has sealant so there are no gaps up to the skirting which is brilliant but it was a nightmare for collecting towel fluff and dust and you couldn’t just dust it off as it would stick to it like glue!

Quite a while ago I read somewhere and I honestly can’t remember where (probably one of my weekly magazines) but it said if you get this problem you should wipe around the areas that dust clings to with a tumble dryer sheet. So from somewhere in the back of my brain It came to me one day when I was on my knees washing it all off.

The next time I went shopping I got some tumble dryer sheets and tried it and do you know what? ………… IT ONLY FLIPPING WORKS!

I wonder if I should wipe all my furniture with them too, if it worked I would never have to dust again….bliss.

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