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  1. I make playing the field a hit. I got miss first then realised something was wrong, I had one too many hits on a row so I went through it all and realised that the extra hit went in the pink square when I moved a vertical set of three down a square.

  2. Has anyone noticed how hard the puzzles are getting in Real People since they stopped doing postal entries

  3. My friend has just had an email from Real People to say she has won a competition but it says that they are not issuing cheques at the moment so they are wanting her bank details. I find this strange and obviously she isn’t going to send any details until she can find out if this email is genuine or not. I thought I would ask on here if there have been any winners recently that have been notified this way. The last time I was lucky enough to win it was pre pandemic so they were issuing cheques then.

    • I had an email recently telling me that I have won a £100 Inside Soap crossword. They said that there was nobody in the offices, so a cheque could take up to six months. It seemed genuine and I supplied my bank details, but was told it still could take six weeks.

    • Yes it is genuine and it’s fine. I gave them my details and got my money no problem at all

    • I got a letter saying I had won £50 but they wanted my bank details I did not give them and contacted real people they said they never ask for bank details and that it was a scam 😯

    • yes this is the new way of winners receiving prizes , all safe , give them your detsails but beware still takes up to 4 weeks for cash to be payed in , well done on your win

  4. I make Playing the Field a HIT. Nothing for a pair is PANTHER, not WORMS, but that’s just my opinion. Please check.

  5. Thank you Jayne ,Jill and Michael,I agree with all your answers so I won,t bother putting mine up,have a nice weekend and take care,Bobs.

  6. HI for the CashCow I’ve got GIGANTIC for all 8 of the letters which are CANITGIG hope you all agree GOOD LUCK Joyce

  7. Bobs,a bit late today but have Playing The Field a HIT,and Diabolical is CORRUPT,having a problem with TyK but still giving it a go,good luck with the others,Bobs.

  8. Deany, I forgot to add the cash cow letter, so far I & G (it’s saying week 8 , but no space on form for it, so, it was a 6 letter word & this is week 2.

  9. P9 Whopper = Ketchup
    P10 Roulette = Spain
    P26 Go and arrow = Archer
    P28 Boxing match = Nuance
    P30 Lost in moosic = A
    P30 Cow-a-culator = A
    P31 Take your pick = A
    P36 Playing the field = Hit
    P38 Q1 = B
    P41 TYK = Pass
    P41 X-Factor = 11
    P42 Small Wonder = Bets
    P42 Nothing for a pair =Worms
    P42 Nice Little earner = Parachute
    P42 I’m too Hex = Deeper
    P46 Diabolical = Pass

    cash cow letter, so far I & G

    Good Luck Everyone

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