Real People Issue 46

Real People 46

Magazine suggested answers

Please put your suggested answers For Real People magazine in the Comments box below,  Please do not put “questions or other comments”  below as it clogs up the answers, thank you 🙂

When listing your suggestions, please can you include the closing date too. Thank you 😊 

Real People Issue 47/48


  1. Flo’s Big Fat Crimbo Giveaway.
    Week 1: THE
    Week 2: HALLS

  2. REALISATION Re: Playing the Field.
    *Forget cows. Think of them as dots, like in Battleships*

    Don’t make assumption based on the cows shown.
    Just because the visible part of a multi-square cow is facing forward, does not mean that the rest of the cow cannot be beneath, behind or below that square.

    It is visibly offputting because, for example, its bum could be at the front with the rest of it behind.

  3. Francium is the answer to diabolical.

  4. Thanks Sandra,I’m sure I’m like a lot of people,i do the competitions because they,re there,many of the prizes i’d probably give away,unless it,s cash of course.To be honest I can see how people get wound up when the amount of effort put in isn,t worth it,oh well!,onwards and upwards,bestest,Bobs.

  5. Real People issue 46 closing date 1 December. Letters. A. R. G. E.
    P9 Whopper. Laurie blue
    P10 Roulette. Rose
    P26 Go and arrow. Morale
    P28 Boxing. Ladder
    P30 Lost in moosic. C
    P30 Cow-cu-culator. A
    P31. It’s a win, win. B
    P36 Field. Miss
    P38 Q1. B
    P41 X Factor. 25
    P42 Small Wonder. Bard
    P42 Nothing for a pair. Thirteen
    P42 Nice Little earner. Refreshed
    P42 I’m too Hex. Harms
    P46 Diabolical. Pass
    TYK. B
    If I have any wrong please say.

    The, Halls

  6. Thanks Jill,Bobs.

  7. Hi Cretona,when you’ve finished all your other competitions have another look at Playing The Field,read the instructions,take a pencil and shade it in line by line,don,t rush,when you’ve finished it check it off line by line and after a few goe,s you’ll get the hang of it.I’m no expert at it but it doesn,t worry me like it used to,i must admit tossing a coin means you,re correct half the time and it,s much quicker,good luck with either way,Bobs.

    • It gives me a headache. I get my daughter to whizz through it, but I am good at the X factor, some awful prizes this week, will do the puzzles but wont enter them. One day I will sort out those silly cows. Thanks Bob but still doing comps, sure you are right. Good luck, you deserve it.

  8. All my answers for issue 46. 01-Laurie Blue. 02-Rose.03-Morale.04-Ladder.05-C.06-A.07-B.08-MISS.09-B.10-X=25. 11-Bard.12-Thirteen( not too sure). 13-Refreshed. 14-Harms.15-Francium. TyK-B £500.If you’ve anything different let us know so I can check before I send my entry in,thanks,Bobs.

  9. The boxing match is LADDEr

  10. Issue 46 c/d I-12-21,A few suggestions to start with,Diabolical is FRANCIUM,Test your Knowledge is B £500-Lots Road Auctions 3-10-21,Lot No380,and Playing The Field is a MISS,if you’re not sure then wait for a few other’s answers first,okey doke,good luck every one,Bobs.

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