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TAB October Suggested Answers

Please put your suggested answers For Take a break June in the Comments box below,  Please do not put “questions or other comments”  below as it clogs up the answers, thank you 🙂

Take a break issue 45
Take a break issue 46
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  1. Answers for TAB NOVEMBER have been moved to Monthly magazines

    • Clare Connolly-Joyce

      Hello there I just wondered where I can find the monthly magazines please for November issue of take a break many thanks

    • Take A Break November 2018 answers
      P3 ~ Rely
      P9 ~ Snatch
      P12 ~ Jane Horrocks
      P16 ~ Sleeve
      P18 ~ Parents Of Twins
      P24 ~ Boarding
      P29 ~ Knives
      P40 ~ Pages
      P42 ~ Joker
      P52 ~ Kettle
      P54 ~ Prism
      P60 ~ Ambient
      P67 ~ Heat
      P69 ~ Royal
      P70 ~ Apple
      P72 ~ Pooch
      P77 ~ Eggs

  2. Big thanks everyone. Much appreciated.

  3. Thanks.

  4. Many thanks everyone. Your answers check with mine.

  5. 3… PAID
    9… DRAGON
    16… LINEN
    24… STEAM
    29… SCREEN
    40… TEA POT
    42… BOUNCY
    52… RANGE
    54… HARDY
    60… TREAT
    67… CASES
    69… STUDY
    70… ACTION
    72… CATTLE
    77… SALSA

  6. Thank you

  7. Many thanks Linda. Nicely set out.

  8. Hi all, here are my answers for TAB October.

    P3 £50: PAID
    P9 Shrek’s London Adventure Break: DRAGON
    P12 £200 cash: LEWIS HAMILTON
    P16 2x £100 John Lewis Vouchers: LINEN
    P18 £1,000 cash: MAKING COCKTAILS
    P24 £500 cash: STEAM
    P29 Mobile phone: SCREEN
    P40 2x £100 Robert Dyas vouchers: TEAPOT
    P42 Prizes totalling £1,500: BOUNCY
    P52 2x £100 Perfume Shop vouchers: RANGE
    P54 £300 cash: HARDY
    P60 2x £100 restaurant vouchers: TREAT
    P67 Ibiza break: CASES
    P69 Cambridge break: STUDY
    P70 Madeira holiday: ACTION
    P72 Leeds break: CATTLE
    P77 £300 supermarket vouchers: SALSA

    Entry form in magazine or you can enter online at:

    Closing date 1st November, good luck x

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