Take a Break Issue 1 2021

Take a Break Magazine 1 Suggested Answers

Please put your suggested answers For Take a break in the Comments box below,  Please do not put “questions or other comments”  below as it clogs up the answers, thank you 🙂

When listing your suggestions, please can you include the closing date too. Thank you

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  1. Thank you Avril & Paul much appreciated & both keep safe & A Happy New Year to everyone

  2. I agree that supermarket is coffee. Item is halfway down. The I is in kingfisher. Good luck to all. Keep well and stay safe.

  3. Thank you Paul
    Most kind . A safe happy, healthy and prosperous New year.

  4. TAKE A BREAK No1 C/D 18/01/21
    3… EIRE
    5… 41
    12… BRUSH
    20… TOWEL
    22… EELS
    28… DRUID
    38… TEACUP
    43… OPERATE
    44… VACATE
    46… VERNON KAY
    47… ITEM
    50… DUBIOUS

  5. Happy crosswording to you all

  6. Supermarket spree page 47 is coffee

  7. Just to say a big thank you to all who help me with the answers, I don’t normally write on here but I still appreciate you all and the time you all take to do this, and to wish you all a very Happy and safe New Year,and of course the all the staff at Deany’s

  8. Think they got the wrong picture for clue 39 across in the crossword !!

  9. I make 47 coffee

  10. 5 down is aquatic

  11. page 47 is coffee

  12. Can you please help us out and send us the answer to 5 down in the crossword.

  13. Code breaker is druid

  14. For Page 28 I get druid and for page 47 I get coffee

  15. Sorry should be Druid for page 28 take a break issue 1 dated 7 jan 2021

  16. 28 is ruin for code breaker issue 1

  17. Page 28 Code Breaker – DRUID

    Hope this next year is better for everyone. Take Care and Stay Safe.

  18. tab 01, codebreaker c/d 18-01-21,answer I think is Druid,good luck.

  19. Page 28 is DRUID.

  20. Hi I got Page 28 Druid and page 47 coffee

  21. P3 – EIRE
    P5 – 41
    P12 – BRUSH
    P20 – TOWEL
    P22 – EELS
    P28 – ??
    P38 – TEACUP
    P43 – OPERATE
    P44 – VACATE
    P46 – VERNON KAY
    P47 – ITEM
    P50 – DUBIOUS

    Good luck everyone take care in 2021

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