2020 Wall Of Winners  

If you are a winner add your name and prize in the comments below and you will be added to the Wall of Winners. No Requests for answers, or submission of answers please on this page.

21st September ~ Jason Barrow won £250 from TI media YAYYYYYY!!! x
21st September ~ Patricia Dewey won £500 from That’s Life mag YAYYYYYY!!! x
19th September ~ Ethel won £320 from Real people mag YAYYYYYY!!! x
27th August ~ Brenda won £200 gift card from Good housekeeping mag YAYYYYYY!!! x
3rd August ~ Lyn Burchell won £100 from Take a Break magazine YAYYYYYY!!! x
25th July ~ Emma won £500 from Midsummer Puzzle Collection YAYYYYYY!!! x
24th July ~ Shelley Bell won £100 from Chat YAYYYYYY!!! x
23rd July ~ Jackie Whittingham won £1000 from Thats Life Crime scene YAYYYYYY!!! x
14th July ~ Mr Grumpy Is no longer grumpy he’s won £50 from My favourite puzzles YAYYYYYY!!! x
4th July ~ Susan won £100 from Take a Break YAYYYYYY!!! x
3rd July ~ Danielle won £50 from Inside Soap YAYYYYYY!!! x
***** 3rd July ~ KAZ won £9000 from Take a break YAYYYYYY!!! *****
28th June ~ Julie won £100 from Mail on Sunday YAYYYYYY!!! x
26th June ~ P.J won £100 from Pile-up puzzle YAYYYYYY!!! x
10th June ~ Jackie won £50 from Thats Life magazine YAYYYYYY!!! x
3rd June ~ Debbie won £200 from Bella magazine YAYYYYYY!!! x
26th May ~ Ethel won £200 from That’s Life YAYYYYYY!!! x
13 th May ~ Davyboy won a DVD Babylon Berlin from What’s on TV YAYYYYYY!!! x
28th April ~ Patricia Dewey won £200 from That’s Life YAYYYYYY!!! x
22nd April ~ Sheila Gledhill won a massive £2000 from That’s Life YAYYYYYY!!! x
15th April ~ Hysteria won a family day out ticket from Real People Yay!!! x
14th April ~ Jason won £500 from TAB mag!! Yay!!! x
3rd April ~ Brenda won a swimming costume from Yours mag!! Yay!!! x
29th March ~ Jackie won £200 from Thats Life mag!! Yay!!! x
27th March ~ Mr Grumpy won £750 from TAB Puzzler mag!! Yay!!! x
21st March ~ Sheila Gledhill won Perfume from Puzzler mag!! Yay!!! x
20th March ~ Ethel won £200 gift card from TV Choice mag!! Yay!!! x
6th March ~ Julieanne won £1000 from Chat mag & book bundle from Yours mag!! Yay!!! x
5th March ~ Brenda won a vegan brush set & bag Yay!!! x
5th March ~ Jacquie won £20 gift voucher Yay!!! x
3rd March ~ Jackie won £100 from Real People Yay!!! x
22nd February ~ Emma won £50 from The Sun sportscode Yay!!! x
13th February ~ Hysteria won again! £100 from Puzzler Collection Yay!!! x
13th February ~ Jason won £50 Yay!!! x
29th January ~ Hysteria won DVD set from Take a Break Yay!!! x
28th January ~ Margaret won £100 from The Sun Yay!!! x
10th January ~ Belinda won a camera from Real People magazine Yay!!! x
20th January ~ Jacquie won £50 Tesco gift cards from Compers news Yay!!! x
24th January ~ Shrikant won £100 from Real People Yay!!! x
24th January ~ Ethel won £50 from Chat magazine online entry Yay!!! x
24th January ~ Kim won a pet feeder from Take a pets magazine Yay!!! x



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  1. Congratulations Jason 🎉🥂🍾🎈

  2. I’ve just had a letter to say I have won £500 from That’s Life. I feel so lucky because I won £200 in April this year. Thank you so much for your help with a special hug to Ron.

  3. Thank you Sheila and Deany. It was from an online entry over lockdown. Pleased I had put my time to good use! Xx

  4. I have won £320 in Real People Magazine which is a lovely surprise. Let’s hope there are more lucky winners. Good luck to everyone xx

  5. 27th August Brenda £200 gift card from good housekeeping magazine.tin of greenhouse paint from grow your own magazine.Hope prizes come in threes.

  6. Have just received an e-mail – have won £100 on TAB Strike It Lucky – issue 29. Just like to say Deany what a great site you run and thanks to all who contribute.

  7. Hi Deany – I received an email this week to say that I had won £500 from the MIDSUMMER PUZZLE COLLECTION! Thank you so much for running and managing such a fantastic site 😘🥳 Emma

  8. Hi, I have just received a letter from That’s Life Crime Scene advising that I have won £1,000.

  9. Congratulations Jason, 🥂🍾🥳

  10. Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner.
    £50 TAB – My Favourite Puzzles (June)

  11. I am possibly a winner from Chat. My name was in the winner’s list about 3 weeks ago now, but I have had no notification – it was from the issue dated Mar29 I think (so just as we went into lockdown). As chat address is Leicester and they in lockdown again I have no idea if/when I will get notified or get the prize (£50)

  12. Won £100 from Take a break issue 25 from the Question Time Puzzle.

  13. Hurrah I won £50
    Inside Soap #24 Arrowword.😊😊

  14. Hi Deany,
    OMG! I still can’t quite believe it but I have won £9000 in the Big Cash Stash prize from a late online entry in Take a Break. I just want to wish everyone good luck and to say don’t give up. I would never have believed this could happen to me, but it has! I am still coming down to Earth.
    I love doing the puzzles and want to say thanks to everyone on this wonderful site, as it is always good to check answers before entering.

    • OMG 🎉🎉🎉🍾🥂massive congratulations Kaz 🥳 fantastic news 😁😁😁 something fabulous happening after all the COVID-19 stress! Well done 👍

  15. Nikisha Telemaque

    Just had an email i’ve won a book from
    Fate & Fortune not cash but a win is a win.

  16. Well done Julie – Good luck for more x

  17. You totally deserve this win Julie, congratulations you’re an absolute star 🌟 especially with all that you are doing for charity xx 🥂🍾🥳🎉🦋

    • Thanks Deany, I set out today on my first day of the walk, clocked 9km I was so delighted – only 71 to go 😉 but loved every minute of it
      The editor wrote today to say he will put it into my bank a/c so I just checked and there it is (as with covid, they are working remotely so some folk are still waiting since March, I was lucky to say yep, stick it in my bank 🙂

      Julie xx

  18. i won £100 from Pile-Up Pile-Up Puzzle
    It’s the first one i have won! Well happy 🙂

  19. Janet Mcardle. From Australia. Few
    Months ago I won a clothes washer and tumble dryer from the Aussie that’s life .

  20. I’ve just won £50 on That’s Life We Puzzles

  21. Have just heard I’ve won £200 from Bella Magazine! Am awaiting cheque! Delighted! Thanks to all who posts on this wonderful site!

  22. Received cheque and letter today saying I won £200 in That’s Life! Has made my day. Sending good luck to all!!

  23. Won a boxed dvd, Babylon Berlin, from What’s on TV. Only trouble is it’s in German. Any comps doing a language course giveaway? David

  24. I have just won £200 from That’s Life. I would like a special thanks to Ron who always posts the answers for me to check against.

  25. Hi Sheila, WOW!! Huge congratulations to you, I am so thrilled for you, what a lovely surprise! Sorry have not been around on here much as have been taking a break from puzzling for around 9 or 10 months, but your win has inspired me to start them again, also very pleased that you won with an online entry which proves that all methods get the same chance. Hope you are keeping safe & well, and enjoying this lovely weather we’ve been having, well done again!! xxxx

    • Hi Lynda
      Thanks for your good wishes, l have missed your input ha. Glad l have made you think about comping again . Hope your keeping well with what’s happening at the moment. Take care and thanks again .

      • Hi Sheila, thank you, yes I’m fine, but it is hard and gets boring at times with not much to do & everything except a few shops shut. Am always really happy to hear of others good news, I bet you will enjoy spending it, its lovely to have a bit of luck with everything that’s going on at the moment. Keep puzzling, and try and win the £10,000 in Tab next! xxx

  26. Hi Deany
    Just had a lovely surprise this morning. A cheque has arrived for £2000.00 from That’s Life Issue 12. It was an online entry.l am really
    pleased about it. It only took 3 weeks for the cheque to arrive, which is good. They told me on the phone it could take months
    because of the Coronavirus. I have been waiting patiently ha

    • Wooohhhhhooo fabulous news Sheila, what a wonderful prize congratulations xx🥂🍾👏💐

    • Well done Sheila – enjoy spending it xx

    • Dear Sheila, About 2 years ago I said that you could be in for big win if you kept on plodding. I wished you good luck then! Yay! Well done. My words have come true at long last. I’m sure you don’t mind about wait. What are you going to spend it on? CONGRATULATIONS FROM EVERYONE!!

      • Hi Jacquie
        Thanks very much, l was thrilled to win and
        I can remember you saying l was due for
        a big win. My husband thought it was a scam
        when l got the email because there are
        a lot of scams about.so l was pleased when
        the cheque came yesterday. Not sure how
        I am going to spend it yet because of the
        Coronavirus. Jacquie do you know what’s
        happened to Lynda ? Have not seen any of
        her posts for ages. I know she was having
        a break from entering comps. Hope your
        coping ok with the present situation. X

        • Hello again Sheila, Thanks for message. Thanks, am coping pretty well with current situation. Have dog to walk each day, birds ( including nesting blue tits ) to watch in garden and endless supply of puzzles, to mention but a few. Hope you are doing alright too and keeping well.
          Lynda Strong is Facebook friend, she is alive and kicking. I told her about your win this morning, so no doubt she will be in touch soon. Maybe she has stopped taking a break from Puzzles now.
          Congratulations again and best wishes. Xx

    • Congratulations Sheila, what a lovely win, just shows, hang on in there and good things happen…….at the moment I’m still hanging, but I can wait !!!! Enjoy spending it when the time is right xx

  27. Woohoo, I won a family day out ticket today from real people mag, might be a while before I can use it though, but not complaining given the situation!!! 3rd win this year so far 👍 thanks to everyone sharing, Deany for keeping the site going and lets all stay in for as long as it takes, stay safe.

  28. Won a Anita swimming costume from yours mag.will be giving it to my daughter.

  29. Just “Won” THE MOST AMAZING COMPETITION “PRIZE” EVER… My hubby Nev is home from hospital, after a major op against the big C word…. hopefully caught it early and defeated the odds and is home with me, gonna whup the ass out of the other C word… relegated to corona pop….
    Just want to say. MANY THANKS TO Deanys, for maintaining our sanity in these troubled times…. We are self isolating but wish EVERYONE well, PLEASE stay safe, and take care , LOVES you all, even tho we havn’t met yet. XXXXX

  30. I have just received a letter telling me that I have won £200 on Spot the difference in That’s Life magazine Issue 8.

  31. Mr Grumpy is no longer grumpy, congratulations on your well deserved win. I am still chasing the postman down the road. Better look for that silly cat.

  32. Just had an email won £750 on TAB Mini Sudoku Collection
    Cheered me up no end during this period of time.

  33. Hi Deany
    Well the post lady has just been and l have won a comp in Puzzler
    Cracking Crosswords 18. The prize is a Beyoncé Rise Eau De Parfum
    100mls and it smells nice. l know its not a big win but l still won. Yay!!!! Not actually won anything since last September.

  34. Had a wonderful surprise today – a £200 gift card from TV Choice online comp xx

  35. Just received a letter from Chat magazine telling me I have won £1000 from issue 6. Ask that I send in a photo to with how I will spend the money ( hate having my photo taken) .
    Got a letter last week from Yours telling me that I have won a book bundle. Great start to March

  36. Won a vegan brush set and bag from cosmopolitan

  37. Congratulations Jackie 👍🍾🥂🎉

  38. I won £50 from sun sportscode! Thank you to everyone who contributes to this site 🙂

  39. 13/02/20 yay, won £100 from puzzler collection!

  40. 29/01/2020 Just received a letter to say I have won 5 x Dvd box sets from take a break – take a puzzle, woohoo, long may it continue 😀

  41. Deany, just had an email to say I have won £100 from The Sun Saturday Puzzles, Crossword.
    Last week I won (mainly from Facebook competitions) a book, heel cream moisturiser, £35 of Poundstretcher vouchers, and am waiting for some beauty products from New Magazine.
    Looks as if 2020 is going to be a good year if this continues……but it probably won’t !!

  42. I won a pet feeder from take a pets

    Kim Westwood

  43. Had no wins at all in whole of 2019, but just got cheque from Chat for £50 for online puzzle entry. Maybe 2020 will be luckier for me!!! Good luck to everyone xx

  44. Won £100 on sudoku that’s life issue 50 thanks guys happy entries

  45. Congratulations Jacquie, enjoy spending 🌼🌼🍾🥂

  46. Fabulous news Belinda, I’m so chuffed for you, well done 🍾🥂🎉

  47. I got a letter from Real People dated 10th Jan, telling me I’ve won a digital camera! Can I just say thank you so much Deany for this site, and especially to the regular contributors. I’m in a wheelchair, stuck at home virtually 24/7 and love my puzzle magazines so much, but it’s great to be able to double check my answers. Keep puzzling everyone, and good luck!

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