Take a Break Issue 24

Take a Break Magazine Suggested Answers Issue 24

Please put your suggested answers For Take a break in the Comments box below,  Please do not put “questions or other comments”  below as it clogs up the answers, thank you 🙂

When listing your suggestions, please can you include the closing date too. Thank you

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  1. Thanks Meg you are a star, it’s good to check my answers.
    Good luck to you.

  2. Thank you Meg much appreciated & keep safe

  3. thank you all great to be able to check my answers

  4. Thank you very much Meg

  5. thankyou to the brave ones who finish it so quick xx

  6. Thank You Meg

  7. thanks for giving me a chance to win i enter online as we are still isolating and can’t get to the shops and they don’t deliver to us as we are out of the way. kind regards cherry k

  8. Issue 24.
    Closing date: Monday 28th June.

    Pg 3. Rare
    Pg 5. 26
    Pg 12. Links
    Pg 14. Ella Fitzgerald (SIL)
    Pg 14. Easing (N4SD)
    Pg 20. Typhoon
    P6 22. Obedient
    Pg 28. Soot
    Pg 38. Parsnip
    Pg 42. Mandate
    Pg 44. Racket
    Pg 46. Melanie Sykes
    Pg 47. Currant
    Pg 50. Jazz Man

    Good luck.

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