2021 Wall Of Winners  

If you are a winner add your name and prize in the comments below and you will be added to the Wall of Winners. No Requests for answers, or submission of answers please on this page.

29th April ~ Sue won £50 from The Sun Yay!!! x
20th April ~ Alan Rigley won £50 from The Sun Yay!!! x
16th April ~ Jasmin won £320 kitchen goodies Yay!!! x
13th April ~ Jasmin won £100 from Thats Life magazine Yay!!! x
1st April ~ Toby Wheddon wins goodies £££’s worth of prizes (see below)Yay!!! x
29th March ~ Emma Woodward won goodies worth £380 from TAB magazine Yay!!! x
12th March ~ Julieanne Derbyshire won £25 from Real People magazine Yay!!! x
12th March ~ Paul Derbyshire won £500 from Chat magazine Yay!!! x
11th March ~ Brenda won a Lakeland spray mop & £10 voucher from house beautiful Yay!!! x
4th March ~ Erica Field won £50 from That’s Life Crime magazine Yay!!! x
4th March ~ Karen Cook won 2 x £25 from Chat magazine Yay!!! x
3rd March ~ Carole Hayes won £50 from Sunday crossword YAYYYYYY!!! x
17th Feb ~ Andy P won £50 from Inside Soap magazine YAYYYYYY!!! x
12th Feb ~ Joanne won £200 from Thats Life magazine YAYYYYYY!!! x
3rd Feb ~ Jean Lyden won £65 from Take a Break magazine YAYYYYYY!!! x
24th Jan ~ John Marshall won £100 from The Sun newspaper YAYYYYYY!!! x
16th Jan ~ Paul Padgett won £50 from That’s Life magazine YAYYYYYY!!! x
16th Jan ~ Emma won £50 from That’s Life magazine YAYYYYYY!!! x
16th Jan ~ Maureen won £34 from Take a Puzzle magazine YAYYYYYY!!! x



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  1. 20th April won £50 on sun arroword

  2. Just received email to say I’ve won £50 from sun sportscode competition . Thank you Mr Grumpy and everyone else for your help.
    It’s good to be able to check my answers with others and thank you Deany for such a great site you run.

  3. Won £50 on sun arroword ,informed by email ,how long before I get my prize?

  4. Won £320 worth of kitchen goodies from the kitchen think monthly draw

  5. Hey I won £100 from that’s life magazine! 😊

  6. hurrah another win today , from sunday mirror magazine they had over 1800 enteries and i was one of 5 winners a £100 skinny food hamper.

  7. hi compers , my motto is never give up , i haven’t won for few months , then this week hey presto, ive won jameson whisky and cheese pack from costcutter , plus a steam cleaner from the nielsen panel group, also i enter friends in comps when i have spare forms and 1 pal has won this week from real people no7 £250 and another mate has won star prize from real people issue 10 £1000 , as there good friends i also share their winnings , NEVER GIVE UP ,

  8. I Won a Hair Styling Bundle from the TAB March Bumper issue Worth approx £380 thank you So Much xx

  9. Won £25 from Real People magazine

  10. Just received a check for £500 from Chat ( Big Quiz) magazine

  11. Won a Lakeland spray mop and 10pnd voucher from house beautiful March 11th

  12. Re postcode lotto. after my complaint regarding GU35 postcode appearing many many times each month nothing was drawn there for
    Last 4 weeks. Today 6 march its back!! A small place Borden in Hampshire from all the millions of postcodes in England. This absolutely is not right the whole thing is very suspicious.

    • I don’t do this lotto Jane. Once you start that game you have to carry on and it gets expensive. I do the occasional lucky dip but never win owt money goes to people who don’t need it I find. Although I won £50 on a scratch card I dont buy them regularly its a mugs game.

      • This is not Camelot lotto it’s the one advertised on tv a charity lotto
        With prizes daily. I’ve spoken to them twice and they insist it’s random!!

  13. I won £50 in the Double Cross competition that appeared in issue 1 of That’s Life Crime Special. Yippee

  14. Won 2 x 25 pounds inn2001. Chat magazine x

  15. Re postcode lottery again…since my challenging these people about two areas in hampshire appearing more than sometimes twice a week
    It has now stopped for a month!!! Apparently they have an office in guildford which at first was denied then admitted just a short distance down the hogs back to these two areas. You can make your own conclusions but I consider this was not a coincidence. If other areas are also frequently duplicated keep your eye on them if you partake in
    And pay into this lotto.

  16. I have just seen an email informing me that I have won the Arroword prize in issue 6 from inside soap magazine (as this is one of the few that I don’t buy and enter via the help our friends on here give would love to thank them will add their name if I can still find it after this message,) so my second win this year even if one was from last year technically lol , so thank you thank you thank you whoever you were. I am not sure of the prize amount but I am sure Deany will hopefully anyway.

  17. Joanne won £200. 00 from That’s Life February 12.
    Many thanks to you all.

  18. I have been a bit remiss for mentioning my wins from last year wholly down to our friends on here too as they are mags I don’t buy rather than the ones I do and therefore should have thanked people earlier but in my defence one was recently notified from last year, I have had 2 Sun SPORTSCODE wins £50 each mid last year and towards the last 3rd an ARROWORD win £50 from sun again, but wanted to mention the Best Magazine win £100 was called last week about my win from wait for it week 32 so no chance of thanking the person for the answers that week but I do thank them wholeheartedly and hope they have or will win soon too , again like others have mentioned you get choice to wait till they get back in to the office eventually or give bank details but this is done with a password protection system so safer than the sun’s prizes but I have had no trouble with there system to be fair , and best magazine is still 4 to 6 weeks wait for payment, so so far behind with their competitions, but glad of my winnings thank you to all who help ,

  19. Re postcode lotto again in case any of you are involved in this. Borden
    Again today 5 february so definitely something amiss as it happens all of time. I’m not checking postcodes other than GU so do wonder if this so called not a coincidence is happening in others too…

  20. Hi Deany, Received a cheque today for
    £65 from Take A Puzzle magazine. I also won £25 from Take a Break before November last year. I buy these two mags and check my answers with yours. Its very helpful if I get stuck.Thank you so much.

  21. Thought some may be interested. The daily postcode lotto is not what
    You might expect. Week after week the daily prizes go to GU postcodes in Borden and farnborough hants. Even today it’s Borden again. Borden comes up all the time and I have written and they deny bias. It’s NOT coincidental it’s happened dozens of of times and so if this continues I shall definitely come out. Such a shame when we are led to believe this is a fun draw!!

  22. Nice surprise email off the sun newspaper won £100
    On their Saturday crossword comp.

  23. Hi deany thanks to the fantastic community you have created for us compers i got a letter this morning of thats life we love puzzles issue 19 to say i had won 50 pound also many many thanks to ron for posting answers by the way it was a online entry

  24. Hi Deany, I’ve just received a letter and a cheque from issue 19 that’s life! We love Puzzles for £50 🤩🤩 thanks again for all you do 🥰 Emma xx

  25. Just got a cheque for £34 from Take a Puzzle. First win in a very long time xx

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