That’s Life Issue 1

That’s Life Issue 1

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  1. Hi all fellow Compers…i recieved an email back from That’s life to Confirm there was a printing error for Spot the Differenc Issue 1…This will be null and void, prizes will be transfered to issue 5…Good Luck all

  2. Hi Deany

    Received a reply today re-puzzle 8 ‘Spot the Difference’

    Here are the important bits

    Due to a printing error it will be declared null and void.
    All entries for this competition will be disregarded

    The prizes will transfer to Issue 5 which will be on sale 28th January.

  3. This was printed with the online entry form: Due to a printer error, competition 8 (Spot the Difference) is declared null and void. All entries received for this competition will be disregarded. The prizes will transfer to issue 5, which will be on sale 28th January 2021

  4. Thanks all for the heads up with spot the difference. I had made it C1 but that was because it was the last box I had left. Goes to show, what a fantastic site this is! Thanks Steve for contacting them about it, it will be interesting to see if they respond.
    Good luck fellow compers!

  5. issue 1 slab different size to the left of ladys frock hope this helps kenny happy new year everybody

  6. Big Thanks everyone 😊 all the best for a safe, healthy,wealthy winning 2021.

  7. What is the difference in b3

  8. Have you noticed there were no tips in this weeks issue You know the ones you get £25 for – thrifty tips, etc.

  9. puzzle 8 is c1

    • no it isnt becausae C1 has a straighter skirt one side and therefore more dark background. the truth is THERE IS A DIFFERENCE IN EVERY SQUARE. A1 LADY HAS NO WHITE TIE IN HER COLLAR/ A2 THE WINDOW IS LONGER. A3 bTOP HAT IS SMALLER. B1 BAG IS BIGGER B2 HAND IS STRAIGHT B3 GREY PATCH ON COAT ABOVE HAND. C1 SKIRT IS STRAIGHTER ONE SIDE. C2 BLACK COAT <LONGER C3 PAVING SLABS DIFFERENT LINES. I think we should put on the entry forms that they all have differences.

    • no her dress is straigtht down not flared/no differences this week

    • poss B2 as it has a line running east to west

  10. Hi Deany

    Puzzle 8 Spot the Difference.
    There appears to be a difference in every square this week.

    A1 Missing bow
    A2 Window is lower
    A3 His hat is smaller
    B1 Her bag is bigger
    B2 Her hand is lower
    B3 His waistcoat is longer
    C1 Her dress is flared out more
    C2 Her coat is longer
    C3 The paving has an extra line

    I’ve e-mailed them about this and I’ll update when / if I get a reply

    Good luck everyone

  11. There’s a difference on the man’s foot . I have b1

  12. puzzle 8 I get a2

  13. Thanks very much Ron, as reliable as a swiss clock! cheers

  14. missing a couple but so far Ive got

    4 POETRY
    5 388
    6 SAMBA

    good luck everyone and happy new year

  15. issue 1 (Monday 18th January)

    1: Fracture
    2: Police constable
    3: Holly Willoughby
    4: Poetry
    5: 388
    6: Samba
    7: Brazen
    8: C3
    9: Heredity

  16. Yippee normality returns with issue 1

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