2022 Wall Of Winners  

If you are a winner add your name and prize in the comments below and you will be added to the Wall of Winners. No Requests for answers, or submission of answers please on this page.

10th January ~ Susan Jones won a £100 voucher from Marie Claire magazine yayyyy!!x
15th January ~ Julie Lucy won a £30 from Chat magazine yayyyy!!x
27th January ~ Lesley Richards won £250 from The Daily Mail yayyyy!!x
30th January ~ Susan Jaffa won £500 from That’s Life magazine yayyyy!!x
2nd February ~ Susan Tivey won £50 from You magazine yayyyy!!x
4th February ~ Susan Jones won £50 from That’s Life magazine yayyyy!!x
6th February ~ Jacquie won £25 from Sunday Express yayyyy!!x
17th February ~ Ed won £150 from Chat magazine yayyyy!!x
4th March ~ Annette Davies won £100 from TAB magazine yayyyy!!x
9th March ~ Elizabeth Stanton won A retro radio from That’s
Life magazine yayyyy!!x

9th March ~ Sue Savage won £200 from Bella magazine yayyyy!!x
13th March ~ Susan Jones won £100 voucher from ??? magazine yayyyy!!x
17th March ~ Susan Jones won £50 from Chat magazine yayyyy!!x
18th March ~ Paula Martin won £50 from That’s Life magazine yayyyy!!x
19th March ~ Laura Young won £50 from That’s Life magazine yayyyy!!x
24th March ~ Peter Ogg won £100 gift card from Instagram Funky Pigeon yayyyy!!x
25th March ~ Barbara Bradie won a quartz crystal candle from Fate & Fortune yayyyy!!x
28th March ~ Susan Jones wins again!! A book from Fate & Forune yayyyy!!x
7th April ~ Peter Ogg won £50 from Fate & Forune yayyyy!!x
14th April ~ Brenda won a necklace from Marie Claire magazine yayyyy!!x
23rd April ~ Heather won £250 from Chat magazine yayyyy!!x
25th April ~ Susan Jones wins again woohoo £100 hair/skin hamper from Cosmopolitan magazine yayyyy!!x
26th April ~ Georgia won £100 from Thats Life magazine yayyyy!!x
28th April ~ Susan Jones won yet again (see below)!!! How amazing yayyyy!!x
30th April ~ Lesley Richards won football tickets yayyyy!!x
10th May ~ Barbara Bradie won a framed art print from Good Housekeeping yayyyy!!x
13th May ~ Andy P won £50 from The Sun yayyyy!!x
13th May ~ Looby won £25 from Take a Break magazine yayyyy!!x
20th May ~ Julieanne won a cruise from Magic radio yayyyy!!x
26th May ~ Sonia Bosley won £25 from take a break magazine yayyyy!!x
28th May ~ Susan Jones wins again woohoo £100 from That’s Life, Zoflora & a book yayyyy!!x
8th June ~ Barbara Bradie wins a Jubilee Towel from The Sun yayyyy!!x


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  1. Just had e-mail to say I have won a Platinum Jubliee tea towel from The Sun.

  2. Received a cheque for £100 from that’s life monthly, also received mega box of Zoflora products but didn’t say where I’d won it from and a book from sun.
    Felt like Christmas opening presents 😀

    • WoW Susan you are having a great lucky run……fabulous….congratulations 🥂🍾

    • Susan, you are “on fire”, your good luck is working at the double, keep entering and keep winning it’s lovely to hear of people winning lots…..have you got a lotto ticket handy ??
      Margaret xx

      • Thank you Margaret, I’m over the moon I think it’s making up for all the years of not winning anything. No, I haven’t got lottery ticket., although just have won £10 on postcode lottery and £5 on Thursdays set for life.
        Good luck to you.. hope you get lots of wins soon 🍀🍀🤞

  3. A letter arrived this morning from Take a Break publishers – I won £25 in the 4-squared competition (issue 18). First win! Whoop whoop!!

  4. In shock!!! just had a phone call from Magic Radio….. have won a 7 night Scandinavia cruise for 2 all inclusive, must of sounded a right idiot o the phone though as very shocked. Haven’t been away for over 5 years as havent been very well ( still having treatment now ) My husband has already booked time off of work ! now just to make sure the 5 kids, dog and cats are going to be ok. 15th July we go from Southampton 7 nights 8 days. Excited never been on a cruise.
    Just keep on entering everyone as you never know !!!! xxx

  5. I won £25 in take a break issue 15 never won in take a break before

  6. I had email earlier this week to confirm that I had won £50 in Sun Mag ARROWORD & side note for others still doing direct bank payments
    Also won Newsplayer + 2 year subscription via life & death prizes

  7. Just had e-mail from Good Housekeeping to say I have won a framed Art Print.

  8. Woohoo !!! I like this month!! Making up for years of winning nothing. Won Chinese Feng Shui Lucky Cat Figure Maneki Neko Fortune Cat Money Box Lucky Charm Piggy Bank . Only a cheap prize but still a prize. I already have a Maneki cat that waves, now going to put some coins in this one and hopefully bring more luck.
    Good luck everyone

  9. OMG…..just had phone call …. I’ve won radio competition.. portable smart projector.. outdoor screen ….. bean bag… 6 months subscription to NOW. I was so shocked I can’t remember what else she said. 😀😀. Not quite the TV I’m after but getting closer 😂😂

    Also received Neal & Wolf hamper £100+ fastest delivery ever, only won on 25th.

    On a roll….. just bought lottery ticket 🙏🤞🙏🤞🙏🤞
    I know this wasn’t a competition from here. But just saying keep trying persistence will come. Sending good luck to you all xx

    • Crikey that’s some real good lucky roll you are on Susan congratulations, 🥳🍾🥂🎈

      • Thank you Deany. I thought the prize was about £500. I’ve had email confirming my prize worth over £1000!! Only downer is I can’t enter/ win again for 6 months but the chance of winning two radio comps must be very high .
        Thank you for running this fantastic site and everyone that contributes, It’s always good to check my answer with others.

        • Think I must have had brain fog when I put chance of winning 2 radio comps very high. I meant to put very low or slim. Lol

  10. OMG another prize, just received email to say I’ve won a Neal &Wolf £100 hair / skin hamper from cosmopolitan magazine entry.

  11. Today 23rd april 2022 received acheque for £250,many thankschatx

  12. Brenda won a birthday stone necklace from Marie Claire mag

  13. Susan Jones – your one lucky gal ! what`s your secret ????? i never win a thing !

    • Hi Teresa, no secret just persistence. I like doing competitions and have been doing them since 1970’s although for many years never won anything. I’m a pensioner who’s home alone so gives me something to do and keep brain active. It’s lovely to win a prize even if it’s a small one. Sending you good luck and best wishes, hopefully you’ll receive a prize too.

      • Like me you have been comping a while
        Been doing them since 1965.
        Have won a few great prizes always wanted to win a car but never did.
        Friends have won 2 each xx

        Robert loves slogans.
        I still get Compers news which I do .
        And I enter all listed on line from Deansey
        Good luck had 2 wins this year .

        • I was lucky enough to win a mini metro in 1984 and that’s been my biggest prize win. I always think positive that I will win.
          Good luck for future wins

  14. In non magazine comps not listed here, I Won a set of Cristiano Ronald airpods my son is using & a Waffle Maker my daughter is claiming & a £100 One 4 All Voucher my wife has claimed. Its been a lean few months but seem to be on a winning streak. Just waiting for a biggie ! For ME hopefully

  15. I won £50 From Fate & Fortune Star Chart in my wifes name. I entered her too. Not going to lie I don’t buy that mag & used answer supplied by Donna. Sorry Donna I feel a bit guilty now.

  16. Had email to say I’ve won a book from Fate & Fortune
    Can’t believe this is my6th prize this month.

  17. Just had e-mail to say I have won a Quartz Crystal Candle from Fate & Fortune.

    • Congratulations Barbara 👍🥳

    • Hi Barbara,
      Just wondered if you’ve received your candle from Fate & Fortune?
      In the same issue myself and someone else also won a prize of a book and neither of us has received it, both of us has sent numerous emails but the last 3 have been ignored. Don’t know what else we can do, guess put down to bad experience and we’re not going to receive it.
      Hope you’ve had better luck and received yours.

  18. I won a £100 M & S Gift Card from an Instagram Comp By The Funky Pigeon. I know I didn’t win it on one of the comps listed here, but makes up for not notifying you when I have had wins. My daughter Laura Young got £50 the other week from a Thats life Comp I entered her in

    • Fabulous! Congratulations Laura & Peter 👍🥳

    • Well done Peter, good to see a name that is identifiable from the group…. and nice news for your daughter. My daughter won £100 from Take a Break last week, after I let her know the answers ( too lazy to do them herself!)….waiting for my “cut of the money”…. knowing her I’ll be waiting for a long time.
      Margaret x

  19. Paula Martin won £50. That’s Life We Love Puzzles. Issue 2.

  20. Just received a cheque for £50 from Chat skinny one competition. Can’t believe this is my 4th competition win for March alone. That’s 7 prizes this year so far. Never been so lucky. Good luck everyone.

  21. Had email today to say I’ve won £100 voucher from magazine but don’t know which. Also won Costa express hamper worth £200 from One Stop, looking forward to receiving this I only drink coffee and £50 from Sun. Can’t believe I’ve won something in January, February and March after a lean spell. Good luck everyone hope you win too.

  22. Just got confirmation that my £200 was for Bella Issue 7 arrowword.

  23. I have just received a cheque for £200 in the post from Bauer Publishing but no letter to say what it is for. I presume it is from one of the many competitions I enter

  24. I have done Take a Break competitions from the 90’s and I have never won anything, I don’t care I love doing the competitions.

  25. I won £100 in issue 6 of Take a Break,1st time winner,nice surprise this am,but car needs needs work for MOT!

  26. £150.00 Chat win 17/01/2022 spiral Xword.

  27. Congratulations Jacquie 🥳👍

  28. Just had cheque for £50 won on Double Cross in December issue of That’s Life! crime Special. Can’t believe I’ve won 2 prizes this year! Good luck everybody.

  29. Pamela Rutter £25 real people niceclittle earner com

  30. Just had a cheque for £50 a runner up prize fromYou magazine (Mail on Sunday)
    Well done to Lesley on her £250 win.

  31. Just had letter from “That’s Life ” to say I’ve won £500.00 in the Big Arrow Challenge, Issue 1.My hubby and I have got birthdays soon so I’ll treat us to a nice break away in Cornwall.

  32. Can anyone tell me the value of the Ultimate pet bundle for take a break pets issue 10! I have been lucky enough to win!

    • Hi I have just been notified of a win with the Daily Mail it’s the spiral competition the prize is £250 my first win in 2 and a half years,never give up on entering because you never know.Good Luck to everybody with their entries Lesley Richards👍😃😃

  33. £30 Chat Magazine

  34. Congratulations Susan 👍

  35. Good start to 2022. Won £100 voucher to spend at Looplegs from Marie Claire magazine.

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