Take a Break Issue 48

Take a Break Magazine Suggested Answers Issue 48/49

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Take a break issue 46
Take a break issue 47


  1. Hi can someone post the Take A break address please, i have cut out coupon and binned the mag!!

  2. Meg, it’s OK, I’ve got it. Lantern. That was a hard one.

  3. Hi Mary,try HANG, it fits and I’m sure it,s correct,Bobs.

  4. How many snow men do people think there are I think 12
    anyone help with page 12 (1) down its the only clue I have not worked out word that goes before DOG & Over.
    I have requested to join facebook group thanks

  5. Hi Meg,I didn,t do this puzzle because I didn,t want to win the holiday,but when I saw the problems it stirred up I decided to give it a go,at first it had me beat but eventually I got exactly as the same you and WISE.I won,t be entering and I Hope who ever wins the holiday has a lovely time.Bobs.

  6. thx meg you answered one i couldnt get

  7. Is anyone else having trouble getting on the link for puzzle on page 35

  8. Pat, Sandra.
    Page 26.
    Across: Weekend, Tree. Tiny, Ski, Hats, Mask, Tyranny.
    Down: Warrant, Necessary, Sentiment, Dynasty.

    I struggled with that puzzle – I thought the clues very poor, so I ended up making anagrams out of the letters in the columns, and putting them where they fit!
    I think tree is the answer for the “Foliage” clue, and necessary/sentiment is the “Encourages gifts” one.

    Thanks for the correction Paul, I had time to correct the entry before I posted it off.


  9. Page 80 only the name of the attacker is required Saul.

  10. How did you arrive at WISE Meg? I am thoroughly stuck on that one.

  11. Closing date: Monday 20th Dec.

    Pg 3. Sins
    Pg 5. 52
    Pg 12. Lights
    Pg 18. Perfume
    Pg 22. Sleigh
    Pg 24. Paper Hat
    Pg 26. Wise
    Pg 30. Comet
    Pg 32. Grand
    Pg 45. Choir
    Pg 60. Chimney
    Pg 64. Bauble
    Pg 72. Teri Hatcher
    Pg 73. Praline
    Pg 76. Ancient
    Pg 80. Saul

    Good luck.

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