Puzzler Arrowwords 192

Puzzler Arrowwords 


  1. I think the magazine and/or issue number is wrong here. I hope nobody tries to enter a Puzzler comp with this answer! The next Puzzler Arroword is Issue 212 and this is the only current valid issue on the Puzzler website

    I’ve been through Puzzler & Take A Break issues and the answer ‘DIVER’ is applicable to:

    Take A Break Arrowwords Issue 9 with 10th September closing date.
    Mr Grumpy has already posted this under the correct Take A Break category for Arrowword comps.

    (See Monthly Mags Mix > Arrowwords)… Listed below ‘Fate & Fortune’

  2. TAB Puzzle Arroword 9 c/d 10/9
    answer is: DIVER
    stay well stay safe, get your masks on!!!, stay lucky

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