Take a Break Issue 42

Take a Break Magazine Suggested Answers Issue 42

Please put your suggested answers For Take a break in the Comments box below,  Please do not put “questions or other comments”  below as it clogs up the answers, thank you 🙂

When listing your suggestions, please can you include the closing date too. Thank you

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  1. Smashing group. While looking high and low for an answer in the July Monthly Mag, I stumbled across this site. What a Godsend to those enigmatic puzzling questions! I love this magazine and attempt to finish all the puzzles before checking my answers with this ‘encyclopaedia’ 🤗 Thank you girls, you’re the best❤️

  2. Thank you very much Maura.
    Best of luck, to you and everyone using this site.(;

  3. Thank you to all who post the answers, especially Maura at the moment. It’s great to be able to cross-check before sending them off. I fail to understand Angie’s horrible comments. This is such a lovely friendly place but there always has to be one, thankfully only one, that spoils things doesn’t there?

  4. Thank you Maura much appreciated & keep safe

  5. Thank you to everybody . I love doing my puzzles myself, hopefully helps my brain. But it is so good to be able to check my answers before entering them online, double check…. I would never ever submit answers without completing the puzzles manually ……

  6. Thank you haven’t bought a mag for months but on holiday and enjoyed filling in my puzzles and so glad you are there for me to check my answers.

  7. Thanks Maura

  8. Thank you so much I got hung up on two of them

  9. Well done Deany, thank you for having this site it helps many people in more ways than one. keep going hun x

  10. Sandra,you didn’t say which war,Bobs(only joking-honest!!!)

    • 1944, he got me out of the pram, according to my older sister and saw a doodle bomb which cut out and told my sister to lay down and cover her face, and laid on top of me, then it exploded about a mile away. i was only baby. And my sister ate my banana as I got one as a baby but she appreciated it. I used to tease her but I was born in 1943.

  11. I’m 83 years old and although I do get the answers right there are one or two that I do get stuck on, so grateful for the help, it keeps my old brain going

  12. I think Take a Break is my fav for puzzles, even if I get the answer I like to complete the puzzles and grateful for help with the ones I cant do. Also like to check my spelling. Deany this site is good, I would put my answers on more but some people are faster than me. Still chasing the
    Postman/woman down the road. Thursday is my favourite day, puzzle day. i wish they had a good puzzle mag with cheerful stories in them,maybe I should write one, my father didnt abuse me, he laid on top of me when a bomb came across the park in the war to protect me. Probably get arrested today.

  13. Angie. Why look at the answers before you do the competitions? I always check mine after I have done them all. I appreciate the answers so if I disagree with any I can double check before submitting entry. Thank you to everyone who gets theirs done so quickly.

  14. Thanks Maura. I like to check my answers on this site and appreciate everyone helping each other. Take care everyone ❤

  15. I’d just like to add that with some exceptions (Angie), I feel we all help each other in some little way.
    Some people, like Rowanblossom need help to check her spelling, some people may not understand how a puzzle works, others may have blonde moments (me !).
    Sometimes a puzzle really annoys you when you are stumped finding a cat or that last difference.
    Plus recently crossword compilers have made errors.

    I have won lots in the past (not so recently) & happy to share my help or knowledge (limited!) with fellow compers.

    Let’s keep at it & thanks to Deany 🙂

  16. Why is there so many people who feel the need to tell people what they can and can’t do,, and spoil a little bit of fun for other people I myself come on here to check my answers and my spelling. I yet so sad that someone as to be unkind co,s they get a kick out of being a bully ,so Angie I think I found a new word for you

  17. Angie, personally I check on here to see if I have my answers correct. I appreciate this chance due to being dyslexic, especially numbers and it means I can still enjoy doing puzzles, which i do to help with the dyslexia. Simply solution to your issue with this site is don’t visit it if it offends your morality. Not everyone in this world cheat!


    Good on you Deany – she is not forced to look at the answers.

  19. Why do you give answers, not even done comp yet. This is a form of cheating

    • It’s not cheating, it’s called helping one another! Some need a little assistance with a certain clue, some just like to confirm that they have the possible answers before they post their own. WHY ARE YOU LOOKING ON HERE??? Easy answer……If you don’t want to see the suggested answers stay away from our site.
      These are just suggestions from people, the answers have not come out yet! Haven’t you ever done a crossword and been stuck on one clue so have asked a member of your family to help you???

      • How rude , always some bright spark , if they can not say anything nice do not say anything at all , keep it up Deany, my Xmas wish keep the weekly publications , not enough comps in the bumper editions ,

      • Well said Deany I was thinking exactly the same .. Thank you for keepint this site up and running

      • Well said Deany, it’s simple if you don’t need help Don’t look. I think it’s great to get help when I’m stuck. Thank you to all who helps out.

        • Well said i come on this site to see if i got the answers right, i missed issue 42 so i looked on the answers i wrote down on paper when it gets near the date i will put my answers down

      • Well said Deany, keep up the good work xx

      • Yes. Well said Deany x

      • I find it really helpful. Some days I get stuck so I have a look and realise that it wasnt as difficult as I was making it. I have bought the magazine since it started but as I get older I am sometimes pleased to get a bit of help. THANKS everyone and keep up the good work

      • Hi Deaney, I really appreciate being able to check my answers AFTER I have done the puzzles, ask for help if I’m really stuck and sometimes contribute to the answers. None of this makes me a cheat! I appreciate all the kind people on this site.

      • I agree with everything you said Deany (Thank you for this site)
        Sometimes I’ll check my answers here and see one Might be different, when I check the puzzle in question I see I have put the answer to one of the crosswords not the end answer that is needed.
        Without being able to check on this great site I would send in the wrong answer.
        I agree with Sandra Williams about there being too many awful stories in most of the magazines, It’s about time there were light hearted stories that make us smile or laugh.
        I’m also amused (as most here would be too) about the tips sections repeating the same tips (the majority we older people were taught by our parents)
        Also, there’s a few people who think this site is the actual Magazine site, I wonder their ability to enter the comps, although, they’re probably the ones who just take the answers without doing the puzzles.
        Sorry I wrote so much Deany)

      • Well said deany. I for one am soo grateful to know if I get really stumped I can come on site and get help
        Thank Everyone

    • So why are you looking 😂😂🤞

    • Totally unnecessary Angie. Why are you even on here if you haven’t done the competitions? It helps people who complete them a bit quicker than you. I’m grateful for the people that take the time to post their answers here so a big thank you from me.

    • So sorry you’re such a nasty, unhappy person.

    • If it is a problem for you don’t bother coming on the website. We don’t need people like you. We need people to be kind not bullying

    • Why are you looking on here then?
      Many of us just want to confirm our answers before entering, is that so very wrong?
      I think the replies speak for them selves.

    • Don’t be a killjoy Angie.
      We are group of gals who enjoy hanging out and sharing our answers with each other. We don’t have to answer to anyone for our actions.
      You can stay and join us or leave and let us get on with what makes us happy.

    • Why are you even on this site. The site is for helping each other with answers and also a little community in which we all have something in common and enjoy doing, quizzes. If your not happy don’t look on the website

  20. Cash Stash got word but curious 53 Down all I can make is Ever South ?

  21. Please help on take a break issue 42
    Page 14 now 4 something different
    I am stuck on 2 down and 11 across any help would be grateful

  22. Thanks Maura.
    I agree with all your answers.


    here are answers I got

    Pg 3 – SETS
    pG 5 – 56
    pG 12 – steps
    PG 14 – strike it lucky – JONNY LEE MILLER
    pG 14 – n4sd – poach
    pG 20 – pancake
    pG 22 – STATEMENT
    pG 28 – grow
    pG 38 – office
    pG 43 – leisure
    Pg 44 – demote
    Pg 46 – PAUL McCARTNEY
    Pg 47 – BAKED
    pG 50 – JELLYFISH

    • Thankyou so much for people posting thier answers, it’s a great help. I’m abit slow and sometimes need help but like to check answers before sending off.

    • Many, many thanks Maura, & everyone else who’s answers I can check with mine, just ignore the grumpy people like Angie, what a nasty person she is. And of course Deanny, hope you are well.

      Good luck everyone & many thanks once more.

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