Take a Break Issue 6 2024

Take a Break Magazine 6 Suggested Answers

Please put your suggested answers For Take a break in the Comments box below,Β  Please do not put “questions or other comments”Β  below as it clogs up the answers, thank you πŸ™‚

When listing your suggestions, please can you include the closing date too. Thank you

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    I keep saying it, and will continue to do so. I LOVE Sudoku. Please don’t discontinue it again. It’s one of the best brain workouts and is a really good help to keeping an old brain in working order! :-). I like the other puzzles as well, of course.

  2. Thank you EdπŸ˜ŠπŸ€

  3. Thanks Ed. It us great to be able to check my answers against those you have.

  4. Jacqueline lawrence

    Thanks Ed couldn’t figer out and then sun got there in the end πŸ˜€

  5. I don’t know how to complete my Take a Break Monthly Issue 1. I have tried how to get the correct address. No success. Would appreciate a bit of help. Thanks

  6. n4sd 24 across
    What is loveshop?

  7. Mrs Mary Lynn Dowdeswell

    Very glad that this service is available! Never really bothered about it until Sudoku started to appear. Last week I was convinced that I had solved the puzzle. Thought I had best check with yourselves! Alas I was wrong. I was really pleased that you had another possibility. I hope that I am more confident as time goes on but am glad of the opportunity to learn Sudoku, and its useful to know when I have got it wrong, so I can work out how it happened and try again.

  8. Helen and Janet
    18 down is Service
    24 across is Love
    30 across is Means

  9. I’m stuck on one clue what is 24 across in N4SD. With thanks

  10. I am stuck on three of the clues in the N4SD 18 down, and 24 and 30 across please. I’m really stumped! xx πŸ€”

  11. Same As Mine Thank You Ed All The Very Best To All

  12. thx ed needed your help on two puzzles

  13. Thank you Ed I agree with your answers. Had to really think on some of the N4SD but I got there in the end. Keep up the good work

  14. Catherine Connolly

    Many thanks Ed, I agree with all your answers. Cathy

  15. Take a break issue 6 closing date 26 February
    My suggested answers for this week
    4 squared. rate
    Mega snap. 56
    Big Bonanza. joker
    Find the money. control
    And then sum. 20
    N4sd. crumpet
    Big relax. carriage
    Code breaker. jogs
    Question Time. asteroid
    Β£1500 cash. power
    Picture pointer. needle
    Starscope. vic reeves
    Supermarket spree. passata
    Big cash stash. aquarium

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