Minnie and Maisie Bottoms up!

Bottoms up!
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This is Maisie’s favourite position! It is the back gates to our garden that lead to an access road, more of an alleyway really.  She spends many an hour keeping an eye on things. Mainly on the lookout for cats though!

The moment we let them into the back garden Maisie races to the gates and drops onto her front paws, bum in the air and nose under the gate. If she growls or barks then Minnie joins her.

Minnie and Maisie - deanysdesigns.co.uk

Halt! Who goes there?

Minnie and Maisie - deanysdesigns.co.uk

Friend or feline?

Minnie and Maisie - deanysdesigns.co.uk

Or no-one as usual!

The funny thing is, they have never actually met a cat, they have seen one from a distance but the very fact they seen it run they instinctively give chase. I wonder what they would actually do if a cat came in the garden and just stood its ground! Would they be brave enough to go toward it…. I don’t think so.

We have a hedgehog that lives in the garden and some evenings when he is out, they are terrified to approach it, they’re virtually on their bellies snaking across the grass, necks stretched and sniffing from a distance.

We also have a big fat toad that spends every summer in the garden, and when he is out it’s a joy to watch Minnie and Maisie, they are so funny, every time the toad jumps so do the dogs! Sometimes they are so engrossed at watching and jumping with the toad that they end up jumping on top of each other then frightening themselves to death. They really are so funny.

Maisie makes me laugh when we go into the front garden. It has a low wall around a small lawn and has a Victorian black iron gate with scroll designs. She runs up to the gate and goes straight in to crouch position! She can see perfectly well through the gate, it’s not obscured in any way but she can’t help herself, down goes her head and up comes her bum! Then she struggles to get her nose under because it’s lower than the back gate! She really is so stupid sometimes…..but I love her!

Minnie and Maisie - deanysdesigns,co.uk

Front Garden

Minnie and Maisie - deanysdesigns.co.uk

Maisie on gate patrol!

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