Minnie and Maisie Crazy Maisie is 2 years old…. yay!

Crazy Maisie is 2 years old…. yay!

Well Maisie is now two years old and I’m thinking phew, I’ve got over the terrible two’s maybe we can start to relax a bit now, but then……I realise in doggy years she is the equivalent of a 14 year old teenager!! OMG. What will that thought bring?

She is stroppy tick-red     Finicky with her food tick-red     Ignores you when you call her (unless you mention good girl or ham!) tick-red    She has mood swings tick-red    She has P.M.T !!! tick-red    Checklist complete!  I foresee problems ahead….

We celebrated her birthday by having a lovely play on the beach, with her chasing the ball or rather balls(1 red 1 blue), her most favourite pastime of all. We had family staying that weekend so it was a really lovely day and we ended up in the local pub for lunch, Minnie and Maisie both love pubs 🙂 especially if we are having a meal.

minnie & maisie ~ deanysdesigns.co.uk  minnie & maisie ~ deanysdesigns.co.uk  minnie & maisie ~ deanysdesigns.co.uk minnie & maisie _ deanysdesigns.co.uk  minnie & maisie - deanysdesigns.co.uk  minnie maisie - deanysdesigns.co.uk

Minnie and Maisie used to love children, which was a good job really because they attract a lot of little people attention. I say did, because they definitely don’t now. It has been totally spoilt by one little girl.

Her mum came over to us with girl in tow and asked if her little girl could stroke the dogs, I said yes and added that they love kids.

M & M came forward as usual, Minnie acting coy and Maisie full on. The girl had one dog each side of her and had her hand on each of their backs. BUT instead of stroking them like I thought and M&M  presumed, she suddenly clenched her both hands and pinched them squeezing her hands into tight fists with their flesh in between!

Poor little dogs both screamed at the same time and as they leapt free the little girl was left holding two handfuls of white fluffy hair. I was so upset for Minnie and Maisie, they had never had any ill treatment of any kind in their lives and didn’t know violence or hurt. Her mum didn’t bat an eyelid! She moaned at the hair on her daughters hands and was brushing it off with her own, muttering all the time. How I didn’t swing for her I really do not know! I’m not violent or aggressive but I could have been that day.

She never told her daughter that you shouldn’t do that to animals and never apologised at all. In fact she never looked me in the face, she was stooped over her daughters hands and then stood up and walked off without a backward glance! She had just ruined my little dogs lives for ever! It’s a good job really that she didn’t look at me because I must have looked like a boiling kettle that was missing it’s whistle’

Now they don’t trust kids at all, if they see kids coming towards them and they’re off the lead they coming running to me to pick them up, and who can blame them, poor little pooches.

Minnie & maisie - deanysdesigns.co.uk


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