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  1. Hi Marie,question 4 in name the Queens is Elizabeth the First,played by Cate Blanchett in Elizabeth,The Golden Age,hope this helps,Bobs

  2. Another suggestion for the cat? Right hand side, 7 & 1/2 cut lines up, 3rd pebble in? the grey pebble, looks like a cats head in the marking of the pebble.

  3. Big quiz, question 5, how many years ago 30 I think, ie 2021 minus 1991. Still looking for cat, no sun usually have to look in sunlight.

    • Thank you Sandra, you’re right I just put the year down. Thanks Bobs, hope you both have a lovely weekend and good luck xx

  4. Love issue 796 find the cat 🐱 I agree with you, Bobs good luck everyone ,take care and stay safe,

  5. Hi Maureen,thanks for your answers,i’m just finishing off the rest of my puzzles then i’ll make the most of the sunshine,find the cat should be fun this week,take care,Bobs.

  6. Issue 796 c/d 24-6-21.Odd One Out is B,r/h side half way down,top rail has bolt missing. Find The Cat, very bottom right,six dashes in,theres another couple of possibles I-e bottom left ,four dashes up,two in,but i’ll stick with my first choice,have fun and good luck,Bobs

  7. Love It Issue 796 Closing Date 24th June
    1. Lost Animal- Monkey
    2. Guess The Year- 1968
    3. The X-word- Elude
    4 Find The Cat- Left hand side at the top 3 dashes down and 2 and a half dashes in ( not sure on this at all)
    5. TV Trouble- Bob’s Burgers
    6. £1,000 Giant TV Xword- It’s A Sin
    7. Odd One Out- B (One of the screws is missing on the bench on the right hand side)
    8. Crossword Quickie- Parrot
    9. Giant Wordsearch- Sam Eagle
    10. Ladder Adder- Bolivia
    11. Crack The Code- Jester

    Name The Queens ( Email Entry)
    This asks for just the Royal title not the Character, Film or Programme name, could someone please confirm if these are right
    1. Queen Of The Seven Kingdoms Of Westeros
    2. Queen Of Britain
    3. Queen Of The European Kingdom
    4. Queen Of England
    5. Queen Of Great Britain And Ireland
    6. Queen Of Narnia
    7. Queen Of Arendelle
    8. Queen Of Hearts

    Big Quiz Of The Week Closing Date 10th June
    1. Italy, Maneskin
    2. Zero Points
    3. Steven Bartlett
    4. Mary Queen Of Scots
    5. 1991
    6. Galapagos Islands
    7. Swimming Trunks
    8. $760,000
    9. Lena Dunham
    10. Daniel McGeorge

    Good Luck Everyone xx

    • Hi Maureen, I’m a bit confused about answer 4 in name the queens? I thought it was Joan of Arc, but she didnt have a royal title. Can you please tell me who number 4 is? Many thanks in advance.

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