That’s Life Crime Scene

That’s Life Special Crime Scene


  1. Crime Scene 4. Puzzle 3 is B. The dog is in a different position than the other 5. My guess.

  2. Thanks so much Sandra. 👍

  3. Thanks lorraine, my mistake, puzzle 3 is C. Thats life crime scene issue 4 closing date 12 November 2020.

  4. Ron, your answers are always right, I think, do you agree with mine or any queries before I enter. Issue 4. I may be wrong, good wishes and many wins coming, maybe.

  5. Thats life crime scene issue 4
    1. Shaft
    2. Swipe
    3. A
    4. Grand larceny
    5. Piqued
    6. Minting
    7. Respite
    8. 33 ?
    9. 765
    10. D
    For Ron, please correct me if wrong, managed to get mag in Coop.

  6. I think it could be HARD
    Hard Copy, Hard Hat, Hardship

  7. Hi Jackie. What is the answers on puzzle one to 8 and 19 across? And 12 down? Thanks. Xxx

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