Wall of Winners 2019

2019 Wall Of Winners  

If you are a winner add your name and prize in the comments below and you will be added to the Wall of Winners. No Requests for answers, or submission of answers please on this page.

30th December ~ Jean won £50 from TAB magazine Yay!!! x
16th December ~ Sarah won £50 from TAB magazine Yay!!! x
14th December ~ Toby wins again! £50 from Best magazine Yay!!! x
9th December ~ AngelaT won £500 from That’s Life magazine Yay!!! x
3rd December ~ Joan won £150 from Real People magazine Yay!!! x
2nd December ~ Christine won £25 from TV Choice magazine Yay!!! x
22nd November ~ Wildchild won £50 from That’s Life magazine Yay!!! x
15th November ~ Emma won £53 from TAPuzzle magazine Yay!!! x
15th November ~ Jacquie won £53 from TAB magazine Yay!!! x
12th November ~ Denise won £200 from That’s Life magazine Yay!!! x
11th November ~ LUCKY Toby wins again!! £200 from Best magazine Yay!!! x
11th November ~ Wendy won £100 from Real People magazine Yay!!! x
9th November ~ Me….Deany I won a sewing machine Woohoo !!! x
8th November ~ Toby wins again! £25 from Real People magazine Yay!!! x
27th October ~ Deringer won a phone from TAB magazine Yay!!! x
21st October ~ Julieanne won £150 from Real People magazine Yay!!! x
19th October ~ Helen won £25 from TAB magazine Yay!!! x
17th October ~ Incredibly Toby wins again!! This time £200 woohoo from Best magazine Yay!!! x
12th October ~ Suzanne won a book from psychic news magazine Yay!!! x
9th October ~ Jacquie wins again! £50 Matalan card from Best magazine Yay!!! x
8th October ~ Wendy wins again! £100 from Real People magazine Yay!!! x
5th October ~ Mandy wins an air fryer from That’s Life magazine Yay!!! x
30th September ~ Joan wins £100 from That’s Life magazine Yay!!! x
28th September ~ Toby wins again & again & again!!!£501 Total prizes (see comments) Yay!!! x
25th September ~ Jacquie wins again! £30 Tesco voucher from Compers news Yay!!! x
23rd September ~ Jacquie won £60 of skincare beauty bundle from New magazine Yay!!! x
19th September ~ Brenda won a memory bear & dog tracker from Real People Yay!!! x
18th September ~ Sheila wins again!!! £100 from Puzzler Yay!!! x
7th September ~ Sheila wins £10 love2shop voucher from Puzzler Yay!!! x
6th September ~ Wendy wins again! £20 book token from Daily Mail Yay!!! x
4th September ~ Incredibly Toby wins again! £251 from Real People Yay!!! x
31st August ~ Our Ron won £1000 from Crossword collection Yay!!! x
28th August ~ Helen won £100 from That’s Life Yay!!! x
27th August ~ Linda won £200 from That’s Life Yay!!! x
24th August ~ Caroline won £100 from Pick me up Yay!!! x
22nd August ~ Wendy won yet again!! £45 from Puzzler Yay!!! x
10th August ~ Wendy won again!! Prizes this time 🙂 see comments Yay!!! x
9th August ~ Wendy won £60 from Chat magazine Yay!!! x
9th August ~ Ron won £50 from Love It magazine Yay!!! x
6th August ~ Peter Ogg won £25 & £50 from Comp magazines Yay!!! x
5th August ~ Jill Wakefield won £25 from Chat magazine Yay!!! x
24th July ~ Mr Grumpy won £45 from Cracking crosswords magazine Yay!!! x
19th July ~ CE won £25 from Chat magazine Yay!!! x
13th July ~ Geoff House won £100 from That’s Life magazine Yay!!! x
12th July ~ Carole Eaves won £50 from The Sun Yay!!! x
10th July ~ DOUBLE WINNER Toby Wheddon won £200 from Bella magazine Yay!!! x
10th July ~ Toby Wheddon won £150 voucher from Real People magazine Yay!!! x
4th July ~ Marie won £1000 from Pick Me Up magazine Yay!!! x
3rd June ~ Carole Eaves won £150 from Inside Soap magazine Yay!!! x
1st June ~ Jacquie won a vintage secateurs set from Puzzler Cracking Crosswords Yay!!! x
31st May ~ Jackie D won £33 from Take a Puzzle Yay!!! x
31st May ~ Angela Arnold won £25 from Real People Yay!!! x
24th May ~ Toby Wheddon won an espresso coffee machine from Real People Yay!!! x
18th May ~ Joan Dalton won £500 from Pick me up Yay!!! x
17th May ~ Joan won £200 from Thats life Yay!!! x
16th May ~ Jacquie won £50 from Love it Yay!!! x
10th May ~ Jason won £25 from Whats on TV Yay!!! x
8th May ~ Helen won £100 from That’s Life magazine Yay!!! x
4th May ~ Julie won £100 from The Star newspaper Yay!!! x
3rd May ~ Sandra won £50 from Real People magazine Yay!!! x
23rd April ~ Jacquie Won Wright’s baking bundle from Cracking crosswords Yay!!! x
20th April ~ Toby Won £100 from Best magazine Yay!!! x
20th April ~ Lynda Won £150 from Best magazine ( possibly lol)Yay!!! x
12th April ~ Brenda Won £100 from Daily Express Yay!!! x
2nd April ~ Sharon Won £100 M&S vouchers from TAB Yay!!! x
2nd April ~ Pauline Won £250 from Real People magazine Yay!!! x
27th March ~ Donna Won £25 from Daily Star Yay!!! x
27th March ~ Midnighter Won £202 from Real People magazine Yay!!! x
20th March ~ Jacquie Won £70 Of skincare products from New magazine Yay!!! x
15th March ~ Lyn Burchell Won £100 M&S vouchers from TAB magazine Yay!!! x
8th March ~ Joan Dalton Won £50 from Chat magazine Yay!!! x
8th March ~ Eileen Won £50 from Real People magazine Yay!!! x
7th March ~ Sandra Williams Won £50 from Cracking Crosswords Yay!!! x
6th March ~ Mr Grumpy Won £44 from Take a Puzzle magazine Yay!!! x
28th February ~ Wyn Won £50 from Chat magazine Yay!!! x
25th February ~ Sheila G Won £25 from Take a Break Yay!!! x
25th February ~ Joan Won £50 from my favourite puzzles Yay!!! x
21st February ~ Jacquie Won £25 love 2 shop vouchers from Lovatts Yay!!! x
14th February ~ Rachael Stevens Won £500 from chat Yay!!! x
29th January ~ Cretona Won £100 from Daily Express Yay!!! x
26th January ~ Donna Won £200 from The Telegraph Yay!!! x
25th January ~ Julie Perry won £100 from TV Times Yay!!! x
24th January ~ CE won £150 from Real People Yay!!! x
23rd January ~ Toby Wheddon won £50 from Sun newspaper Yay!!! x
22nd January ~ Chris won £50 from Daily Express Yay!!! x
21st January ~ Paul Padgett won £25 from Real People magazine Yay!!! x
14th January Andrew Wadsley won £100 restaurant vouchers from TAB Yay!!! x



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  1. Another week, another win , woo.
    £45.00 from Puzzler Cracking Crosswords Issue 9

  2. Must be on a mini winning streak…
    Won 2 tickets to a football match with Sunday Express Sportsword
    Over £100 beauty prize package from UKMums.TV

  3. won £60.00 Chat Sudoku puzzle

  4. I had a cheque for £50 from Love It today. Whoopie!!!

  5. Came Back from Holiday to a £25 cheque from a Sudoku Comp (wasn’t clear which one just had a publishers name on it not a magazine name and I enter loads). I also kindly enter family members and one got a £50 from Thats Life – probably from their new Thats Life We Love Puzzles magazine rather than the weekly or monthly one

  6. Well done Mr Grumpy that’s a great win, and well deserved too as you put lots of answers up for Take a Break puzzle books so a great help x

  7. Hooray🎊 Just received a cheque £45.00
    Puzzler Cracking Crosswords #8 Pg 59.
    Cheered me up no end crap day at work 😊😊

  8. Received a cheque for £25 from Chat!


  10. wow! won £50 from Sun Arroword….every little helps!

  11. WOW , just seen my name in real people list of winners issue 24 ive won a £150 shopping voucher

    • WOW Toby, congratulations, I wonder if you will get that lucky 3rd win tomorrow woohoo fabulous news 👍🥂🍾

    • Well done Toby, a double winner , bet you cant believe it . lve not
      won anything since Feb but l am waiting patiently ha. My husband
      laughs at me saying l will never win ha

  12. hurrah first win for july and first win in bella magazine £200

  13. £1,000 from Pick me up arrived this morning.

  14. WOOW! won £150 from Inside soap, thats my second time in 6 months, so keep on going , thanks to all and good luck

  15. Well done Jacquie, what a perfect prize for you, I know how much you love your garden 😉xx 🌱 🌳 💐

    • Well done Jacquie! You are doing well, that’s two prizes from Cracking Crosswords in a few weeks, yay! 😀 xx

      • Thank you Deany and Lynda. Just the luck of the draw I suppose. I’ll enjoy Cracking Crosswords even more now! 😂 Jacquiex

  16. Just received a cheque for £33 from issue 4, Take a Puzzle – online entry.

  17. Win £25 Real People (notified at beginning of week, but still to be received)

  18. hurrah , winner again from real people issue 16, a espresso coffee machine yum yum

  19. I wanted to let you know I have won £500. On pick me up. I only had the cheque today, it was for follow up issue 12. Wanted you to know . Best wishes Deans xxx

  20. Had £200 from That’s Life last week. It’s been a while since I have had anything from the mags.

  21. Thank you everyone who contributes answers to Deanys site. Today special thanks go to Midnighter, Marie, etc because I was pleasantly surprised to see in Love It that I had won £50 for issue 682 Spot the Difference. Yippee. I don’t deserve such luck.

    • Well done Jacquie….you said you needed cheering up 😀 🍾🥂👍🤗

    • Well done Jacquie! Bet that was a lovely surprise, have you received your prize yet? Some mags give the prize first, then you see your name several weeks later and vice versa. Seeing your name first gives the added bonus of waiting for the LWE to arrive. Enjoy your winnings, and its great that you acknowledged Midnighter, as have seen his answers every week, I’m always impressed with how quickly he posts them, as there’s loads of different comps, Big Quiz, Find my cat etc. Well done again! 😀 xx

      • Dear Lynda, Yes it was lovely surprise, especially as I was looking to see if anybody l knew had won. I didn’t realise until yesterday that Love It publish winners first and then send out cheques. Now I am expecting at least one LWE,great!
        Thank you very much for best wishes, hope you are keeping well and happy!xx🌹

  22. Congratulations Helen 🍾🥂👍

  23. Woohoo Julie fab news, congratulations xx🍾🥂💐👍

  24. Wom £50 from Real People.

  25. Just found out that my win of Wright’s baking bundle came from issue 5 of Cracking Crosswords. Wahey!

  26. hi fellow compers, i was thinking no magazine wins for me in over 3 months , then i get home today and another £100 win from best magazine , my 4th win from this mag. never give up happy comping

  27. Hi Deany,

    I had a lovely surprise this morning, I received a cheque for £150 from Hearst! Its actually two prizes of £50 and £100, and both for Crossword comps. Am unsure if they’re from Best, or Real People, as no letter/mag name, but I will assume they’re from Best, as my name isn’t on the Real People website. Was an added bonus, as today is exactly six months since my dog died, so it really cheered me up!

    Thank you to Deany, and everyone who helps/contributes with answers, hope you are all lucky! I’m off to enjoy the sun now, Happy Easter everyone! 😀 xxx

    • Oh that’s really good news Lynda I’m really chuffed for you, that’s a real moral booster 😊🥂🍾💐 and with sunshine too, well it sounds like you’ve had a great day 🌞 and it doesn’t really matter which competition the cheque came from….woohoo it’s all yours xx

      • Thanks Deany, I was thrilled too! Haven’t even been checking the post for LWE’s so much lol, which just goes to show that all good things come to those who wait. Nice to have a win again 🙂 xxx

    • Hi Lynda
      Well done on your win your doing ok with wins. Happy Easter to you . No LWE s are
      coming to this address ha

      • Hi Sheila, Thanks, and Happy Easter to you too! I was so happy to win, as its the first win this year, and was a lovely surprise. I hope you will have a big win soon, I seem to have won more from Best than any other mag, but I won’t win from last week’s comp, as I was busy so didn’t post any comps haha 😀 xx

    • Hi Lynda,
      Sorry to be late with well done twice over. It is slightly annoying when they don’t tell you what they awarded prizes for. Guess what have just received Wright’s digital cooking scales and a bundle of their cake mixes in post. All they said that it was via Puzzler magazine. Naturally I am thrilled like you.
      Poor you over doggie. Mine went for groom today, l love her to bits too

      • Hi Jacquie, Wow well done, that’s brilliant! I’m no baker myself, and prefer to eat them lol. Just had a look at the website, did you have the Chocolate fudge one in your bundle? That’s my favourite 😀 Yes it is slightly annoying as I do like to know which mag I won with, but think it is Best. Seems the two prizes are from the same issue as the numbers next to the amounts are the same. had no idea you could win twice, as I always enter by post. Well done again, hope you have fun using your baking goodies! 😀 xx

        • Hi Lynda again
          Thanks for well done. You must be accumulating lots of cash this year with your various wins. Great!!!
          I prefer cash wins too, but am grateful for any wins really. You can treat yourself to a whole fudge cake easily ( yes, it was in my bundle! )
          When I had cash win last year, I treated myself to a years subscription of Compers News (via Unique Magazines). Trouble is there are so so many competitions to enter via various means! Good fun though, well worth about £5 per month.
          Don’t suppose you need any more hints on how to treat yourself. At least you have paid for stamps this year!! Lol 😂 Jacquiexx

  28. Just received in morning post £100 cheque from daily express crusader Sunday xword never won from newspaper before

  29. I won £100 in M&S vouchers with TAB woo hoo! Thanks everyone for your invaluable contributions x

  30. Hi Jacquie, thank you I’ve spent it in my mind already lol Congratulations on your wins and may you have many more xx

  31. Pauline Tremlett

    Hi Deany and folks. First, thank you Deany for a wonderful web site. I received a letter from Real People dated February 2nd saying that I won £250 on the roulette puzzle and I am still waiting for the cheque! I emailed them almost a fortnight ago now and it was blamed on computer issues in accounts and to contact them again if not received in another 3 weeks. Anyone else had this problem?
    I’ve won with both Chat and T.A.B a long long time ago and the cheque was enclosed with the letter.
    Congratulations to all winners and lots of luck in the future 🙂

    • Well done Pauline. I was awaiting cheque from Real People from just before Christmas. I reported the delay at end of February and within the three weeks cheque came through. Don’t worry you will get paid. I expect they have huge backlog to get through. Nice to hear of your win, it inspires me! Jacquiex

    • Well done Pauline, £250 is a fabulous amount to win! Haven’t won with them for two years, although it did come pretty quickly around 5 weeks. Have seen loads of comments on here about this mag, and everyone says the same, that they contacted the mag and were told it was a problem with the accounts. Hopefully it’ll arrive soon, very well done again 😀 xx

    • Fabulous news Pauline , was unsure what date to put on the winners wall but decided on today’s 😉. Hope you spoil yourself with the cash 🥂🍾 ….thanks 😊

  32. My name appeared as a winner in the daily star soccer word on Saturday and the LWE with cheque for £25 arrived today. Much appreciated by me as usual.

  33. Thanks to everyone who posts Real People comps, which includes myself, as I’ve received a letter from them informing me that I was the lucky winner of the Take Your Pick comp in issue 8. The prize is either a pop maker experience or £202 and you can probably guess which I’ve opted for.

  34. Am delighted, because was sent an email yesterday to say that I had won over £70 worth of Skin Academy products from New Magazine.
    This bundle will make a nice present for my nieces, even though my skin could do with uplift!! Jacquiex

  35. Have just had a letter in the post have won £100 M & S vouchers from TAB monthly February. My first win and what a great feeling!!

  36. Congratulations Joan, I’m really pleased for you 🥂🍾

  37. after years of entering competitions I receive £50.00 from real people mag
    thank you all for your help with answers I fail to get

  38. Won £50 in Puzzler Cracking Crosswords issue 3.

  39. Just opened my mail & Surprise Surprise.
    A cheque for £44 for winning a comp in Issue 1 of Take A Puzzle.

  40. Recently won my first ever prize from the Chat magazine….£50.
    Not a big win, but it’s a good start. Still hoping for a bigger prize though.

  41. Hi Deany
    Just to let you know that the postman has just been and l have won a small cheque for £25. lt was from lssue 5 of Take a Break. lve not won since last August so l am quite pleased with myself ha.

  42. Every little bit helps! Won £25 worth of Love2Shop vouchers from Lovatts Big Crossword magazine.

  43. Congratulations Rachel, hopefully it’s the start of many more cheques🥂🍾

  44. Hope you treat yourself with something nice, congratulations Cretona x 🍾🥂🎉

  45. Hello
    After 20 plus years of entering i finally had a win on the telegraph Saturday crossword £200, couldn’t have come at a better time with the meters being read

    • Woohoo absolutely fabulous Donna, congratulations 🥂🍾🎈🎉

    • Wow well done Donna! Bet you were thrilled when your LWE dropped on the mat. £200 is a lovely amount too 😀 xx

    • Well done Donna! Each win you have gives me inspiration to carry on with newspaper Crosswords, which I enjoy doing for fun anyway. Hope you have some me treat money after bills have been paid. You are definitely a multiple winner now! Jacquiex

  46. £150 from Real People Big Whopper puzzle! Delighted, as it’s years since I won a magazine puzzle prize.

    • Wow brilliant news CE, congratulations on your win 🍾🥂🎉

    • Hi CE
      Well done with your win . Was it a postal entry or online entry that you won with?

    • Well done ce, that’s fantastic, hope it won’t be long before your next win! xx

      • Hi Lynda
        Won any comps recently?

      • Thank you Sheila – it was an online entry. I do most of the entries online, just the occasional postcard

        • Hi CE
          That’s interesting it was an online entry
          as l have this thing about u have a better
          chance of winning if u enter by post.
          Just goes to show how wrong l can be.

          • I used to think that way, Sheila – even to the extent I thought I’d have more chance with a brightly coloured postcard that would stand out!!
            Soon gave up that idea!

          • Hi Sheila

            I know what you mean, I feel that postal entries have a better chance too, as its “proof” you’ve paid for the mag and a stamp rather than free online. But like Ce, I won a couple of years ago with Real People, and That’s life and both were online entries.

            I use a mixture of the two I usually enter the Monday closing mags by free online and post everything else including Take a Puzzle etc x

            • Hi Lynda
              What did you win with Real People? l would like to win with them even though some of the prizes are small. l quite like doing the comps in Real People. I used to do Take a Break when they had a comp for a car, l was convinced l was going to win ha

              • I did win a car with Woman in1990 – matching up descriptions with pizzas! Back then it was the heyday of competitions and I won quite often – mainly tiebreaker competitions.

                • Hi Ce Brilliant, you won a car! Mind you it was so much easier to win then when it was mostly postal only and tiebreakers, thinking up slogans etc entry. I remember a few years ago Woman’s Own used to have a postcard entry comp to win £50, it was an arrow-word puzzle. I entered every week but never won!

              • Hi Sheila, I won £50 with them most recently, but that was about 2 or 3 years ago! When the mag was first launched I used to win a lot of £25 Sudoku comps, I won about three in a few weeks, those days were good haha

      • Thank you, Lynda. It’s great to have this site to check our answers against others

  47. hurrah , £50 from the sun newspaper arroword competition on a saturday

  48. First win of the year £50 from Daily Express :))

  49. Deany thanks to your site i have won £25 in the small wonder competition in real people issue 50 winnning letter date 17 jan 2019

  50. Congratulations Andrew, what a brilliant prize, no cooking, no dishes, waited on…..sounds bliss 😉😀

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