Real People Issue 47 2021

Real People Issue 47/48 Magazine suggested answers

Please put your suggested answers For Real People in the Comments box below,  Please do not put “questions or other comments”  below as it clogs up the answers, thank you 🙂

When listing your suggestions, please can you include the closing date too. Thank you

Real People Issue 46


  1. Thanks Deany,I ‘v got the idea now,sure,give it a go,could be just what your regulars have been looking for,Bobs

  2. Hi Deany,Sounds like a good idea,some thing to lift the doom and gloom,there,s plenty of feel good stories out there to liven things up,it does sound a bit like a Ladies coffee morning but why not?,if it gives the Ladies some thing to look forward to then I’m all for it.I’ll give it a miss because,obviously,I’m a bloke but it,s just what the Ladies need,no harm in trying it so give it a go and good luck,Bobs.

    • Hey Bobs its not just for the ladies, it would be for everyone, we have quite a few male contributors here too. I just thought it would be an online meeting place for you all to share your views, queries etc

  3. Thank you Sandra,that,s the nicest thing anyone has said to me all day,take care,Bobs.

  4. Stories are dreadful. Think I will write a mag with loads of comps, no cows, still cant do it, and happy stories. My Weekly is a better mag but only one puzzle. Library is open and they will order books for you, no charge. Think I will just buy Take a Break, enjoy their puzzles. PS definitely broccoli. Bobs ☺☺☺ we all appreciate you.

  5. Thanks Nicola,problem sorted,Bestest,Bobs.

  6. Ice cream goes with jelly. The answer for 13. Nothing for a pair is BROCCOLI.

  7. Flo’s Big Fat Crimbo Giveaway.
    Week 1: THE
    Week 2: HALLS
    Week 3: DECK

  8. Thanks Jill, i’ll go with Broccoli as well,i’v no idea to be honest.I must admit I’m not that impressed with this xmas issue,i certainly won,t be reading any of the articles,the last thing I need is the blue,s.Take care,Bobs.

  9. Thanks Jayne,I agree with all your answers except page 47,i’v got A for that, i’v no idea about Nothing For A Pair,i’m what you would call a Survival cook,if it goes between two slices of bread then it,s a meal, a square meal for me is an oxo cube, I think i’ll go with Jill and pick Broccoli,good luck,take care,Bobs.

  10. Bobs,I’m sure Tom Pellereau appeared on The Apprentice.

  11. H and Lorraine this really annoys me, you pay a lot more for the magazine, classed as Double or Christmas Issue, as you say same amount of puzzles, the rest is just filled up with pages and pages of presents, cookery, fashion ( which most of us can’t afford ). If they put the same puzzle in but doubled the prize money that would be fine, but they know that the fervent compers will buy …… I bet a lot of you on here are like me , do the comps and don’t read the magazine, we are a captive competition audience !!
    And Jayne congratulations on your “unexpected win”
    Margaret xx

    • Thank you Margaret, I am like you, mostly do the puzzles and not read many of the stories . I get fed up of reading the same stories with different people. Always sad, we need happy stories. I get my mags (apart from Take a break) digitally from the library. They even have TV mags.

    • Like you Margaret, I have bought Magazines every single week from their beginnings. TAB. TL, RP & Chat… I used to also buy Pick Me up but stopped when they didn’t do to win prizes any more, and must admit I skim read most stories and pass over the American, Australian, and other country ones as I can’t relate to them, But love the Puzzles 😀

    • Then in Double New Year & first few weeks in January all the magazines have pages and pages of diets

    • Hi Margaret. Yes I can’t stand stories in any magazine I find them extremely moronic. I only do the puzzles to keep my brain going and it’s a bit of a habit really. I dont enjoy doing them as much as I did. I’ve never been influenced by advertising so I’m not interested in the ads.

  12. Hi Jayne,I agree with MISS for Playing The Field,and for Diabolical I have WENSLEYDALE,i’m still doing the others,bestest ,Bobs.

  13. Diabolical Real People Issue 47 answer: WENSLEYDALE

  14. Boxing Match page 38 – answer = SANDAL issue 47

  15. Real People issue 47-48 closing date 15th December. Letters. A. R. G. E. H.

    P9. Whopper. Cerys Matthews
    P34. Boxing. Sandal
    P35. Roulette. Holly
    P39 Q1. B
    P39. X Factor. 23
    P46. Q2. B
    P46. Lost in moosic. C
    P46. Cow-cu-culator. A
    P47. It’s a win win. B
    P52. Field. Miss
    P57. Go and arrow. Soiree
    P66. Small Wonder. Angel
    P66. Nothing for a pair. BROCCOLI
    P66. Nice Little earner. Mistletoe
    P66. I’m too Hex. Rarity
    P70. Diabolical. WENSLEYDALE

    If I have any wrong please say.

    Does anyone here take part in the Kantar mail participation?

    I won one of their draws in August £10 and I was notified a couple of days ago that I had won another prize draw £25 I was well chuffed, then today I realised that I hadn’t won £25 😩 I had in fact won £250 😁 I can’t believe it. First things I have ever won (Am I greedy hoping for the ‘Things happen in threes’ )?

  16. I note this issue is nearly double the price with the same amount of puzzles in it. Ridiculous!!!!!

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