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  1. Thanks Adele, think lots road is being very cheeky, using the same auction as last week. Think they may have also set up alternative site?
    I found all four items at : and all four prices match.
    DEFINATLEY agree with your post lot 169: BAR STOOLS, a pair, with shaped specimen wood seats and painted metal supports, 79cm H. (2) Hammer price: A: £80

  2. Real people issue 3 C/D 3/2/21
    P.9 the whopper—————SONNY JAY
    P.22 roulette——————-MARS
    P.26 go and arrow————LACE
    P.28 boxing match————STORY
    P.30 lost in moo-sic———-C
    P.30 cow-culator ————-A
    P.31 take your pick———-B
    P.36 playing the field——-HIT
    P.38 question1—————A
    P.41 x-factor——————X=17
    P.42 small wonder———-ROUTE
    P.42 nothing for..————TOM DAVIS
    P.42 nice little..—————DANGEROUS
    P.42 I’m too hexy————GLITZ
    P.46 diabolical—————-RAG ‘N’ BONE MAN
    P.41 test your knowledge-A=£80
    (Test your knowledge link
    Cash cow week 1 letter is M
    Hope this helps

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