That’s Life Issue 42

That’s Life Issue 42

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  1. Hi, is anyone else having problems with That’s Life web page. I cannot find the log in page???

  2. ISSUE 42 (Date Monday 26th October)

    1: Cultural
    2: Residence
    3: Dance the night away
    4: Felty Towers
    5: Laddish
    6: 736
    7: Arable
    8: Pickle

    • Thank you as usual Ron xx

    • Hi Ron, issue 41of that’s life! I received a letter dated 22nd October saying that I’d won £200 in the Spot the Difference competition! Thankyou for your help in that and the SuDuko. I’d like to say thanks to everyone for all of their help too. I always get stumped on loads of different competitions and end of with headaches that go well into the night as I hate giving up on things! I’ve taken photos of the letter, but this is how daft I truly am and need help from someone again. How do I upload the image please to show you all please? Thank you all 🤗 😊

    • THAT`S LIFE No 42, C/D 26th/10
      1… CULTURAL
      2… RESIDENCE
      5… LADDISH
      6… 736
      7… ARABLE
      8… PICKLE
      9… C2

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