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  1. Maureen thanks for X word answer got stuck on M16 kept thinking motorway but got rifle in the end. Also agree with cat thought I saw one 6 dashes up left side and 1 dash in but maybe a leaf or dead cat at least yours has a face. Still chasing the postman down the road but no luck so far. Best of luck to you and Bob just spent £60 on prescription cat food and then he bit me but love him really.

  2. Need help any idea who this months fuzzy felt is please

  3. Re- my remark-Got to go-about my stray ginger tom,i didn,t mean he’s got to go,I meant I had to go to give him his tea, I can,t see him moving on just yet, he knows when he’s on to a good thing,Bobs.

    • I have a lovely tabby come every day for breakfast – after a while I took her in fleaed and wormed her and got her coat lovely only to find she belonged to someone in the next road!!! She still comes every day for her breakfast and I am still doing all the jobs her owner should be doing!! Still I love her company and she gives a lot of love in return. Good luck with your Ginger stray.

      • I have a bengal cat that I took in as a stray. We had him four years and he vanished. I thought he had been stolen. I could sometimes hear his distinctive call and so could my dogs as they used to dash around the garden looking for him. My husband said it was wishful thinking. After a year he turned up after living in the next street. He still visits the man most days. X

  4. Thanks Maureen,i’m well behind this week so your answers are much appreciated, no problems with find the cat for a change,as I write this my stray ginger tom is looking at me through the window waiting for his tea,got to go! Thanks again,have a nice weekend,Bobs

  5. Love It Issue 802 Closing Date 5th August
    1. Lost Animal- Warthog
    2. Guess The Year- 2003
    3. The X-Word- Close
    4. Find The Cat- The cat is on the left hand side 3 dashes in at the bottom of the page
    5. TV Trouble-Mr Robot
    6. £1,000 Giant TV Xword- Dad’s Army
    7. Odd One Out- B ( There is a line missing on the white tray with the handle)
    8. Crossword Quickie- Bacon
    9. Giant Wordsearch- Starfruit
    10. Ladder Adder- Sweden
    11. Crack The Code- Mobile

    Name The Sailors ( Email Entry)
    1. Popeye
    2. Ted Heath
    3. Blackbeard
    4. Dame Ellen MacArthur
    5. Captain Jack Sparrow
    6. Jessica Watson
    7. Jacques Cousteau
    8. Ben Ainslie

    Big Quiz Of The Week Closing Date 22nd July (Email Entry)
    1. Cherry Blossom
    2. Norway
    3. Larry Rudolph
    4. Gary Lineker
    5. UB40
    6. Larry
    7. Gordon Ramsay
    8. Where The Wild Things Are
    9. 68 Degrees Fahrenheit
    10. Minecraft

    Good Luck Everyone xx

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