Wall of Winners 2018

2018 Wall Of Winners  

If you are a winner add your name and prize in the comments below and you will be added to the Wall of Winners. No Requests for answers, or submission of answers please on this page.

20th December Peter Ogg won PS4 Pro 500 2TB Limited Edition Yay!!! x
11th December Donna won £100 from True crime magazine Yay!!! x
6th December Chris won £100 from T.V Times magazine Yay!!! x
15th November Jacquie won £25 vouchers from Lovatts magazine Yay!!! x
15th November Donna won £25 vouchers from Lovatts magazine Yay!!! x
25th OctoberChristine won £500 from Whats on TV magazine Yay!!! x
18th OctoberMaureen won £150 from Chat magazine Yay!!! x
18th OctoberLynda wins again! £50 from The Express Yay!!! x
8th OctoberLynda won £50 from Best magazine Yay!!! x
7th OctoberJackie T won £50 from Chat magazine Yay!!! x
23rd SeptemberJackie won £50 from Real People magazine Yay!!! x
18th SeptemberIrene won £200 from Bella magazine Yay!!! x
8th SeptemberMike won £50 from Love it magazine Yay!!! x
7th SeptemberChris won £50 from Love it magazine Yay!!! x
29th AugustJean won £25 from Pick me up magazine Yay!!! x
28th AugustChris Hall won £500 from Fiction feast magazine Yay!!! x
24th August ~  Davina won £25 from TAB magazine Yay!!! x
20th August ~  Toby wins again! £30 from Chat magazine Yay!!! x
18th August ~  Margaret O’neill won £25 from Mega snap Puzzle Yay!!! x
16th August ~  Sheila G won £100 from Take a Puzzle Yay!!! x
13th August ~  Donna won £100 from Express crusader Yay!!! x
9th August ~  Donna won £50 from Sunday People Yay!!! x
30th July ~  Jenny Johnston won £100 Yay!!! x
26th July ~  Ethel won £200 from Bella magazine Yay!!! x
19th July ~  Hilary won £200 from That’s Life magazine Yay!!! x
14th July ~  Midnighter won £250 from Take a Break magazine Yay!!! x
9th JulySuzanne won £25 from Take a Break magazine Yay!!! x
9th JulyLisa won £1000 from Thats Life magazine Yay!!! x
1st JulyJune won £50 of goodies from cardmaking & paper craft mag Yay!!! x
29th JuneMarie won £50 from Love it magazine Yay!!! x
27th JuneChrissie won £100 from Chat magazine Yay!!! x

22nd June  WOW  Jane Harford won £3000 From That’s Life magazine Yay Yay Yay  !!!

31st May ~   WOW Emma Woodward won £3000 From TAB magazine Yay Yay Yay  !!!
31st May ~ Suzanne won £50 from Chat magazine Yay!!! x

10th MaySharon won £50 from Love it magazine Yay!!! x

4th MayEthel won £200 from Thats Life (online)magazine Yay!!! x

28th AprilEleanor Gudge won £250 from TAB magazine Yay!!! x

27th AprilToby won £100 from Best magazine Yay!!! x

26th AprilJackie D won £25 from Chat magazine Yay!!! x

26th AprilSusan Won £100 from Take a Break magazine Yay!!! x

26th AprilKevin Won £27 from Take a Puzzle magazine Yay!!! x

21st AprilAnnette Won £200 from That’s life magazine Yay!!! x

11th AprilSheila Won £25 from Take a Break magazine Yay!!! x

7th AprilChristine Won £100 from Thats Life magazine Yay!!! x

12th MarchJacquie Won £50 from The Daily Express Quiz of The Week Yay!!! x

5th MarchPaula M Won £1000 from Chat magazine Yay!!! x

28th FebruaryJackie D Won £25 from Pick Me Up magazine Yay!!! x

26th February ~ Val Won £30 from Chat magazine Yay!!! x

23rd February ~ Marie Won £100 from That’s life magazine Yay!!! x

10th February ~ Christine Won £30 love2shop vouchers from Puzzlers magazine Yay!!! x

9th February ~ Fiona Won £500 from Chat magazine Yay!!! x

3rd February ~ Rachel R Won £150 from Real People magazine Yay!!! x

31st JanuaryToby W Won £25 from Real People magazine Yay!!!

31st JanuarySheila G Won £100 from That’s Life magazine Yay!!!

27th JanuaryMargaret Platt Won £200 from That’s Life magazine Yay!!!

22nd January ~ Carole Eaves Won £150 from Inside Soap magazine Yay!!!

19th January ~ Sheila G Won £100 gift card from Best magazine Yay!!!

18th January ~ Toby Won £50 from Best magazine Yay!!!

17th January ~ Jazzika Won £25 from Pick Me Up! magazine Yay!!!

16th January ~   WOW Jacquie won £3000 From That’s Life magazine Yay Yay Yay  !!!

13th January ~ Jan won £250 From Take a Break magazine Yay!!!

10th January ~ Julie won £25 From You magazine Yay!!!

4th January ~ June won £100 of Amazon vouchers Yay!!!



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  1. July 1st, from the 182, May edition of Cardmaking& papercraft magazine, prize of papercraft stash, worth over £50.00, first prize for ages, and very welcome, June.

  2. Another £50 from Love It! find my cat, Postal entry.

  3. Thanks Deana just to let you know thanks to you and everyone I have just received a cheque chat mag issue 18 puzzle 23 I have won £100 hippee

  4. FABULOUS news Jane, congratulations xx 🍾🥂💐 🎈

  5. £50 from love It Magazine, postal entry, £5 on the lottery Lucky Dip, and wanted to buy a pair of kids trainee chopsticks, last one in the shop but no barcode price tag… Gave it to me as a free gift…. not a lot I know but 3 lucky things in 1 day? really made my day.

  6. WOW Emma, congratulations ! Fantastic news, I hope you have a great time spending all that lovely dosh🍾🥂xx 🎈 🎈

  7. I received a chq today for £50. from Chat magazine for winning the Telly trivia comp. in issue 17. I’m still in shock! but also very pleased.

    Many thanks to Deany for providing this site to us compers, and also for updating it. If Michael was still with us he would get a big thanks aswell.

    Thanks also to the selfless contributors to this site for your help. Youre all stars.✨

    (I would be well and truly lost without your site, Deany. Thank you so much.)

  8. Received a letter from Love It with a cheque for £50

  9. Won £200 today in issue 15 of That’s Life. It was an online entry. Many thanks for keeping the site going. X

  10. Congratulations to all the latest winners 🍾 Enjoy your winnings 😊

  11. Thank you for answers.Won £250 in issue 11

  12. Wow well done toby that’s brilliant you’re doing well with best 😀

  13. my lucky friday, just won £100 from best magazine issue 18 , my 4th win from best in under a year. good luck to other compers

  14. Won £25 Chat issue 11. Entered online. 🍸

  15. Thank you all for the answers. I received a cheque for £100 yesterday, from issue 14 Now 4 something different. Fantastic, as it was my birthday.

  16. Received a letter from That’s life today won £200 in Issue 14

  17. Sheila! Well done you have won again bet you were excited when you opened your letter and saw a cheque. You are on a great run keep it up, you may win the big one like Jacquie soon. Well done again 😀 xx

  18. Hi Deany
    Well the postman has just been and l have won £25 from lssue 12 of Take a Break. lts not much but its the third win in a matter of months YAY!!!!

  19. After years of doing competitions and not winning anything, this is my second win this year, £100 from Thats Life :))

  20. Hi Jacquie
    Well done you have won again !!!!
    Yay !!!!!!

  21. Wahey! Good news of £50 win in Daily Express. Am delighted…. Jacquiex

    • 😲 wow, congratulations Jacquie, well done 🍾🥂👍😀

    • Hi Jacquie
      Do you buy The Sun and Daily Express then?

      • Yes. I make sure I always do puzzles in Sun on Saturday and the Express on Friday and Sunday.
        The icing on the cake came for me today when I opened Real People to get on with competitions. I found that they had published another of my compiled puzzles. Don’t think it counts as real win on wall, but nevertheless have £30 bonus coming. Blimey, how good does it get.
        Your turn next…….good luck!! Jacquie

    • Congratulations Jacquie 🍾 Enjoy your winnings 😊
      Also for getting another of your puzzles published 👏 ( scroll down )
      If you win that one, there may be a stewards inquiry 😉

      • Hi Steve, Thanks. All credit to the staff at Real People, they turned my scribble on notepaper into something worthwhile (please see People’s Puzzles page tomorrow ). The questions show my age, groan!!! NB. Like your sense of humour! Jacquiex

        • Hi Jacquie,
          I saw your puzzle entry
          I know what you mean about questions and age,
          Trouble is I knew most of the answers lol 😃

          • Hello Steve, Lol is about right – very respectable ! Sssh! guess what?
            Am lost for words, because I won a prize in Chat Crosswords yesterday. A Reference Dictionary!!!!! I do hope this does NOT get to wall of winners……..

            • Hi Jacquie
              Well done, well you shouldn’t be lost for ‘words’ now with this prize 😀
              I think I said to you before ‘make sure you get a lottery ticket’ with your luck you never know.

        • Hi Jacquie
          I reckon your the same age as me as the
          questions were from my era ha

    • Well done Jacquie, bet it was a lovely surprise, and also well done on having another puzzle published in real people, it definitely counts as a win! Like you, I also do the express puzzles every Friday, and have won twice once with words, and most recently (November) with ditloids, again very well done! 😀 xx

      • Thank you Lynda and well done to you on winning recent ditloids and the previous 2 words wins. I didn’t discover these competitions until middle of last year. Had quiz of the week win when I started so that was it, every week now!! Your wins inspire me to go on, thank you twice!!!

  22. I won £1,000 on Wordsearch. Issue 4. After 15 years of doing magazine competitions, just about pay my stamp bill !! Seriously though, what a surprise.

  23. Won £25 on sudoku from pick me up! Thanks for your help.

  24. Have been doing CHAT puzzles since they first came out and have just had my first win – £30 – well it’s better than nothing

  25. £100 Blow-up competition, That’s Life Issue 4.

  26. Well done to all the winners on this page – gives me hope that maybe someday it will be me XX

  27. Well done you Fiona, hope you treat yourself with it!🍻

  28. Never won anything in my life before, even thought i do my comps regliousley every week, but had a nice £30 love2shop vouchers from puzzlers mag on saturday 🙂

  29. Want to say thank you for all your help each week. I find i can do most puzzles, but guessing the blurred images of tv shows and films rather tricky. Anyway, a couple of days ago i received a rather lovely letter informing me that i had won £500. So yes, thank you guys for your help. And for those who may wonder, yes, it really is possible to win 🙂

  30. Congratulations to all winners, may your lucky streaks continue to cede plentifully.

  31. Congratulations Rachel R 🍾 Enjoy your winnings 😊

  32. Hi Rachel
    Well done on your win from Real People. lts good to see winners from a different magazine. Enjoy spending it

  33. I won £150 on the Whopper in real people. was a pleasant surprise.

  34. hi , ive won again from real people magazine , issue 52 £25

  35. Hi Everyone
    Well the postman has just been and l have won a cheque for £100 from That’s Life magazine lssue 51 Yay!!!!!!

  36. Congratulations to all winners on this fab site a big thanks to deaney for keeping the site going


    I`ve just won £200 in the Prize Pointers competition featured in Issue 1 of that`s life! I enter every week online and always wondered if I would have more chance posting my entry, but I will carry on online. Lovely surprise winning!

  38. I won £150 on Inside Soap….my first win of the year, thanks Deany

  39. Hi Deany and Everyone
    Well the postman has just been and l have won a One 4 All gift card for £100 from Best Magazine Yay!!!!!!! Hope Jacquie reads this ha

  40. £50 cheque today from best magazine issue 46, my third win from best in 4 months hurrah

  41. Hi, I won £25 from Pick Me Up! Thank you everybody for help

  42. Cheque arrived for £3000 yesterday – Wahey!! Was very, very, very lucky enough to win Big Cash Crossword in That’s Life issue 49. Still getting my head round it!!! Jacquiex🐶

    • Hi Jacquie
      Wow how great is that !!!! Congrats you have won a few times with That’s Life magazine. Was it a postal entry or on line? lm gonna win the big one ha
      Can you remember when Take a Break had the car competition. l wonder why they replaced it with the £10.000.00. Happy comping Jacquie, bet you can’t stop smilingx

      • Dear Sheila, Thank you for good wishes. Often a true word spoken in jest – I believe you will win big competition in the future!
        Entry was postal, as always. Can’t remember when TAB had car competion. This win was enough for me. Love Jacquie🐶

        • Hi Jacquie
          l must of been doing Take a Break over 20 years. l wonder if any one else remembers the car competition. Have you banked your cheque yet? ha

    • Woohoo super duper news congratulations Jacquie, Un cork the champers we’re all on our way round 😂🥂🍾

      • Dear Deany and Michael, Thanks for posting my win and sending well done. You’re welcome around to celebrate, but it will be a long journey from Bridlington to the Sussex coast!! Extra good luck to you both. Love Jacquiex🐶

    • Wow Jacquie.
      That’s fantastic 🍾👏 Enjoy your winnings 💷😊
      What a great start to the Year.
      Now I know what you meant with ‘watch this space’

      • Thanks Steve.🙆 At least now my husband John has stopped complaining about the cost of stamps and magazines each week!!!
        I hope everyone will still go on to register lesser wins on this wall, because as Michael and Deany say ” a win is a win”. Look forward to seeing your name on wall in future ( hey, you might be 10 grand winner in TAB!!)😋 Love Jacquiex🐶

        • Hi Jacquie
          My husband laughs at me entering all these comps and lm the one always going to the Post Office for stamps so l know what you mean ha

    • Wow Jacquie that is fantastic a huge well done to you! I will keep entering the comps and hopefully I will be lucky one day too. Bet you are over the moon with your win, well done again!

      • Thank you Lynda. Keep trying, I’m sure you will be lucky one day soon, they say it comes to all those that wait. Definitely am not under the weather, but over it, sun and moon combined!!! Good luck for the future. Love Jacquie🐶x

  43. Hi Jan
    Well done with your win from Take a Break. Did you enter on line or was it a postal vote?

  44. That’s a good start to new year Jan!! Enjoy your prize and congratulations. Jacquiex🐶

  45. Well done Jan, great news xx 🍾🥂😀

  46. Won £30 for compiling a puzzle in Real People this week. However, this might not count as win in your eyes! Jacquiex

    • Hi Jacquie
      Maybe not a ‘Win’
      But still a great achievement 🍾 😊 Congratulations.

    • Hi Kacquie, it does count as a win, and £30 is great, well done! Do you mean a reader’s puzzle like in Chat where you compile a 4×4 grid and the shaded squares spell out another word, or did you just send in a puzzle of your own? I will have a go if its an easy reader’s one like the chat one 🙂

      • Sorry meant Jacquie didn’t spellcheck befpre I pressed send oops

      • Dear Lynda, lol at my new name. With Real people or Take a Break puzzle selection for the people’s puzzles, they like newcomers and you can send in any puzzle you like that you have made up. Worth doing, even one like the chat 4×4. Do please have a go!!! Sorry I haven’t replied until now. Was trying not to dominate Deanys website!! Love Jacquie

  47. Congratulations Julie 🍾 Enjoy your winnings 😊
    Your A’s counting must have been correct that week 😉

    • Dear Steve,
      Thank you for your kind words- much appreciated. Hope good luck is on your side for this year. Love Jacquie. PS. Watch this space!!!

  48. Congratulations Julie 🥂🍾xx

  49. Congratulations June 🍾🥂

  50. Congratulations June 🍾 Enjoy your winnings 😊

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