That’s Life Issue 17

That’s Life Issue 17

Suggested Answers

Please put your suggested answers For Thats Life magazine in the Comments box below,  Please do not put “questions or other comments”  below as it clogs up the answers, thank you 🙂

When listing your suggestions, please can you include the closing date too. Thank you

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  1. For puzzle 8, is the answer A2 or B2? Ron suggests A2. But in that square, there are different coloured balloons at the very top (green & blue). Thanks for any help ahead of tonight’s closing day (10th May)…..

  2. I think the spot the difference is B2 as the man in A2 is facing different ways.

  3. Hi H my online entry is still the Wrong way round 08.43 Monday 26th, thanks for you i spotted it Thank you

  4. Be careful if you enter on line, puzzle 8 and 9 reversed.


  6. Thanks Ron. Enjoy your weekend 😃

  7. ISSUE 17 (In by 16th May)

    1: Villager
    2: Judy Garland
    3: Nutrition
    4: Mascarpone
    5: Gentlest
    6: Tender
    7: Witch
    8: A2
    9: 223

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