2022 Wall Of Winners  

If you are a winner add your name and prize in the comments below and you will be added to the Wall of Winners. No Requests for answers, or submission of answers please on this page.

10th January ~ Susan Jones won a £100 voucher from Marie Claire magazine yayyyy!!x
15th January ~ Julie Lucy won a £30 from Chat magazine yayyyy!!x
27th January ~ Lesley Richards won £250 from The Daily Mail yayyyy!!x
30th January ~ Susan Jaffa won £500 from That’s Life magazine yayyyy!!x
2nd February ~ Susan Tivey won £50 from You magazine yayyyy!!x
4th February ~ Susan Jones won £50 from That’s Life magazine yayyyy!!x
6th February ~ Jacquie won £25 from Sunday Express yayyyy!!x
17th February ~ Ed won £150 from Chat magazine yayyyy!!x
4th March ~ Annette Davies won £100 from TAB magazine yayyyy!!x
9th March ~ Elizabeth Stanton won A retro radio from That’s
Life magazine yayyyy!!x

9th March ~ Sue Savage won £200 from Bella magazine yayyyy!!x
13th March ~ Susan Jones won £100 voucher from ??? magazine yayyyy!!x
17th March ~ Susan Jones won £50 from Chat magazine yayyyy!!x
18th March ~ Paula Martin won £50 from That’s Life magazine yayyyy!!x
19th March ~ Laura Young won £50 from That’s Life magazine yayyyy!!x
24th March ~ Peter Ogg won £100 gift card from Instagram Funky Pigeon yayyyy!!x
25th March ~ Barbara Bradie won a quartz crystal candle from Fate & Fortune yayyyy!!x
28th March ~ Susan Jones wins again!! A book from Fate & Forune yayyyy!!x
7th April ~ Peter Ogg won £50 from Fate & Forune yayyyy!!x
14th April ~ Brenda won a necklace from Marie Claire magazine yayyyy!!x
23rd April ~ Heather won £250 from Chat magazine yayyyy!!x
25th April ~ Susan Jones wins again woohoo £100 hair/skin hamper from Cosmopolitan magazine yayyyy!!x
26th April ~ Georgia won £100 from Thats Life magazine yayyyy!!x
28th April ~ Susan Jones won yet again (see below)!!! How amazing yayyyy!!x
30th April ~ Lesley Richards won football tickets yayyyy!!x
10th May ~ Barbara Bradie won a framed art print from Good Housekeeping yayyyy!!x
13th May ~ Andy P won £50 from The Sun yayyyy!!x
13th May ~ Looby won £25 from Take a Break magazine yayyyy!!x
20th May ~ Julieanne won a cruise from Magic radio yayyyy!!x
26th May ~ Sonia Bosley won £25 from take a break magazine yayyyy!!x
28th May ~ Susan Jones wins again woohoo £100 from That’s Life, Zoflora & a book yayyyy!!x
8th June ~ Barbara Bradie wins a Jubilee Towel from The Sun yayyyy!!x
25th June ~ Mr Lowry won £1500 from Take a Break magazine yayyyy!!x
1st July ~ Paul Padgett won £1000 holiday voucher from an online competition yayyyy!!x
4th July ~ CE won £1000 Tescco e-vouchers from Heart radio yayyyy!!x
12th July ~ Shelley Bell won £25 from Chat yayyyy!!x
15th July ~ Barbara Bradie won a plant a tree kit from Facebook competition yayyyy!!x
23rd July ~ Anne Marie won £100 from Take a Break magazine yayyyy!!x
25th July ~ Susan Jones won £500 of cider from Cosmopolitan magazine plus other prizes (see below) yayyyy!!x
22nd August ~ Julie Lucy won £125 of skincare products from Cosmopolitan magazine yayyyy!!x
30th Aug ~ Susan Jones won £100 from Puzzler magazine plus other prizes (see below) yayyyy!!x
1st September ~ Susan Jones wins again!…a koala bear, amazing luck yayyyy!!x
7th September ~ CE wins 50 David Williams books from Harper Collins yayyyy!!x
7th September ~ Donna wins £50 from The Sun yayyyy!!x
9th September ~ Sheila Gledhill wins £25 from The Sun yayyyy!!x
14th September ~ Donna wins £500 from The Daily Mail yayyyy!!x
15th September ~ Barbara Bradie won a casserole from postcode lottery & £100 back to school kit from The Sun yayyyy!!x
September ~ Sandra Oreilly won a Cobra lawnmower from TAB gardens yayyyy!!x
4th October ~ Maureen won £100 from Yours magazine yayyyy!!x
6th October ~ Roger Stanley won £50 from My Favourite Puzzle magazine yayyyy!!x
9th October ~ Emma won a lawnmower from TAB gardens yayyyy!!x
14th October ~ Barbara Bradie won a case of Rioja wine from food magazine yayyyy!!x
3rd November ~ Donna won £100 from TAB magazine yayyyy!!x
4th November ~ Barbara Bradie won a Hair care kit from Best magazine yayyyy!!x
6th November ~ Looby won £100 from Code breaker yayyyy!!x
21st November ~ Ursula won £200 from prize pointers yayyyy!!x
1st December ~ Lorraine Baker won a set of hot tools from Best Mag yayyyy!!x
7th December ~ Rosemary Daniell won a £100 from That’s Life Mag yayyyy!!x
9th December ~ Sandra Williams won a Book by Heidi Swain yayyyy!!x
11th December ~ Margaret Knights won £1000 from Thats Life Mag yayyyy!!x
21st December ~ Susan Jones won lots of prizes, listed in comments yayyyy!!x


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  1. Hi Deany
    Latest wins. From prima mag. Paw Paw skincare hamper £120+
    Hello mag, email 1 years supply of health supplements.
    Pringles. £20 Tesco voucher.
    Woman mag. Email. stay for two at Novotel Liverpool Paddington Village, dinner and a Liverpool FC Stadium Tour voucher for two adults.
    Received Food hamper £125 don’t know what I won this on.

    I’ve had a really good year and hope it continues next year.

    Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas , also everyone else on this fabulous site , hope you all have good luck with your entries and win lots of prizes

    • Congratulations Susan, Amazing prizes, you’ve certainly had a bumper year of wins, but then you do put a lot of effort in to the competitions so well earned & deserved. Long may your luck continue into 2023 🎉

    • Susan
      Congratulations on your wins this year, lets hope that 2023 continues for you in the same way…..!!
      Enjoy all your products, eat and enjoy all the food you have received and spend the money wisely (if not already spent) on you, treat yourself to something that you would not normally buy)
      Have a lovely Christmas and a smashing 2023.
      Margaret xx

      • Thank you Margaret for your good wishes, I’ll be snacking on the food over Christmas while watching tv 🤣
        I’ve donated the skin care products and other prizes ,a local veteran Lady wanted who’s son is in the army wanted to fill 120 shoe boxes with treats for men & women in the army so they had a Christmas present to open. And also she was doing a raffle to get funds to do Christmas dinners for ‘The not forgotten Vetrans.’
        I know I put in the effort to win and pleased that I can help other causes🙂

        Hope 2023 is good to you and you receive lots of prizes.
        Merry Christmas to you and your family 🌲🎅🧑‍🎄🍀
        Sue xx

  2. Received a gift box of toiletries from Best a couple of weeks ago I’ve lost the details of which edition but thanks to poster

  3. Just had a letter to say I have won £1,000 in That’s Life Big Cash Crossword. As we have just had a close bereavement in our family this will go towards any expenses needed.

  4. Just got an email to say I had won a book, Christmas Celebration by Heidi Swain. So excited.

  5. Just got a letter to say I’ve won £100 for Code Breaker in Issue 44 of that’s life! So pleased!

  6. Just received an email from Best Mag – I have won a set of Hot Tools Professional Dual Plate Salon Hair Straighteners – Perfect Xmas pressie for my friend!!

  7. I won £100 in that’s life issue 41 code breaker

  8. Morning all,
    Just had e-mail from Best Magazine, have won a hair care kit.

  9. Hi, just had e-mail telling me I had won a case of Rioja wine. It was a food magazine.

  10. Sorry, should have added the win was in September 2022

  11. I also won a Cobra cordless lawnmower from Take a Break Gardens, once I’d confirmed my identity it was delivered within 5 days. Thank you.

  12. Just received a cheque for £50 from My Favourite Puzzles magazine

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