That’s Life Issue 30

That’s Life Issue 30

Suggested Answers

Please put your suggested answers For Thats Life magazine in the Comments box below,  Please do not put “questions or other comments”  below as it clogs up the answers, thank you 🙂

When listing your suggestions, please can you include the closing date too. Thank you

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  1. Appreciate you greatly, thank you Ron.

  2. Thank you. Enjoy your weekend.

  3. I don’t know why they do that every week with number 8 and number 9. They are wrong on the entry form on line.

  4. I agree except puzzle 3 says one word answer so tabletop

  5. ISSUE 30 (In by Monday 9th August)

    1: Identity
    2: Fearless
    3: Table top
    4: Skunkthorpe
    5: Accordion
    6: Rail
    7: Gazebo
    8: A2
    9: 294

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