Take a Break Issue 18

Take a Break Magazine Suggested Answers Issue 18

Please put your suggested answers For Take a break in the Comments box below,  Please do not put “questions or other comments”  below as it clogs up the answers, thank you 🙂

When listing your suggestions, please can you include the closing date too. Thank you

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  1. Thank you Meg much appreciated & keep safe

  2. vivienne clift

    Thanks Meg GOOD LUCK

  3. Thank you Meg. I had a bit of a struggle this week. Not feeling too grand after my second Covid jab. However, TAB magazine has kept me going. You are an angel as are the rest of our TAB family xx

  4. Thanks again for the answers take care

  5. Anyone any idea on page 22 now for something different clue 8 across

  6. Any suggestions for 57 down on cash stash Creamy Pasta Dish

    • Hi everyone 🤗 I’ve done Take a Break Fate and Fortune June issue, C/D 20th May 2021 and put the answers on the monthly mix, if anyone wants to take a look and send them online at all. The only answer that I couldn’t get was the Skeleton Puzzle. I took a photo to see if anyone fancies taking a look to see if they can have a go. But I’m not techno at all and couldn’t figure out how to post it on here! 😁 Good luck all, Carole xXx

  7. Thanks for the correction on 13 across Linda.
    I put the answer to 9 across!

    I have 7 down as ADAPT, 27 down INEPT.
    Good luck.

  8. Can anyone help with puzzle now 4 something different page 22 issue 18
    7 down and 27 down would be grateful

  9. Tania,
    I think 6 Down is ROWING, and 13 across is Newlywed.

  10. Really struggling on now 4 something different puzzle in issue 18 page 22. Clues 6 down and 13 across. Help anyone thanx

  11. Closing Date: Monday 17th May.

    Pg 3. Palm
    Pg 5. 20
    Pg 8. Flower
    Pg 20. Canal
    Pg 22. Moisturiser (SIL)
    Pg 22. Tepid (N4SD)
    Pg 24. Complete
    Pg 28. Doubt
    Pg 38. Spaghetti
    Pg 43. Dream
    Pg 44. Rattle
    Pg 46. Rod Stewart
    Pg 47. Ketchup
    Pg 50. Student

    Good luck.

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