Love It issue 819

Love it Magazine Issue 819 suggested answers

Please put your suggested answers For Love It Magazine in the Comments box below,  Please do not put “questions or other comments”  below as it clogs up the answers, thank you

When listing your suggestions, please can you include the closing date too. Thank you

Love it Magazine 820
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  1. Hello Mauren,I hope you have better luck this week (820) ,you’ve usually finished before I get back from the shops,i thought you had gone AWOL,I’m sure we are all looking forward to your contribution ,s on Thursday.Note to shopkeeper-do NOT upset this dear lady( just joking),take care,Bobs.

    • Aww thank you Bob’s, that’s lovely. I was so disappointed last week so fingers crossed for tomorrow. I do Love It first then start the rest Thursday night and do them over the weekend.Good luck to you and thank you for your contributions, well appreciated. 🙂

  2. Find the Cat – bottom right, 7 lines up, 3 lines in.

  3. Puzzle 1. Boar
    Puzzle 2. 1993
    Puzzle 3. Slice
    Puzzle 5. Father Ted
    Puzzle 6. Ace Ventura
    Puzzle 7. B
    Puzzle 8. Portion
    Puzzle 9. Brazil
    Puzzle 10. Canada
    Puzzle 11. Purse
    1. Antony Warrall Thompson
    2. Clarissa Dickson Wright
    3. Marco Pierre White
    4. Fanny Cradock
    5. Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall
    6. Keith Floyd
    7. Lisa Faulkner
    8. Lorraine Pascale
    1. Meta
    2. Glasgow
    3. Wrexham
    4. Dylan Meyer
    5. Wine
    6. Gino D A’ Campo
    7. Fall in love at Christmas
    8. Parrot
    9. Scotland
    10. 60 Years Old

  4. No Love It this morning in my wee shop, may just be Northern Ireland, but just usually a delay with Real People and sometimes Chat. Xx

    • Real People only comes in on Friday, but if you buy the 3 Magazines pact ~ New, Best and Real People are on Thursday.
      Was surprized that Chat was in the shop this morning.
      Tesco’s Express, Royal Avenue.

      Happy comping

      Good luck ~ keep safe.

      • Thanks Cretona, I remember getting Real People on a Thursday but it’s been a Friday for quite awhile now. Was surprised too to get Chat, but it’s the first time I’ve not been able to get Love It. I’ve never had any issues with Take A Break and That’s Life. Good luck with your comps xx

      • I get, Chat, Take A Break, Love it, Real People & That’s Life from my local newsagent every Thursday morning been going there for years and very very rarely have a problem.

    • Heres some early answers for big quiz of the week.

      1. Meta
      2. Glasgow
      3. Wrexham
      4. Dylan Meyer
      5. Aperol Spritzer
      6. Gino Di Campo
      7 Fall In Love At Christmas
      8. Parrot
      9. Scotland
      10 60 years old.

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