Real People Issue 53

Real People 53

Magazine suggested answers

Please put your suggested answers For Real People magazine in the Comments box below,  Please do not put “questions or other comments”  below as it clogs up the answers, thank you 🙂

When listing your suggestions, please can you include the closing date too. Thank you 😊 

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  1. Agree same answers. Can’t get on line though

  2. Diabolical on pg46
    Answer Roman candle but CROSETTE not found but CROSSETTE …is . Gather a typing error ??

  3. ADELE MCKINLEY i have the same answers as you but thankyou for playing the field (i dont understand this puzzle) and for the price of the wine cooler safe and happy new year to you

  4. Could some kind person PLEASE restore my sanity?
    I’ve been searching and searching the Lots road auction site for that wine cooler but cannot find it anywhere?
    I can’t even find the auction dated 1/12/20??
    Could some very kind person please post a full link to the item that I can click on?
    Many Many thanks in advance.

  5. Thanks Adele, I agree with your answers. Happy and safe New Year to everyone.

  6. Is anyone else having trouble entering their Answers on line or is it just me? Happy new year to you all.😀

  7. Thank you…happy 2021

  8. Cash Cow: Week 7:
    Letters are now: M, O, I, S, T, I & M

    Here’s to a Healthier & Happier New Year.

    I survived 2020……
    I intend to LIVE life to the fullest in 2021

  9. Real people issue53 C/D 7/1/21

    P.9 The Whopper——- SHERIDAN SMITH
    P.11 Roulette———— EMMERDALE
    P.26 Go and Arrow—— SURF
    P.28 Boxing Match—— Timer
    P.30 Lost in Moo-sic— B
    P.30 cow-a-bingo——- 20
    P.31 Take Your Pick—- A
    P.36 Playing the Field— HIT
    P.38 Q1——————— B
    P.41 x-factor————- X=23
    P.42 Small Wonder—- COCOA
    P.42 Nothing For..—- MAN
    P.42 Nice Little Earner- MAKESHIFT
    P.42 I’m Too Hex-y—— HARVEST
    P.46 Diabolical———- ROMAN CANDLE
    P41 Test Your Knowledge— C) £280
    (Test your knowledge Ref- 1/12/20 Lot18)
    Cash cow letter week 7 is M

    May 2021 be better for us allx

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