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  1. Puzzlers , I Thank you all
    Good luck everyone 🤞🙌🏻🍀☘️

  2. Like Jenny Morris, I made the answer to puzzle 4 as DEAN not Dern. Can anyone else check and say where I went wrong or are we right?

  3. That’s Life Summer 1 2024

    1. Restful
    2. Forest
    3. Wardrobe
    4. Laura Dern
    5. Torrent
    6. Banker
    7. 542
    8. Endearing
    9. Stern
    10. Kill Tom Cruise

  4. Help
    For puzzle 4 in May/June issue I have got Laura Dean. As the answer to Lauren’s sister is Abi. And all other answers around are correct

  5. thanks for answers so far need number 9 to complete

  6. Puzzle 4 for Summer 1 is Laura Dern

  7. tracy lyn miles

    hi where can i check thats life summer 1 answers please

    MAY/JUNE 2024

    Puzzle 1 – RESTFUL, Puzzle 2 – FOREST, Puzzle 3 – WARDROBE, Puzzle 5 – TORRENT, Puzzle 6 – BANKER, Puzzle 7 – 542, Puzzler 8 – ENDEARING,pUZZLE 10 – KILL TOM CRUISE

  9. Thank you Cleo,glad to be of help,take care,Bobs.

  10. As always my grateful thanks Bobs.

    You sure are very appreciated 👏 . Best of Easter tidings.

  11. Thank you for that Marie, much appreciated,take care,Bobs.

  12. Thank you Pat,take care,Bobs.

  13. Hi All,just catching up, my answer for That’s Life April,puzzle4 is CAREY MULLIGAN,bestest,Bobs.

  14. Hi Everyone ,here are my answers for That’s Life Bumper Edition for April c/d 9/5/24.By Puzzle number they are- 1-MESSAGE. 2-TALLER. 3-TROUSERS. 4-( Still struggling with this one ). 5-ADVERSE. 6-MOWING. 7-THE HOUSTON LIVESTOCK SHOW AND RODEO. 8- 739. 9- HOPSCOTCH. 10- UTTER. Let me know if you have different,i do go off the rails now and then,meanwhile i shall plod on with puzzle 4,good luck,Bobs.

  15. Thanks Bobs. Mine match too. Pob lwc from Wales!

  16. Mine match yours Bobs. Good luck🍀

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