Take a Break Issue 30

Take a Break Magazine Suggested Answers Issue 30

Please put your suggested answers For Take a break in the Comments box below,  Please do not put “questions or other comments”  below as it clogs up the answers, thank you 🙂

When listing your suggestions, please can you include the closing date too. Thank you

Take a break issue 29
Take a break issue 31



    Here are answers I got so far

    Page 3 – MILD
    Page 5 – 32
    Page 12 – TORBAY
    Page 20 – DOLLS
    Page 22 – OF CEREMONIES
    Page 22 – ENTER
    Page 24 – PRESIDENT
    Page 28 – I messed this one up
    Page 38 – PATHWAY
    Page 43 – WEDGE
    Page 44 – PUPPET
    Page 46 – RUSSELL CROWE
    Page 47 – VINEGAR
    Page 50 – JACKDAW

    If anyone disagrees please say

  2. Definitely SATAY

  3. Thank You Mary and good luck to all

  4. Hello to everyone that has their magazine delivered, it’s a shame that you’re not getting your mags on time, it just goes to show that you can’t rely on them, they’re quick to take your money from you but they don’t keep their word and deliver, my husband and I have ours saved at the newsagent, then my husband picks them up on Thursday every week without fail, maybe consider saving money and go back to collecting it from the shop, (see if they will save it for you to pick up, most do if you’re a regular customer), at least then you know you will get your magazines, good luck to everyone, from Catherine, 👍🤞.

  5. Thank you Mary, for your time and effort. Best of luck everyone.

  6. Thanks again

  7. Supermarket spree pge 47 I get Satay! Glad to be back!

  8. There is a mistake by TAB issue 30 page 38 question 10 there is only 1 lake in the lake district the others are meres or waters

  9. Satay for me too

  10. I too have started the Subscription,My first copies should of arrived this week. Non were delivered. rang twice,to be told they have been sent. Have been to the shop now and purchased them. Hopefully from what i read i may be lucky next week. I have asked to cancel but they can’t do that at a weekend.

  11. can anyone explain to me the answer to question time on page 38? I’ve finished up with trolley and three flavours cornetto

  12. Mary, don,t worry about the odd mistake,we all do it(even Meg!),in reply to your query you don,t have to get them all correct to win ok,keep trying,some one has to win,why not you,good luck,Bobs.

  13. Just wondered if anyone gets both Take A Break And Thats life delivered. I was told my first delivery ( Issue 30) would be around the 23rd but I still haven’t received them. Annoying & frustrating because I could have purchased both magazines in the supermarket yesterday.
    Does anyone else have their mags delivered and did this blip rectify itself after the first delivery?
    Thank you

    • Sue the same has happened to me so I sent an email in response to my subscription confirmation complaining that I’ve received nothing. Not much joy though. I asked if I should buy this or wait – no reply.
      I don’t know about you but I’m beginning to regret having set up the subscription, I would have purchased these yesterday.

      • Yes, this is my worry; no contact details. I tried to work out if it was cheaper than buying from the newsagents but with out the price of the Christmas double issues & other times when one magazine is issued for two weeks ( New Year??) I was unable to work out savings but did decide it wasn’t worth it financially. The main reason is with COVID it stopped one extra trip to the shops for me…….and yes I do regret buying nearly a £100 for a naff service.

    • Hi Sue,
      I get both delivered and when the first ones didn’t arrive I rang up and left it until the Monday before I bought both magazines to give them chance to turn up. They didn’t and I was credited with extra copies but after the initial blips mine now always arrive before the Thursday, mostly on a Wed but last week they arrived on the Tuesday!
      Good luck with your subscription

    • Just a quick update. I emailed TAB and received a standard reply and then a personal reply asking me to wait for another 5 days. Issue 30 never arrived but issue 31 arrived the Wednesday before it is in the shops. I emailed TAB and received a reply within 24 hrs they have extended my subscription. In short I imagine the delivery of the 1st issue is “iffy” then hopefully all on track.

  14. thank you all for your idea of getting the answers for the competitions i have always struggle to get them right keep up the good work.

  15. Thank you Mary, Meg, Susan and anyone else who puts the answers up. I am grateful .
    *ignores negativity from Rob E
    Enjoy your weekend 😊

  16. Meg,I hope your not confusing Rob E with Bobs,just in case others get the wrong idea,nice to see you back, Bobs

  17. “I think regulars will agree when i say leave the posting of the answers to MEG!”

    Totally disagree there Bob!
    Deany’s family of contributors have helped me out on many occasions – and I am very grateful for the support, so keep on posting folks!

    Good luck.

    • Hi Meg, I was referring to your speed of posting, the accuracy and detailed layout.
      But of course, its a free forum so anyones entitled to post. Many thanks.

  18. I think regulars will agree when i say leave the posting of the answers to MEG!

  19. Oh dear
    Never mind – Do u have to get them all correct to win anything?

  20. Thanks Mary.
    I also agree with your answers, apart from pg 47.
    I also get Satay.
    Feta appears on second column bottom left.

    Good luck.

  21. Thank you Mary, I get Satay for the Supermarket spree, all the other answers are correct.

  22. 3 Told
    5 53
    12 Wheel
    14 Atmosphere
    14 Edit
    20 Bonbon
    22 Leverage
    28 Thud
    38 Trolley
    43 Merit
    44 Meadow
    46 Vernon Kay
    47 Feta
    50 Broken

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