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  1. Thanks you all.

  2. That’s life summer2
    Spot the difference C2
    code break BRUNCH
    telling tiles 19
    go-doku PRONOUNCE
    lawnmower hedge trimmer VERDANT
    link words ASTER
    Turkey holiday HOOKAH
    patchwork RELAY
    Fit 3 win SUMMER LOVING
    I pad and security cover FLEECE
    celebrity scramble TAYLOR SWIFT

  3. That’s Life: LOVE RATS
    Issue #6 C/D: Thursday 29th July
    1 – Page 7: ACTIVE
    2 – Page 21: AROMA
    3 – Page 24: FRIENDLINESS
    4 – Page 44: SHIRLEY VALENTINE
    5 – Page 44: STICK INSECT
    6 – Page 52: 17
    7 – Page 52: 953
    8 – Page 52: DADDY LESSONS
    9 – Page 59: WIDER
    10 – Page 59: FLAVOUR
    🤞🍀GOOD LUCK🍀🤞

    • Love Rats magazine, Puzzle 6: The same picture is on both pages 17 and 18! So I hope both ones will be accepted. Out of all the photos in the magazine, they would pick one that is shown twice, ha ha!

  4. Thank you Pamela. Super kind of you.

  5. Thanks everyone

  6. That’s life summer one
    Spot the difference 1B
    code break BROUGHT
    telling tiles 12
    go doku STATEMENT
    power tool bundle SHELVE
    holiday in cos OUTCROP
    Link words IMAGE
    big cash crossword BAKING DOG TREATS
    patchwork BARRAGE
    fit 2 win GOLDEN EAGLE
    rainbocorns HEADBAND
    big arrow challenge COASTLINE

    • CARE Online Big Cash Crossword & Link Words (Both Being On Page 34) ARE THE OPPOSITE WAY ROUND TO THAT SHOWN ABOVE. ie BAKING DOG TREATS then IMAGE. Pamela has given us the name of the comps so you can confirm using that. Thanks Pamela

    • Thank you
      I agree with all, apart from Puzzke 1 is B1

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