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Pick Me Up Magazine 27

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Pick Me Up Issue 26


  1. whats happened to the puzzles i dont do just for fun wheres the fun in that.

  2. Don’t worry new magazine out this month that’s life we love puzzles. Also take a break monthly my favourite puzzles been out for 6 months, both decent mags!

  3. I want to know how much the sales have gone down! I hope they go bust!

  4. Sorry to see Pick me up go won a £1000 on the crossword loved the competitions!

  5. Cheque arrived this morning for £1,000 from them.

  6. Jane July 4 2019
    Already cancelled only do comps with a prize at the end dont see any point in just for fun

  7. Well, hopefully the publishers may have a rethink as they watch their sales figures plummet. Or… it could be a deliberate ploy to run the title down with a view to closing it altogether. If you feel very strongly about this, then contact the magazine and tell them – they’re very easy to get a message to. And tell them you won’t be buying it anymore unless they bring back the prize competitions.

    • There was notice given in Issue No 26.
      I think they are going to stop the magazine altogether as
      subscriptions have been cancelled with a polite letter.

  8. Michael Hitchen

    Come on PMU bring back ur prizes. I won £1000 over 12 yrs ago & have entered every week now for over 15 yrs.
    I’ve enjoyed doing them so PLEASE bring them back

  9. I have already cancelled my weekly order along with my friends .

  10. Only buy hoping to win something.

  11. I was warned by my daughter not to buy as not competitions anymore. So didn’t and won’t be buying again. Same price as well.

  12. Please bring PMU back,you really have made a big mistake not having any prizes.like myself people loved entering.come on PMU do the right thing I for one won’t but it anymore and as you can see a lot of your customers are in the same mind.

  13. Its so sad that PMU no longer giving prizes. I have continually bought this magazine over many years. Happy reading, however will no longer be buying this magazine. Please bring back the prizes and not Just for Fun. Please give people the incentive. .a prize maybe insignificant too some but a pleasure to others.

  14. Rose Marie Bennett

    Rose Marie
    I certainly won’t be buying these magazines again.

  15. Really not good that no mention of it was made in the previous copy so all your loyal readers just bought Issue 27….won’t be doing it again. Loss of a well loved magazine

  16. Very upset no more competition to win puzzles the best mag because the big crossword was great the best

  17. I will stop buying Pick me up now – if the others go the same way I will stop them too

  18. I buy all the magazines just wish I could do them quicker, but now I am retired it keeps the brain ticking over and I check them off with you all. I will not be buying pick me up again. I wish I hadn’t bought it this week. Never mind.

  19. Highly dissappointed with issue 27, no prize competitions only buy it for comoetitions. Will stop buying it now.

  20. No notice given 72p wasted. I won’t be buying Pick me Up again. The fun was in the chance of winning. I have don’t pick me up since it first come out. Never won a thing but was always hopeful. Disappointing and big bad move PMU as you will lose revenue. Many people that buy PMU also buy your suggested Chat mag, so you lose…….Chrissy.

  21. Will not be buying pick me up anymore

  22. I won’t be buying this magazine again as I only did the puzzles I hope they lose money by dropping I don’t particularly like doing the fun puzzles I enjoyed the challenge of the prize ones d

  23. Really disappointed! Just opened my pick me up issue 27 and no prize puzzles. Where have they gone?

    • Jacquelyn – they don’t pay for photos or tips now either. Shame, I’ve had quite a few published over the years. When they changed to a cheaper format, I suspected something wasn’t right.

  24. I only realised today 27th june 19 that there is no puzzles, I was shocked as another magazine is doing this, I love reading all the stories but also the ‘puzzles’ are good of stimulating the brain. Please hope the puzzles will be back soon, I buy this mag every thursday.

    • I was very disappointed to see there are no competitions to enter in Pick Me Up issue 27 – I too buy it every Thursday but only for the competitions so I wont be buying it again

  25. many thanks,usually only buy for prize puzzles,so tend not to read much else

  26. Pick Me Up! will still be bringing you great puzzles to pit your wits against, but will no longer be offering prizes. All puzzle enries up to and including issue 26 will be processed as normal.

    Don’t forget, you can do puzzles for big cash prizes every week in our sister magazine, Chat.

  27. It was explained last week (No 26) was the last with prizes and
    recommended you look to Chat magazine, but I think we all
    already do the Chat comps etc.
    Bright side of this is that you save 72p per week plus postage.

  28. There is a note below them announcing the winners saying they are no longer doing puzzles for prizes only fun x

  29. seems no prize comps this week

  30. Does anyone now what’s happened to the puzzles in this week’s pick me up issue 27? They are all just for fun.

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