Minnie & Maisie Christmas & New year

M & M’s Christmas & New year

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Minnie & Maisie are the weirdest dog’s I have ever owned!

You would think that with all the food that has come through our door and has been cooked over this festive season that they would have been salivating at the aromas drifting from the kitchen! But they have turned their noses up at everything! Turkey, beef, best ham, lamb even chicken!

I am struggling to feed them, I was nearly convinced that they were vegetarians but they must be part timers. They love basic sandwich ham, I buy it to use as a treat and they look forward to it. They reluctantly eat Royal Canin Bichon Frise complete meal, which is a dry food and probably one of the most expensive on the market! But if they eat it I don’t mind. But they won’t eat that either unless you sit on the floor with them and scatter a bit around!

They occasionally eat steak mince but it has to be raw. I only know that because I dropped some on the floor while I was making a cottage pie and they both scoffed it up. So I went out and bought loads and portioned it up and put it in the freezer because apparently if you freeze it first it’s ok to feed it raw to dogs. I couldn’t wait for it to defrost so I could feed it to them, I was beside myself with excitement that they were going to lick the bowl clean for the first time in their lives! What an utter let down, they sniffed it and walked away! So now I get one out of the freezer once a week and try them, sometimes they eat a bit sometimes they don’t. Like I said, weird. Any of my dogs in the past would have devoured everything I offer them in one gulp.

My husband keeps telling me I’m worrying about nothing and that they only have little tummies and don’t need much food. I just can’t help it though, I’ve always been a feeder, I’ll give anyone or anything a good feed. I feel distraught that I haven’t found the one thing that they absolutely love.

So they are about the only things that have come through our doors with a mouth that haven’t over eaten!

They have had a great time though, we have had lots of visitors to stay and each and every one ends up with a facial if Minnie can help it and if she’s quick, with a foot long tongue like hers, they get a ‘frenchie’ too!

The horrible wet weather we have had these past few weeks has really caused havok with the girls. We don’t like to do too much of a routine with the walkies duty, we like to differ it every day. Mainly because of the differing tides and being able to get on the beach and also the weather. Minnie and Maisie but especially Maisie think that if you do something two days running at the same time, then it’s routine, it now has to happen every day! If not, then Maisie moans the whole time. She is like a pre school child, she keeps saying ‘awww, awww awww’ over and over again. I keep expecting her to finish with ‘it’s not fair!’

One evening as I got out of the bath, Maisie dropped her little teddy at my feet so I played with it with them both, at the same time I was trying to get dried. I played for about 15 minutes throwing it, playing catch and a little dance game I made up, shake rattle & roll! They really enjoyed it. Next evening I never even thought about it but as soon as I climbed out of the bath they were both waiting with the teddy! That’s now a done deal, for months now I have to go through the same ritual every night, and god forbid if I didn’t get in the bath one night, it would be like the end of the world to them.

Another example is, one day I sat down on the floor in the lounge with a little bowl of Royal Canin biscuits to try and encourage them to eat a few. Now they won’t eat any unless the bowl is on the floor in the lounge and guess what? Yes, you have to sit on the floor with them or they moan at you the whole time. Then my hubby scattered a few on the carpet in case they didn’t like eating out of the bowl! Now of course we have to scatter biscuit every time! It gets a bit embarrassing when we have visitors. I start off by removing the bowl and depending how long the visitors are staying I inch it back in. I place it on the floor discreetly then if they’re overnighters I just end up scattering it just to get a bit of peace!

like I said at the beginning of this page, weird! I am very conscious not to repeat anything now.

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