Love It issue 797

Love it Magazine Issue 797

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  1. Hi everyone, after many false sightings, yes the cat is in the red box at the bottom left, looks like a tabby sitting on the purple item in box, really difficult this week, good luck all 🤞


    Hi does anyone know who the female fuzzy celeb is? Thanks in advance.

  3. i had to zoom in with my camera on my phone but i think the cat is a really blurry tabby cat in the toy box at the bottom left between the purple and navy blue toys ftwo dashes up and three dashes in from the left

  4. i’v just seen a second copy of the magazine and the Find The Cat picture is worse than mine,i can,t find my first choice at all,the picture quality is really bad,i feel sorry for people with eye problems and I don,t blame anyone if they copy other peoples answers.Good luck anyway and I hope you all have a lovely weekend.Bobs

    • I think the cat is under the left side of the yellow desk thing on a straight line down from the D of the big cats paw

  5. Love It Issue 797 closing date 24th June 2021.
    1. Rolling Stones
    2. ??
    3. Cold Play
    4. Eternal
    5. Fleetwood Mac
    6. ??
    7. Queen
    8. Foo Fighters.
    I’m sorry I’ve no idea on the other ones.

  6. Thank you Maureen for the TV Trouble answer,i can finish the mag off now,I’m having one of those “where am I” weeks,i think i’ll just go and sit in the sun,sorted.take care,Bobs

  7. Many thanks, Maureen and Bobs it’s a very difficult this week ,I’m still looking . I think I must go and find my magnifying glasses 🔎 hope it will improve my vision ??? Ha ha Good Luck everyone .

  8. Hi Maureen,Hi Pat,the nearest I can get with Find The Cat is top left,seven dashes in and seven down,it,s tiny,my copy is a bit blurry and I can see several very small possibilities but this week I have to admit I’v not much idea.The TV Trouble I thought could be linked to Friends Reunited but I can,t get any further,apart from that I’m having a good day!,i hope you’re having better luck ,enjoy your day,Bobs

    • Thanks Bob’s, I’m not 100% sure on cat as like you think there are a few possibilities. Found TV trouble it’s The West Wing. Deany could you please add that in. Xx

  9. Name The Band
    1. The Rolling Stones
    2. U2
    3. Coldplay
    7. Queen
    8. The Foo Fighters
    ( I should know 5, 6 & 7 but can’t think of their names…not having a good week 😂)

  10. Love It Issue 797 Closing Date 24th June
    1. Lost Animal- Dingo
    2. Guess The Year- 2016
    3. The X-Word- Spice
    4. Find The Cat-??
    5. TV Trouble- The West Wing
    6. £1,000 Giant TV Xword- Bullseye
    7. Odd One Out- C ( part of the girls foot is missing)
    8. Crossword Quickie- Satire
    9. Giant Wordsearch- Altered Carbon
    10. Ladder Adder- Nigeria
    11. Crack The Code- Chance

    Name The Band
    I have only got No8 so far The Foo Fighters

    Big Quiz Of The Week Closing Date 17th June
    1. Oxfordshire
    2. Westminster Cathedral
    3. The Weeknd
    4. Tasmanian Devils
    5. Bored Of Being The Fat Kid
    6. Tuesday 1st June
    7. James Corden
    8. Naomi Osaka
    9. Iceland
    10. Giovanni Brusca

    Good Luck Everyone xx

  11. Love it issue 797 June 24th 2021, closing date July 1st 2021 HELP !! Is the cat in The red toy box bottom left , 3 dashes in and 1dash up .does anyone agree . Just started doing the puzzles 🧩 I always begin with find the cat. Everyone do take care and stay safe .👋👋👋👋

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