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Take a break issue 40
Take a break issue 41
Take a break issue 42

Take A Break October


  1. everytime I click on takeabreak issue 4 it isn’t there the closing date is 04/02/2019 just want to check if I have got everything right

  2. Take a Break November answers

    P3 Rely
    P9 Snatch
    P12 Jane Horrocks
    P16 Sleeve
    P18 Parents of twins
    P24 Boarding
    P29 Knives
    P40 Pages
    P42 Joker
    P52 Kettle
    P54 Prism
    P60 Ambient
    P67 Heat
    P69 Royal
    P70 Apple
    P72 Pooch
    P77 Eggs

  3. Much thanks Linda. S.

  4. Thank you Linda

  5. Thank you Linda. Xx

  6. Thank you Linda

  7. Thank you Linda, very helpful, June.

  8. Great thank you, mine all match.

  9. Thanks, that’s what I got too.

  10. Blimey – that was quick!

  11. P3 Yell. P9 Ferry. P12 Amanda Holden. P16 Chinos. P19 Sideline as DJs P24 Template. P29 Supper. P40 Gym Kit. P42 Monkey. P52 Napkin. P54 Critic. P60 Witness P67Porch. P69 Feeding. P71 Stake. P72 Osprey. P77 Onion.

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