Take a Break Issue 20 2022

Take a Break Magazine 20 Suggested Answers

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When listing your suggestions, please can you include the closing date too. Thank you

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  1. Many thanks Chris I agree with all your answers.
    Pauline, Page 14, 4 across is Kung-fu, making it Froth.

  2. thanks for your help

  3. Much appreciated Chris
    Thank you 🙏🏼

  4. Hi Sandra,Anna,the nearest I can get is MYFANWY, it,s an old word in Welsh meaning Woman/Girl,i looked it up on Google,it,s a long shot so if someone can give me the correct answer I,d be grateful,i’m as confused as you,Bobs.

  5. Sandra Williams

    Cash stash
    23 down, Womans name in Swansea? Stuck on this clue, help please, do like to finish although doesnt affect answer. Thanks.

  6. Won £25 in take a break issue 15 thankyou take a break

  7. Now 4 something different page 14
    Stuck on down 6,14,15

  8. I am totally stuck on take a break issue 20
    page 14 Now 4 something different clue 1,4,19 down and 8,32,33 across would be grateful for any help

  9. Thank you Chris 🙂

  10. Take a break issue 20 closing date 30th May 2022
    Page 3 – Rain
    Page 5- 26
    Page 12- Window
    Page 14 Sil – Traffic lights
    Page 14 N4sd – Froth
    Page 20- Paprika
    Page 24- Graduate
    Page 32- Briar
    Page 38- Mojito
    Page 43- Tourist
    Page 44- Rayon
    Page 46- Martin Freeman
    Page 47- Grapes
    Page 50- Spread
    Probable answers

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